We Don’t Want It! Don’t You Get It?



Is the whole world sacred or, if you’re personally not religious enough to use the term “sacred,” worthwhile and NECESSARY to salvage? Are other life forms other than humans worthy to preserve? Do we need the holistic unity of us all to collectively survive, ourselves, as a species in addition to maintaining the world around us?

Do we need this large bountiful entirety that gives us life to survive? If so, we’d better watch out about the way that we treat other species and the complex lavish totality that extends beyond our own individually small human lives, which are so limited in space and time.

Yet no, apparently, we do not need much to protect our world except when using it to push ahead into a realm wherein we suck out wealth for ourselves, wherein around a half dozen humans have the billions of dollars in their families comparable to the amount that the bottom HALF of humanity use to try to stay alive. … Yeah get more, as much as you can for yourself! Capitalism at its best as we fight across the globe in resource wars for access to resources to suck them like a vacuum away from the world! … More for the ME, ME, ME as I have power, control, status and wealth! Wow, I’m successful and “special.”

Except for one aspect, I’d consider people who think like this as ultimate fools and strongly pity them for their paucity of beings – their emptiness, anomy, indifference and sense of lack of connection to everything other than their own self-foisting forward to accrue as much as they singularly can. Yet these people, who are like giant wealth vacuum cleaners, are too dangerous to the rest of us and the Earth as a whole to be mere ignorant fools. So they, dangerous to us rest, need thwarting.

Disgusting, revolting, outrageous beyond belief:

These 6 Men Have as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population


Feb 20, 2017 – 17, the world’s six richest men had $412 billion. … Based on the same methodology and data sources used by Oxfam that number is now down to six.

Here’s another way to look at the matter:

Being timid about biodiversity loss has gotten us nowhere. Worse than nowhere—it’s brought us to the edge of immense biological extinction. … We’re living in a time when human activity is responsible for the loss of biodiversity at a rate not seen in 65 million years. And without decisive action, we’ll lose as much as 50% of the Earth’s biodiversity before 2050. – Asher Miller, Executive Director at Post Carbon Institute

Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036 – Scientific …


Apr 1, 2014 – Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036 … “Global warming ‘pause’ may last for 20 more years, and Arctic sea ice has already …. What would it mean if the actual ECS were half a degree lower than previously thought? … If the ECS is indeed 2.5 degrees C, it will make that goal a bit easier.

Emissions could make Earth uninhabitable – Climate News Network


Feb 27, 2016 – Emissions could make Earth uninhabitable … research could not only help with a deeper understanding of global warming and climate change …

Climate May Make Some Regions ‘Uninhabitable’ by End of Century


Mar 2, 2016 – Climate May Make Some Regions ‘Uninhabitable‘ by End of Century … The most dramatic changes can be seen in the Middle East and Southeast … That would include a 2015 study co-authored by Earth Institute scientists …

“Climate May Make Some Regions ‘Uninhabitable’ by End of Century” … Oh yeah: “ may make some regions uninhabitable by century’s end”??? Hey, how about now in Somolia, South Sudan, and elsewhere? … Scary? You bet! … Don’t believe me about it being scary. Just ask the mother of the child who died from lacks of basic nourishing substances in Yemen. … You want to see him? Here, look:


Don’t like that thought? … So let’s work across the globe to tackle the problems one by one since we can’t accept where we’re going as a world in ruination…Now, I’ll play Devil’s advocate since I want to take it one step forward: What if this were your first and only child? What if this were your grandchild?

No, we do not want it. Do you get it? … “NO” in our clear, loud conjoined voices from across the globe to an energy grid in Iceland that destroys the natural world on which we depend: björk calls for global action to prevent destruction of iceland’s highlands 0:55 minutes.

No, we do not want it. Do you get it? …We do not want federal and state natural parks, other pristine natural areas and communal properties in India, USA, across Europe, in AU and every other continent ruined by exploration for and ravage of resources by major corporations at the request of our individual governments.

