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Excellent, short and worthwhile to watch:

Man beaten by Sacramento police officer speaks out … caught on camera beating a pedestrian…

Excerpted from Washington Post article on the same subject:

When Nandi Cain Jr. was seen on video getting slammed to the ground and pummeled repeatedly by a police officer, that was not the end of his ordeal, according to his attorney.

A new federal lawsuit states that the 24-year-old was also placed on psychiatric hold and taken to an isolation cell of a county jail, where the officer and other employees beat him repeatedly, stripped his clothes off and made obscene comments. Cain was then left in the cell, where he spent hours without food, medical attention or a chance to make a phone call, the lawsuit says. Black man arrested for jaywalking was beaten in jail, stripped naked …

So, he jaywalked. Who hasn’t done so? Besides, there was very low traffic on the street, as you will note from video evidence, when he got “caught.”

So I had a fantasy after seeing this video about the incident. It goes like this:

In real-life, I have a neighbor, a big strong policeman and a great guy. Meanwhile, his burly wife (a hefty strong blond white woman) routinely crosses a busy street by jaywalking to a hotdog and hamburger picnic stand across from her home.

Why, it’s a great place with lovely fresh food, fast service and picnic tables shaded by umbrellas in a grassy meadow with surrounding tall trees. So how could she resist?

Now imagine the cop involved in the above brutal action against the black man in California trying to take her down? Imagine my policeman neighbor, Joey who’s worked on my police force for something like thirty or more years, seeing the take down of his wife from a window inside his house.

I can just picture about what he’d next do. First, I imagine that he’d let forth his two fast intense dogs to pull down and restrain whomever is assaulting her. … They’re disciplined to be like fierce police dogs. They know the moves and are very bright, friendly and protective.

I can picture them moving fast like bullets into the street and lunging up in unison full-force of beings on hind legs to knock over the assailant. Then they’d grab the wrists of hands holding weapons while growling and standing on top of whomever attacked Joey’s wife while pressing down and struggling to keep the perpetuator grounded until given a cease and desist order.

Then Joe, after releasing his dogs to his wife’s aid, would call our town’s emergency response number and get a bunch of his buddies in the police department quickly on the scene. Afterwards, he’d hustle over with his own gun drawn. … Perfect.

I’ll add that we have a great police department here in my town. Its members are polite, professional, highly trained and honest for the most part. The way that they serve the public is exemplary. … and some of them have their own dogs, too.

We also have a pretty great judiciary system in this country these days wherein no one is above the law. I mean “no one.” For example:

Donald Trump travel ban: Second federal judge in Maryland blocks …

Mar 16, 2017 – Donald Trump travel ban blocked: Hawaii Federal Judge’s full comments · Trump … New York City bodegas strike to protest Trump’s travel ban.

So the police, who are wrongful, do eventually get their just-dues for beating and stripping a black jaywalker. So now I have a second fantasy besides the one involving Joey’s wife.

It amuses me since it is so far-fetched. It goes like this:

Joey and some of his buddies from my town’s police force are taking a vacation in India and witness this event. Oh-oh since they are trained to react in reasonable ways, including, when necessary, giving up their own lives, to protect life …

CPI(ML) Activist Zafar Lynched To Death In Rajasthan For Resisting Photography And Videography Of Women Defecating In Open

Well, that action is certainly not possible since it is now after the fact and Actvist Zarfar was killed by police. Besides, my counterparts to them from my town are not going to India.

Yet picture in mind if they had been there during the outrageous incident. With their expert, and I mean expert, training in law enforcement and a sense of duty to protect and defend life, watch the action that would ensue.

You see, their values put them into automatic drive when they see women being violated or a civilian protecting women being murdered. Yes, their values, high level of training and an unbreakable sense of duty to the public give them no choice except to step forward.


They’re strong – inwardly strong. They don’t stop unless told to stand down, just like Joey’s dogs. Otherwise, they defend to the end.

