Brothers! Sisters! Every citizen !
These are days of bovine !
If you look at farmer with a cow (1)
Catch him somehow
Follow and thrash them
Creating mayhem!

Every citizen! Listen!
These are days of divine!
If you see Muslims praying Rahim (2)
Force them to chant Ram! Ram!
Till they divert
Their attention and convert

People of the nation!
These are days of saffronisation!
Where ruthless administration
Stifles students discussion
On food rights and beef ban ! (3)
Attack teachers and activists
Brand them as terrorists !


Brothers! Sisters! Listen!
In these days of male domination
When women are raped and humiliated
And disabled incarcerated
Hindutva forces on the prowl
Media news is fake and foul
Every step is haphazard
And every moment a hazard

Brothers ! Sisters ! Listen !
Unite and hasten
To counter cow vigilantes
Forced religious conversions
Voice right to dissent
And rights of women empowerment
Release of illegal detainees
Without speedy trial and justice


  1. Pehlu khan attacked April 7, 2017 ( times of India)
  2. Don’t take Allah name say Sri ram
  3. IIT beef festival

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere and who wants to foster the whole world.

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One Comment

  1. Sally Dugman says:

    All of your points are good ones, Sheshu. In relation, we all must come together to force the government, and all of its branches to strengthen and uphold laws. We must educate others to uphold laws and realize the value of civil, moral behaviors. We all must work on the community, regional, national and international levels to improve life for all — not just for the select few with power, control and lots of money to back them.

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