In this blistering, nuanced, and timely critique of work culture and society, Romi Mahajan argues in his new book ” Coporate Society And Its Perils” that young people can (and must) forge a career path based on freedom, creativity, and citizenship. Mahajan argues that the pressure from almost all quarters for young people to succumb to the blandishments and enticements of corporate culture is destructive to soul and, further, that possibilities exist to avoid the trap.


While an indictment of both corporate culture and what he refers to as “corporate society,” Mahajan’s book also offers hope to young people who want to forge their own path and find meaningful work. Mahajan’s language is biting but clear, magical yet practical. Corporate culture is unrelenting and so too must resistance be, argues Mahajan.

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  1. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    It is true that corporate society is driving youth into vicious culture. They are forced into career – driven corporate serfdom losing freedom of thought and life