Trump Orders Review of Protected Federal Lands – NBC News


Apr 26, 2017 – Trumps Signs Executive Order to Review National Monuments, Protected Lands 1:24 … Bear Ears National Monument, with Canyonlands National Park in … Once you destroy these types of resources, these habitats, these …

Excerpted: Bears Ears “was the first opportunity that American citizens had for Native American tribes, not one tribe, but five with support from other federally recognized tribes, asking to preserve and protect this land,” Shaun Chapoose, chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee told the Salt Lake Tribune and other publications in a recent conference call. “This is troubling for all Americans. Once you destroy these types of resources, these habitats, these places that are untouched, you can never go back.”

Republicans Want to Destroy Our National Parks–It’s Up to Us to Save …


Mar 31, 2017 – Those lands include National Park Service-managed parks and programs that … Trump instituted a federal hiring freeze, preventing nearly 500 …

No, we do not want it. Do you get it?  … We do not want your damned pipelines destroying our waterways from which we get drinking water for many millions of people and other species. We don’t want you destroying our lands and the people living on them.

Nope, we don’t want your doing tests for oil in the Atlantic Ocean, tests that destroy the hearing and, in some cases, lives of many whales, dolphins and other creatures.

Trump proposes seismic tests for Atlantic oil drilling | TheHill


Jun 5, 2017 – Trump proposes seismic tests for Atlantic oil drilling … air guns to search for oil and gas reserves beneath the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.


split photo of a humpback whale breaching and a humpback whale and calf under water.

No, we do not want it. Do you get it? … We don’t want you culling the whole Earth for treasures to enrich your company coffers: Mining the Bottom of the Ocean Is as Bad for the Environment as it …


Aug 7, 2014 – Metals and materials are the foundation of our life, but with seven billion … Nautilus Minerals, an industry leader in deep sea mining, have already … Nets and trawls destroy the delicate structures of feather stars, urchins, sea …

Don’t you know that our oceans and the coral beds, nurseries for ocean life, are dying off  bit by bit and year by year? Look straight-on at the bleaching and the death:


Great Barrier Reef to be dead by ’50?

The Oceans Can’t Protect Us Anymore—Here’s Why


Sep 5, 2016 – Our waters have borne the brunt of global warming for decades, but dying corals, extreme weather, and plummeting fish stocks are signs that it …

Yes, yes, we also know that refurbishing and building our wind turbines, as well as our solar panels, as well as their refurbishing to continue to work in centuries ahead takes rare minerals, metals and so on. Yet, so what if we lose these boons too, as sources of energy? At least we’ll still have a world intact on which to dwell. So no, we do not want it. Do you get it?

Sir Hyde now sent me to see what was the matter between decks, as there was a good deal of noise. As soon as I was below, one of the Marine officers …

Deep Sea Canyon Rangers, Guardians of Ocean Realms, Attack of the Solar Cell Mining Industry

Far out in the Atlantic Ocean, east of New York and Boston, beyond the continental shelf, beyond the deep sea canyons known as Hudson, Hydrographers, and Oceanographers Canyons, four seamounts arise ten thousand feet off of the abyssal sea floor: Bear, Physalia, Mytilus, and Retriever. Gnarly with much surface areas, seamounts are made of basalt rock with a remarkable porosity of 60%, a multitude of surfaces.

This very hard extrusive igneous rock sponges out of seawater rare earth minerals (cerium, europium, lanthanum, and yttrium) and high tech metals (tellurium, cobalt, bismuth, zirconium, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, platinum, titanium, and thorium).  Standing deep in seawater for more than 40 million years, Atlantic seamounts have accreted onto fractal seascapes significant amounts of high tech metals.

The mineral mining eye of the solar cell industry has turned to these four Atlantic Ocean seamounts.   

As part of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Monument these four seamount are protected.

Yet, the current administration wants to close this ocean refuge, remove the marine monument, and release the wrecking ball of high-tech metal mining to destroy the unique assemblages of marine life living deep below the sea’s surface on Bear, Physalia, Mytilus, and Retriever Seamounts.

