Chinese Peace Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo Is Dead

Liu Xiaobo

Chinese Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo has met his end. The end signifies several things- that no state oppression can ever defeat the strong will of the people. Liu stood for a cause and state did its oppressive acts as is the nature of the non democratic states, but he defeated the Chinese policy of restriction to dissidents as his last days generated a strong protest against China and Chinese state is now under pressure as how to deflect the international attention from its worst human rights activities.

Liu’s death also brings into focus the need of the solidarity among all those who want to make this planet worth living. Unfortunately the solidarity emerged but quite slowly; lesson is that this makes the oppressive states stronger. So act early.

Liu’s death also raises the question with the global leaders as how did they take this development? Did they ever try to pressurize China to release Liu for the treatment abroad or did they place any pressure in genuine way on China to correct its human rights records? Perhaps not. So what is the role of the nation states in protecting the human rights; that question now becomes more relevant.

Liu’s death also raises a question on the mainstream media. In fact mainstream media got active quite late. It just published some news items. The need was to generate discussion among the people that these developments are not good for the human existence. The role of mainstream media needs introspection at their own level. They need to devise more active role in this sphere. As electronic media in the country as well in other places too has not matured yet. It had no consideration for such important developments.

Liu’s death also asks that role of intellectuals to be redefined. They need to come closer and in united way should woke at the ground level by illuminating the common people.

Liu will sleep in the grave not accidental but was the result of the acts of an oppressive state. He died at the age of 61, the age when in real terms individuals become mature to create the good and sustainable things.

His legacy though will continue to inspire to those who really believe in the concept that world should be happy place to live and the criminal activities of anyone even of the states have no place in this world. The struggle is endless but togetherness and consolidated efforts are the strengths to reach the desired goals. Liu is part of this struggle and he will remain so, forever.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Assistant Professor, CSJM Kanpur University (affiliated College) and is Vice Chairman, CSSP, Kanpur; e

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