Assumption: A Non-Veg Verse

Punch – I
I am the Promethean rebel-lion !
Truly, my stomach pains and derails
When I eat vegetables
Even for a little green-week.

My hunger is more red and blue.
More holiness craving passion.
More core to me than your imposing
Dark-kindness and darker-laws.
Oh, Cow-vigilantes,
You are a communal-volcano
Of evolved cowards and parasites.
You should prefer green-tea now.
Holy cow’s milk is meant for calves.

But, I am the Promethean rebel-lion !
I want both, holy cow’s holy-milk and holy-flesh.
Simply because, I too want to pen an Epic
Like the butcher turned first poet Valmiki,
Who penned the first Epic, Ramayana, after feasting
So many holy cows’ holy-milk and holy-flesh.
Ha, Cow-protectors became Green
And saffron everywhere by eating and ruminating
Age-old as well as modern Grass,
Surviving-dead-literature and Vedic-violence.
You can’t digest the ancient holy-truth that
I am divine Red and royal Blue
In blood and in life,
For holding dynamic-future,
Penning about Himalayan-pasteurization
And pounding the Earth,

Dawn to dusk,

In a milky-way,

In a fleshy-way !
Punch – II
My beloved
country is never
a milch-cow India.
My beloved
country is a tolerant
lioness !

Oh, Cow-guardians,
you are
the inventors
of nomadic-hatred.
You are
the theorists
of evolved-intolerance.

Like your Vedic-
evil-intruders, you are poisoning
the modern-veins
and social-structure of my land,
Its ancient
I am the patriotic
Promethean rebel-lion !
I will bury
your dividing Sanghi-fungi
I will bury your cow and bull
beyond the folding folders
of the non-religious Arabian sea.
I will fight
for universal Beef-Biryani-
I will fight
for my country’s
secular appetite.
I will lynch down
the bloody henchmen
in their theatre of bloodshed.
I will trumpet
their defeatism
in every Non-Veg ear and air.
But oh !
Poor vegans, don’t worry,
be green and be happy always.
Because, this verse
is never meant for you.
This is a Universal
Non-Veg verse.
This is a raw-
meat roasting wisdom.
This is a
purified punishment
using Promethean-fire.
This is a divinely-
programmed rebellion.
This is a solar-flare
the blinding-intolerance
and the well-known cunningness
and the barbarism of the
“Survival Of The Fittest” !

Sanju Clement is a Promethean—poet—painter who hails from Kerala (India), land of gods, devils and monsoon too. His poetic and artistic invention is that he starts from the zonal heights of the light of Metaphorical Surrealism but he will land on the realistic feet of Metaphorical Realism, which truthfully mirrors in most of his poems and paintings. He is compiling his books of poesy on Love and Political/Protest poems.


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