Nope, please don’t consider for a minute that when fossil fuels run out that another alternative, such as alternative so-called “clean” energy sources, can “save” us – not at our huge human number, number at 7.5+ billion at present. … So here’s a story, a true one, about something that can be helpful.

One of the mourning doves, a young inexperienced female, nesting in my yard lost her mate. Why? Who knows?

Maybe a hawk caught him midair in flight as a dinner meal. Maybe a motor vehicle ran him over and squashed him. Maybe he was a “dead-beat dad,” the type that engages in sex and disappears. Maybe something else happened to cause his disappearance. …

Who knows? In any case, he was gone. No more him on the scene.

So these birds know not to soil the nest. So once born, they stick their hindquarters over the edge of the nest to defecate outside of their dwelling place.

So this is what this new mother did since maybe birthing felt like defecation: She dumped her first egg out of the nest when she felt the urge to deliver as she had no seasoned mate to encourage her back into the nest when she felt the expulsion urge.

Plop it went. It landed on a branch a foot under the nest. It cracked on the underside despite a thick shell since the strike, with gravity in the fall, slightly busted it.

Then a few days later, a big fat black fly flew to it and ate at the crack. Then a gray squirrel came, mouthed the whole broken egg and carted it away.

She also laid two more. The second one went over the nest edge and landed on the ground under the tree where the nest was located and where ants and other bugs consumed the contents from it except for the amount that seeped into the soil.

Now the third egg, since she’d smartened up, was delivered in the nest and, after born, she fed this one baby until it could fly and be on its own with help from her sister, who’d come to visit. (Yes, I know the birds individually from their markings and their times of birth by which parents since their colorings and markings are unique, as are their beaks.)

Yeah, her sister came to babysit. Then the mother would go out to eat and collect food to partly digest and regurgitate into the baby’s mouth. Thus, it survived due to their two female joint efforts. (Can we survive due to ours, our joint efforts?)

Now, she, with her sister’s help, could manage one bitty child. Imagine if all three had lived. Impossible. … All three would have died since she didn’t have the ability for their care even with assistance from her sibling.

I was really sad about the two destroyed eggs at first despite that they provided food for other species. After all, the birds that they could have become are amazing and wondrous!

Then I smartened up since all three were too much for their mother and aunt. No way could they all have endured. So it was, actually, fortunate that two died early-on so as to become food. Otherwise, none would have lived.

Smartening up: Here’s a transmutation of this true bird tale:

It’s hypothetical, not real: Imagine me with one child in a drought stricken region. I have a shallow well with enough water provided daily to serve two for their needs.

Then five more people show up and ask for or threateningly demand water since they, too, are thirsty in this nearly water barren region. Then what for us all? … Am I supposed to divide up a few drops for us all, just as the mother bird would have had to do if all of her babies had survived in the nest?

Reminder: UN projects world population of 6.2 to 15.8 billion in 2100 with 10.1 …

https://www.nextbigfuture.com › Uncategorized

May 4, 2011 – The UN has a new world population forecast out to 2100 The current world population of close to 7 billion is projected to reach 10.1 billion in …

In real life, what can I say to the mother of five or more children in South Sudan, Somalia or elsewhere that stripped their resources out of place by having more children than their environs can serve? How could I help my bird if all three children had survived?

Have you room for displaced people in your region? Can you personally pay for their keep? …

UNHCR – Figures at a Glance


An unprecedented 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are …



We are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record.

An unprecedented 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

There are also 10 million stateless people who have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement.

In a world where nearly 20 people are forcibly displaced every minute as a result of conflict or persecution, our work at UNHCR is more important than ever before.

The above facts are outrageous and grievous to me. Yet I don’t want the displaced people here where I live.

How much more can we subsume more in terms of people in my region of the USA? I count my birds and butterflies as I watch the diminishment of them to be replaced by economic activity related to ever more people being present in my region and served.

