Fighting For Alternate Development Paradigm While Condemning US Withdrawal From Paris Accord.


Trump’s action withdrawing US from the Paris accord on climate change calls for outright condemnation. It should be opposed without letup. This US action is not new. His predecessors had taken almost the same attitude towards Kyoto Protocol like earlier agreements also. Imperialism means plunder and wars for plunder. No doubt, world public opinion should be created and intensified uninterruptedly against imperialist policies for world hegemony and plunder of all world resources leading to ecological catastrophe. But the past experience shows that when Soviet Union and other socialist countries existed and they were following people oriented development policies, whatever may be their shortcomings, the imperialist camp was forced to adopt at least reformist Keynesian policies and concepts like welfare state etc. But today the situation is different. The world is divided in to few imperialist countries and large number of countries under neocolonial domination. With minor variation all are intensifying the neoliberal/corporatization policies, intensifying ecological catastrophe and impoverization of the vast majority. A two prong approach is needed to confront this serious challenge: Intensifying uncompromising struggle against imperialists and their lackeys who are controlling the ruling system everywhere, and combining it with the struggle for people oriented sustainable development in each and every country. So while condemning Trump, in our own country, the struggle against present devastating development polices should be taken up as part of the class struggle to change the ruling system.

On 4th June the temperature at Delhi reached 47 degrees. Many places in central and north India are hotter. It may cross 50 degrees this year. The cumulative effects of climate change and global warming are increasingly devastating. Still, the ruling system in the country, both central and state governments are competing to go ahead with the devastating imperialist model of consumerist development. The importance of the Bhangar like movements for protection of land, livelihood, ecology and environment should be seen in this context. It is not just one Bhangar, but numerous movements like it are taking place in almost all states. Against increasing displacement of tens of thousands families of Narmada valley, against displacement for real estate mafias, many corridor projects, express highways, mining, thermal plants, nuclear plants etc etc numerous struggles are waged all over the country. These movements call for coordination with the concept of sustainable development paradigm. Today the basic demands for land, housing, basic livelihood, ecological protection and social justice call for an all round movement of the masses. But the RSS parivar in and other ruling class sections are diverting attention from these cardinal issues. In this situation, it is the task of all forces struggling for people’s democracy and social justice to join hands, to coordinate all people’s movements, to unleash a mighty offensive against the ruling system.

K N Ramachandran, CPI(ML) Red Star

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