More Mass Destruction Weapons


On May 25, Donald Trump, the President of America, visited Brussels and the NATO. His visit concluded that Europe must meet its obligations and buy more mass destruction weapons for the security and democracy of the Western and free world. In a clumsy, arrogant and disrespectful way he insult America’s best and most loyal allies.

After Trump had closed a mega-deal in Saudi Arabia about mass destruction weapons and announced that he would raise America’s budget, he once again spoke about more money for the arms industry in Europe. His first foreign trip was purely a business trip for the American arms industry. The rest was clean shine and baked air. Trump is the best weapon lobbyist. American weapons come first, of course.

Some financial numbers about the major business importance of the Military-industrial Complex.

America is raising its budget by 10%, which is about 52 billion more, while America has by far the largest budget in the world, and every other country is completely in the shadow of Big Brother America.

The US will immediately deliver $ 110 billion of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, the largest weapons agreement ever concluded by the Americans. Over the next ten years, $ 350 billion of military equipment will be added.

Canada and the European allies need to spend 2% of GDP* on weapons, as agreed. When there are appointments, they must also be a compliance . But should such arrangements be made when the world is already overcrowded, with weapons of mass destruction? There is only one world and can be destroyed countless times by all that terrible deadly weapons. This amounts to the fact that billions of dollars, euros are spent on useless weapons of violence.

*GDP: Gross Domestic Product Is the total monetary value of all goods and services produced in a country for 1 year.

Military spending worldwide: 1500 billion euros in 2015. This amount will be surpassed in 2017.

Here are the 10 countries with the largest militaries, by spending, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Country          Military Spending in 2015

1) U.S.                  $596 billion

2) China                  $215 billion

3) Saudi Arabia  $87   billion

4) Russia                  $66   billion

5) U.K.                  $55   billion

6) India                  $51   billion

7) France                  $51   billion

8) Japan                  $41   billion

9) Germany          $39   billion

10) South Korea  $36   billion

Clearly, there are huge amounts money involved in purchasing more weapons. In particular, there a great times for American arms, under Donald’s Trump Presidency.

One must create an enemy to keep the weapon machinery going on.

Where is Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea on this list and how big is actually the threat of these countries ??? How many NATO countries and other allies are on this list ?? America lonely at the top and why spend so much at the Military Industrial Complex, while the world can be destroyed many times?

Putin (Russia) plays the game, divides and rules, creating chaos and playing the game very well. Russia simply wants to put a wedge on the world stage, so to create a division in order for Russia to remain strong on the very world stage. Russia is the largest country in the world, but does not have the potential to conquer the world. The fact, that there is no democracy, no free press and opposition and that oligarchs have a privileged position is another issue that the Russian people have learned to live with.

That only Russia has a secret service is a naive thought.

Iran has just held new elections and Hassan Rohani has been re-elected; he is moderately progressive, seeking closer association with the West and most citizens also want nothing more than a more open society and approach.

Other agendas play a clear role here, agendas such as Israel, Saudi Arabia (Wahabism), Military Industrial Complex, Oil, Dollars and, in particular, the Capitalist System, the 1% Elite.

All governments do not rule for the benefit of their citizens, but are ruled by the capitalist system, where almost all wars are economic wars, where bankers, the Military Industrial Complex and some others are getting extremely rich.

Former United States president and General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans in his farewell speech as president on 17 January 1961 for interfering with the interests and influence of the military-industrial complex.

Stop the dogs of the war. Stop the mass destruction weapons.

The Planet Earth could be destroyed many times since the 1980’s because of the incredibly strong destructive force of nuclear weapons installed everywhere in the world and there is only 1 Earth that can be destroyed only one time and now again starts a meaningless weapon race. Have we thought about when such a thing is launched  for a possible chain reaction? One plays with total life, Human, Animal and Earth when such dangerous weapons are here on Earth and are in the wrong hands.

What a madness, lunacy!. How can we let this happen? We, the people, are the taxpayer and that weapon garbage is bought by our hard-earned little money and we, the people, eventually become the victim of all that weapon-scum. It’s really not necessary, so many weapons, and to spend so much money for our so-called security.

Better spend all that money on poverty reduction. Making education accessible to all. Healthcare, elderly care and all other types of care affordable for everyone. Invest in climate improvement, invest in more humanity and love.

The world would be better off and there would be much less terrorist attacks, more prosperity and welfare for all, and Planet Earth. The future for next generations would be better assured. We all are jointly responsible for the future of our planet and for the next generations.

We are only guests in our short time that we living on this beautiful planet Earth and we are ONE BIG family. All of us have the same blood, all born and dying, all the same feelings, all humans, one human race.

Threat of democracy and freedom.

Daesh (IS), Al Quada, extreme Islamism, other extreme extremism and those terrible terrorist attacks, all over the world, are horrendous and must be stopped. Security and protection against these barbaric, terrible attacks are an utmost priority.

The threat of the war machine (M.I.C) is also always present, by creating and keeping enemies and feeding the dogs of the war constantly. Everything has to do with cause and effect.

But the threat comes more from people like Trump, Erdogan, Duterte, Saudi Arabia, Maduro, Putin, Kim Jong-un and some other rulers and countries.

People with narcissistic traits, who have LARGE Egos, who are starving for power and want more power, as Erdogan is currently doing, are causing for democracy to crumble.  When such people have the sole power, with such a weapon arena behind them, that is an extreme dangerous.

Then a democratic country changes into a police state, subsequently to a more authoritarian, totalitarian regime, where freedom of expression ceased to exist, opposition and journalists are locked up, in order for them not to be heard! Their mouth ate shut, and many are killed. Then one hears a manipulated truth, their truth and democracy is removed from the dictionary and made state enemy number one. Many new mega-huge  prisons are being built, especially in the United States of America.

The rich are getting richer, the poor in a fast pace poorer and yet we spend so much money on useless all-destroying weapons.

A gloomy future picture, where many people wake up to. We, all of us, can change this future into a peace-loving world. But the destruction of the world is moving very fast now, and we must all react swiftly, by connecting with each other in love and respect, responsibility and common sense.

The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history. (George Orwell)

Life is not difficult, only we make it difficult.

I am Peter Van Els, and I was born in 1957,  living in The Netherlands in a small city called Sluis. I am an autodidact, Life is my biggest teacher and I started to write last year to stand up against lawless and corrupt governments after I’d said to myself “enough is enough”! I believe all good souls must stand up and try to connect and unite, and try to change the system for the benefit for Mother Earth and for our offspring

Lanaria Amberkira  04-06-2017  Edited: Gabriela Canastraro Kolodko.Thanks xxx


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