Let’s face it. We’re a rapacious species like every other one. If you deny this fact, then just look at the meals on your plate (all of them in conglomeration) since the day that you were born. Combine the amount of animals and plants that went into your singular existence.

Not enough to do that. Add in all of the rest that you individually used in terms of clothes, shelter, other items, air travel and car travel, junk mail with our name on it derived from cut-down forests, energy, etc., etc.

Culpable, yeah! Yes, YOU!


One of Morton’s most powerful insights is that we are condemned to live with this awareness at all times. It’s there not only when politicians gather to discuss international environmental agreements, but when we do something as mundane as chat about the weather, pick up a plastic bag at the supermarket or water the lawn. We live in a world with a moral calculus that didn’t exist before. Now, doing just about anything is an environmental question. That wasn’t true 60 years ago – or at least people weren’t aware that it was true. Tragically, it is only by despoiling the planet that we have realised just how much a part of it we are.

Morton believes that this constitutes a revolution in our understanding of our place in the universe on a par with those fomented by Copernicus, Darwin and Freud. He is just one of thousands of geologists, climate scientists, historians, novelists and journalists writing about this upheaval, but, perhaps better than anyone else, he captures in words the uncanny feeling of being present at the birth of this extreme age.

“There you are, turning the ignition of your car,” he writes. “And it creeps up on you.” Every time you fire up your engine you don’t mean to harm the Earth, “let alone cause the Sixth Mass Extinction Event in the four-and-a-half billion-year history of life on this planet”. But “harm to Earth is precisely what is happening”. Part of what’s so uncomfortable about this is that our individual acts may be statistically and morally insignificant, but when you multiply them millions and billions of times – as they are performed by an entire species – they are a collective act of ecological destruction. Coral bleaching isn’t just occurring over yonder, on the Great Barrier Reef; it’s happening wherever you switch on the air conditioning. In short, Morton says, “everything is interconnected,” – From composition at https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/15/timothy-morton-anthropocene-philosopher, which I recommend be skim-read in full.

Look, I had one child. She, in turn, had one. Yet we live in the USA where five percent of the world’s population uses fifteen percent of the energy used on Earth.

You think that I, personally, choose to use lots of energy to maintain a certain lifestyle? Guess again since I deliberately curtail myself to a bare minimum degree.

Yes, it’s about setting limits – limits in using up resources, limits in having children, limits in energy use, limits in participation in an economic system hell-bent to destroy the world to get more ways to get finances for companies by using people in factories for “stuff” that we don’t need, limits in consumption … limits in capitalism and economic madness writ large.

Here’s a wild-child, Björk. Watch her love, grieve for and honor the Earth. She’s of my kind, although my expressions are way more tame. … Each to our own way to show the direction forward that we MUST go.

Find your own way forward and work hard to bring it to fruition. Please join us each in our own manner of expression … as time is running out for us all! I desperately want this world intact for us and for other life forms in the future like my bird that was able to raise only one baby on her own.

I won’t live long more. I’m sixty-seven years old now, but my gaze is ahead. It has to be since this world matters. So I will help thrust us forward in right directions until I can no longer do so. … Do I personally have anything to gain from my outlook since I’m already comfortable materially?

No, my heart, for now, belongs to people of my ilk regardless of their mode of expression – i.e., if they are singers and performers, who prefer theatrical and dramatic forms of expression to get their points across.  … It does not belong to the many government bureaucrats, who self-serve (although not all do so).

Many in Congress invest in companies they’ll affect with votes


Dec 1, 2015 – A STAT analysis finds dozens of members of Congress held assets … than in the defense and construction sectors combined, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Their investments in the sector topped $68 million.

14. Congress Invested in Defense Contracts – Top 25 of 2010

projectcensored.org/14-congress-invested-in-defense-contracts/ … chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, had at least $51,000 invested in defense companies

Here’s Why the Defense Industry Is Ecstatic About a President Trump …


Nov 27, 2016 – Supposedly, the job of the president and Congress is to rein in that … You won’t be surprised to learn, then, that the defense industry, always sensitive …. number of jobs per dollar invested as money lavished on the Pentagon.

