India: Time To Act And React



In less than two years time, India might witness another general election which will be polarised more than ever. The hindutva forces have already started the required ground work.

Presidential election

The major show of battle will start with the election of president next month. The BJP is aware that it’s first litmus test is the election of a favourable president who, in crucial moments, would Tide over crisis without any hitch. Even in it’s previous tenure, it had a tough president in Abdul Kalam who refused to act as a titular president and had his authority on various issues. This time, the rulers might opt for much amicable candidate who can assist them in crisis situation. Since majority is difficult, this ploy may not be possible and hence, with the help of allies and some splits within opposition, bjp might manage a ‘ moderate’ president.

The opposition, sadly, is in disarray. It has not started any significant moves. There is no G G Swell in sight. Though Sonia Gandhi tried to initiate some sort of mobilisation efforts, the response has been very little. The left too, is unable to take significant positive steps. This is not a good sign for future unity of opposition.

Urgency required

Time is running out. The challenge to hindutva forces has not yet started. Though Left in Kerala and TMC in West Bengal and nitish Kumar in Bihar and some small states opposition parties are resisting the onslaught, it is not enough to counter formidable bjp and it’s allies. A serious effort may be required.

Rise of centrist forces

Meanwhile, the domination of right wing fundamentalism is declining. The recent french elections and UK elections indicate rise of centre and left-centre forces though rightist still dominate. There is a conducive condition for the non- right to come together and challenge growing fascist trend. Indian political parties should try to use the conditions.

But, Indian opposition is not reacting in time. Ridden by egoism, caste conflict, regional differences, it has not made any headway in unification and collective action against fascism and aggressive brahminism threatening the secular fabric of the country. Even Rahul Gandhi is issuing intermittent statements against hindutva forces but not following up with real action.

Alternative thought

With this confused and lackdaisical approach, the mainstream political parties may not pose stiff resistance to the aspiration of the bjp and it’s allies. All indications lead to a second , and a dangerous, term for the present rulers with more or less the same majority.

Hence, the challenge must take new form of politics. Activists from masses should take up the gauntlet and form an alternative force. The dalit parties, the Muslim liberals, the trade unions of the left oriented parties, civil liberties union and NGOs must try to rise above petty differences to form alternative secular and socialist front to take up the challenge of next election.

Though parliamentary system has many weakness, and even Ambedkar was not happy with it in his later life, the present situation needs immediate action to put an end to fascist imperialism on every walk of life of the common people.

This is the time to act against evil forces dividing society and react with determination to thwart growing violence against women, deprived sections and minorities and stop spread of cow vigilantes, hate speeches and sectarian forces from dominating society in future

Revolution is a distant goal. Immediate task is to contain fundamentalism , neo liberalism, corporate mafia, illegal mining and state terrorism through popular resistance.


G G Swell ( 1923 – 1999) politician from meghalaya …in 1992 , he was a joint opposition candidate

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere and who wants to foster the whole world.


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