India’s Elites Are Hypocrites No Matter What Political Party They Are In



Today we were treated to a story in a national newspaper in India that gave a heart-rending list of damning statistics about the sorry plight of India’s Scheduled Tribes, written by none other than Varun Gandhi. Gandhi, a Bharatya Janata Party Member of Parliament and accused under the Representation of People Act 1951 of illegally appealing to religion in pursuit of votes, is a stark example of a hypocritical Indian elite politician crying about the poverty of his chosen subset of Indians whilst selling out the country to foreigners.

Manmohan Singh, the last Prime Minister of India and member of the Indian National Congress Party, set the tone for India’s twenty-first century politics by piloting the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act 2003 (FRBMA) through Parliament, an Act guaranteed to limit government spending.

It is obvious that limiting public spending worsens public health and education of Indians, and does so whilst handing money creation to private banks that issue the money of the country exclusively to corporates; this in a country where 95% of the population is in the informal sector and totally beyond the pale when it comes to creditworthiness in the official banking parlance.

But who cares. Following the instructions of their World Bank educated elites that no sovereign country other than the US of A shall issue its own currency to finance its own spending, politicians in India like in all other USA vassal states passed policies that limited government funding to income from taxation rather than their own borrowing. The FRBMA reinforced the Indian elites’ insistent self-serving politics that liberalisation is the only route to money creation in India. The BJP, in its manifesto that won them the 2014 Lok Sabha election, chastised the Indian National Congress and Manmohan Singh for not going far enough down this route. And yet the party has nationalism as its main ideological plank. The foolish, – and downright murderous -, exercise of demonetisation was the Indian elites’ hypocritical exercise in fake policy- making to raise taxation and cry against corruption. In fact instead of taxing corporates they want to bring the starving hundreds of millions into the tax net. This is as impossible as it is inegalitarian and anti-constitutional, because it makes life impossible. But then so many things make life impossible in India that India’s constitution, the best constitution in the world, is in any case a farce.

What all this shows is that the BJP is run by the same elites as the INC, and today we are watching the BJP fulfil its anti-national mission on a scale inconceivable even by the INC.

Instead of promoting biogas, which, as Gundimeda Haripriya recently showed, is as efficient as LPG and has NO adverse ecological effect and would give massive economic relevance to cows, the BJP is destroying the relevance of cows and replacing them with fossil fuels as the energy source for cooking in India. This whilst all the while inciting Hindu cow protectors to murder Muslims in the name of protecting cow.

Not only is the BJP the most anti-cow party India has ever seen because of this policy, but Petronet LPG, the company it set up that imports most of India’s raw fuel needed for the world’s largest LPG refinery in Gujarat, is also purposely kept private so as to be outside scrutiny of both Parliament and the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. In this way the BJP hopes to win the 2019 general elections: LPG for everyone, unnaccoutable corporate money running India, and to hell with cow, to hell with ecological, agricultural let alone military security, and to hell with the health and educational budgets for Indian citizens.

India is dominated by elites that do not give two hoots that India is home to one third of children in the world who have underdeveloped brains due to malnourishment, and where more women and infants die at or immediately after the birth of a child than in any other country bar one or two. The elites adore global capitalism and do not care that by making Indians so dependent on imported fossil fuels for cooking we are also exposing ourselves to the risk of the fossil fuel wars currently confined to West Asia.

The elites will sacrifice every line of the Constitution of India including cow protection and scientific agricultural and energy practices to achieve their party political supremacies be they INC or BJP. The fact that the majority of India’s citizens are exposed to severe ecological, health, educational and economic risk due to their greed concerns them not one jot, except, as Rohit Vemula wrote about, I paraphrase, when we are needed to vote them into power. The elites keep us so uneducated that all we end up doing when we vote is choose the new devil we do not know over the devil we came to know in the previous democratic charade, which these hypocritical English-speaking elites never hesitate to praise to high heaven as the greatest exercise in democracy in the world.

The farmer rebellions we are seeing today in India are just the tip of the iceberg of what will be continuing riots by farmers and landless all over India in the coming years, as Indians refuse to put up any longer with the destruction of our life let alone the life of cows, – we humans and cattle being the last animals not yet wiped by the Indian elites who have no clue as to the real meaning of economic and ecological security let alone growth in India and the world. Are we going to sit back and pay from the sweat of our brow the 6-7% interest for all eternity to foreign investors on the London Stock Exchange that Coal India, NTPC, National Highways Authority and the rest have committed us to pay with the BJP’s blessing? After three years of the farce of BJP rule at the centre it is to be hoped that innocent Hindus wake up to the hypocrisy of the BJP’s appeal to us in the name of religion, which is not only illegal under the Representation of People Act 1951 but an ill-disguised hypocrisy to hide the sell out of sovereignty at a scale never yet seen in India, being perpetrated by the first ever self-proclaimed, and illegally so, Hindu Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, an anti-national Indian if there ever was one.

Anandi Sharan is a current affairs commentator focusing on India and the policies needed for people to be able to adapt to climate change. She has drafted a new Reserve Bank of India Act 2017 which she would be happy to share with interested readers. She can be reached at [email protected]

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