Do you think that the people, who murdered Activist Zafar, would have had a chance against my bunch of ethical police counterparts? Picture the ensuing scene wherein even my fellows won’t kill the perpetuators, just as Joey’s dogs won’t do so unless no other option is available for them to protect. What a delight in terms of outcomes when stopping criminals!

Can you be like them? Is your mettle up to theirs? Can you defend to the end?

Let’s find reasonable ways to do so because there is another way forward to tame sociopathic police and members of judiciary in India that do not step forward to carry out justice without indirect coercion or outright force from others as my town’s law enforcement guys could have delivered. It’s this:


Joining in the power of a defense fund is useful. It, unequivocally, speaks truth to power, a power that we must bring forth from our individual selves and join with the power of others.



What happened to Activist Zafar shows us all, even in lands far away from his, evil brutes, who absolutely need to be stopped. It’s totally unacceptable and justice needs, desperately, to be served, as well as in other cases in India and around the world that rival his outrageous death.

Passivity and acceptance of the status quo doesn’t work. Reliance upon righteous and dedicated people like Joey and his pals in the police force in my town isn’t enough. Instead, we must join them, Joey and his kind, to DEMAND justice and put fear in the faces of those who destroy lives and repeatedly break the law in the worst ways that can be carried out.

Will there be a fast change if we all work together in such a way – a way to stymie the sick people and bring a higher standard? No, but a slow movement forward IS possible.

So just keep your eyes on the process and not the outcome. One never knows the outcome in a sense. Yet without trying, the outcome is clear.

When considering the sheer magnitude of it all, one easily can get discouraged. As such sometimes when I personally do — I recall this ensuing account. (It helps me regain my strength of purpose when everything starts looking too bleak for me to carry on.)

It is one shared with me by my parents, who knew the featured, young American during the 1940’s. As an aside, he was nineteen years old at the time of his return to the US.

After having lived at Gandhi’s ashram and shortly before his departure back to the US, a young man requested an exit interview with Gandhi (who brought his Hindi interpreter along). Upon meeting for this final time, the eager young man asked, “How can I ensure that your message of peace and universal brotherhood can be made a successful realization in America? What can I do to make certain that this WILL happen?”

In response, Gandhi shakily rose to leave and answered the query in Hindi (despite that he could speak in perfect King’s Standard English as he had been trained as a lawyer in Great Britain). Meanwhile, the interpreter translated into English, “Interview is ended.”

The young man pleaded, “But why? What is wrong? I do not understand.”

Gandhi, turning back from leaving the room, replied, “It is because we are not speaking the same language. You see, you speak of success and think of failure. Your vision and your words are wrong… Instead, you must think of yourself and all of us as birth attendants upon the world. We will and must try to do our utmost to bring about a good delivery as it is our responsibility. However, we, absolutely, cannot think in terms of success and failure. We simply must do all we can in the best way that we know to help the world irrespective of any presumed outcome. Our effort, in and by itself, must be our whole focus.”

In a similar vein, we know where personally isolating ourselves from personal and global difficulties, while doing nothing to try to address them, leads. We, also, know where indulging in various forms of self-advancement, at the exclusion of others, does. What we do not know, though, is how intentional changes in some life choices can make a difference. Nonetheless, we have to try out these alternatives. After all, it is the only viable way to proceed toward our world’s future!

Sometimes, I wonder what Gandhi might think if he were to see the world as it is today. Would he be gloomy?

At times, it staggers the imagination to consider the depths of depravity into which people, individually and collectively, can sink in a self-serving, greedy desires to control, destroy and/or own all. At the same time, it greatly amazes that this orientation can exist along side of unrestrained expressions of extreme self-sacrifice, unbreakable compassion even in the most dire circumstances and extraordinary outpourings of tenderly rendered care. How contradictory the two directions are!

In the end, it is up to each and every one of us to decide the type of world we want to help create. What version of the future do we want?

I do know mine. So I just plod slowly onward forward, such as happens when someone faces the daunting challenge of climbing Mount Everest. … one small step at a time. Please climb with me and contribute to the defense fund if you can manage to do so.

Cheers and ever onward and upward for us all,

Sally Dugman, writer from MA, USA




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