For The Liberation of Alahwaz


More than 90 years has passed since the important event where the Iranian regime occupied Alahwaz. It began on the 20th of April 1925 where they practiced all forms of oppression and persecution against Alahwazi Arabs, policies of internationally banned and Arab ethnic cleansing, where they began the confiscation of land and the destruction of villages, settlement building and changed the Arabic names of cities and brought Persians in and took away people’s work and took possession of Alahwaz’s wealth such as oil, gas and agricultural land. They also banned the Arabic language and suppressed all the Arabic Ahwazi cultural and political protest. The Iranian regime brutally executes people who are involved. This is completely against and violates all international laws and norms.

Since the first moment the Iranian regime occupied Alahwaz, Ahwazi Arab people resisted the brutal Iranian oppression and their racist policies by all means and legitimate ways to reach freedom and dignity and to restore humanity and nationalism, national and historic rights and the right to self-determination and the expulsion of the Iranian regime, because of this many people were killed or are in prison and thousands are refugees.

Since the occupation of the Ahwazians home land in 1925 until the present time there has been many peaceful civil protest against the Iranian Persian occupation which demands the world and International institutions work on forcing the cruel Iranian and racist regime to stop occupying Alahwaz and violating International law against Ahwazi Arab people.

Alahwaz is the wealthiest province when it comes to natural resources in Iran and around the world. Ahwazians have been protesting for weeks over the pollution, power failures and unemployment. In 2015 Alahwaz was ranked as the most polluted city in the world by WHO (World Health Organization).

Ahwazians suffer severe socio-economic deprivation. As an Ahwazian who was living in Alahwaz, I remember the only thing the Iranian regime did was taking our oil and other natural resources from Alahwaz and leave us with nothing but prisoners and Martyrs.

Recently Iranian’s Persian newspaper quoted from head of the Islamic Republic’s Judiciary pointing out that “Natural catastrophes should not be a basis for political unrest against the Iranian government” but as it is well-known to Ahwazians that Alahwaz problems are not “natural”. Economic mismanagement, excessive emissions of pollutants from oil factories and corruption are some of the reasons behind the Alahwaz pollutions and the unwillingness of the Iranian politicians to spend money and resources in Alahwaz to upgrade its infrastructure and create jobs.

Besides looking at how Iranian regime treat Ahwazians, doubtlessly they would not care about if we (Ahwazi Arab people) cannot breathe and don’t have clean water to drink.

Not just Ahwazians are forbidden from civil protest but they have no access to basic human rights such as Freedom of Speech, the right to liberty and freedom.

Hossein Bouazar from Al-Ahwaz currently living in Perth, Australia.

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