India Expected to Lure More Foreign Investment in Defense Industry …


Jun 21, 2016 – Global defense companies expect foreign investment in India’s defense industry to accelerate after the government eased direct investment …

My heart, also, doesn’t belong to the sociopathic corpocrats in globalized industries, whose ultimate aim is profits for themselves and their companies, and whose many means include giving money to our government bureaucrats when the latter group work in their favor (such as when they open public lands to oil, mineral, timber, metal, etc., exploitation).

Do you think that these nasty folks really care about the public or environmental well-being? Ha – think again as they try to suck us financially dry by showing supposedly alluring commercials for their products after which they suck the world dry to get their products in place for us to snatch.

No, go away, corpocrats. I’d rather throw my lot in with a young singer, who fights like all get out in the way that she knows as a dramatic performer to protect us and our world. She is one with me despite that I find her a bit on the edge performance-wise.

You government lackeys and your corporate masters are not one with me. I shun you with full vehemence and full force of my being for your self-serving corruption at the expense of the rest of us.

So get out of our lives. …Really, I can’t reiterate this viewpoint enough! We Don’t Want It! Don’t You Get It?

If the above video is not enough to move a heart, then also check this next one out and fall in love with the world again. Then join me to protect this world with the fullest force of yourself that you can muster since we depend on its intact state to stay alive. So we need to, as much as possible, forego its demise in a forceful manner. … Please go past me as I’m old and getting older.

Time is running out and is of the essence. So join my friends of many species and my unified voices, our outraged screams, and thrust against corporatism and our governments supporting it, which is destroying us all!



I need you. I absolutely need you. Indeed I desperately need you to join my mourning doves, my eagles, my wolves, my fellow humans, my buffaloes and all the rest that composes our common intertwined lives. Please fight with me for our future to be better than our current perilous times show as our future to come.

I beg you. I’m not above begging when the stakes are so high. So you want me down on my knees? I’ll do it if needed by my little self since I just don’t want ruination to come into being for life after mine when done.

I have no self-gain for taking my stance. I’m sixty-seven years old and I’ll do just fine for the rest of my life since I’m okay financially. … but how about afterwards when I’m past, and turned to mere dust and bones?

That’s where my eyes are trained to the beyond, a place past myself and my own individual survival! … So let’s go harder to resist our current ravenous ways and find a new paradigm forward! (Poor future generations if we don’t rise up to the task to stymie our destruction of our world immediately right now!)

Apathy gets you nowhere. Instead it gets you something like this scary paucity:

Soylent Green – Wikipedia


Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction thriller film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston and Leigh Taylor-Young. Edward G.

Make Room! Make Room! · ‎Soylent · ‎Leigh Taylor-Young · ‎Richard Fleischer

The Road – Wikipedia


The Road is a 2006 novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy. It is a post-apocalyptic tale of a journey of a father and his young son over a period of several …

Publisher‎: ‎Alfred A. Knopf

Publication date‎: ‎September 26, 2006

Pages‎: ‎287

Author‎: ‎Cormac McCarthy

The Road (2009 film) – Wikipedia


The Road is a 2009 American post-apocalyptic drama film directed by John Hillcoat from a screenplay written by Joe Penhall, based on the Pulitzer …

Plot · ‎Cast · ‎Production · ‎Release

… No, no, no. Please, no to the above potential horrific futures!

Let’s strive with all of our furious and conjoined might for another path forward than the ones depicted in “Soylent Green” and “The Road!” Please, oh so strongly please, join in the effort that we need to deliberately put forth to get there to a better alternative to these directly above ugly nightmares so they, such ugly places, are only left as dreams, horrid nightmares, and not something that people face in life day after day after we are passed away! … Help me, oh please, I ask with my total being, my whole self rising to be all that it can be in its fullness of self!

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.


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