Kashmir Unites To Condemn Anantanag Yatra Attack


Soon after the Attack on Civilian Bus in which Seven Amarnath Pilgrims Killed and Dozens Injured, on Monday. Widespread condemnation poured out from every nook and corner of Kashmir Valley. Kashmiris took Social media, (Facebook, Twitter) Responses against the Painful attack

Here are some Responses;

Is Mehbooba Mufti in senses? What has Islam to do what Yatri killing, and why should be Kashmiri people accused of. Let the state be ashamed as it is the security breach and Mahbooba should own the failure. The tragic attack in which civilians whr killed is highly condemnable and barbaric.
Fahad Shah (Journalist; Editor The Kashmir Walla)

Lingering Kashmir issue costs life of innocent people here, irrespective of what religion they belong to or whose bullet is used to kill. High time to talk and address the political problem of Kashmir.
Salman Nizami (Former Journalist, Senior Congress Leader)

This cowardly act of killing innocents clearly indicates they militants are not only enemies of India but enemies of humanity!!!!
Rameez Makhdoomi (Journalist, Editor News Kashmir Magazine)

Registered bus or unregistered bus , intentional or unintentional the killing of six Amarnath Yatris is murder of humanity, Dastardly and condemnable.
Bilal Bashir Bhat (Journalist, Editor Only Kashmir)

It is high time for world conscience to break the silence and stress upon New Delhi to initiate a meaningful dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir problem so that the more destruction of Life and property in Kashmir could be averted permanently.
Bilal Ahamd Bhat (Journalist, Chairman J&K Youth Civil Society)

Whosever killed yatries it should be condemned in every form . We Kashmiri people and our struggle is based on truth and principles of Islam . The people responsible for this should be dealt strictly. This is highly regrettable.
Shafkat Raina (Writer, Activist President J&K Youth Civil Society)

Although majority of Indians never condemn the innocent killings in Kashmir but its incumbent on every Muslim to stood against the innocent killings. It is inhumane and Barbaric act. Yatri who visits Kashmir is My guest & I shall Leave No Stone Unturned to Ensure their safety.
Ubaid Zargar (Writer, Srinagar based Web Security Analyst)

I condemn the attack on Amarnath Yatris. Whosoever did attacked the convoy of yatris should be eliminated as soon as possible. Mujahideens should come clear and should immediately release the presser in order to make sense who did it. Already had been insinuated by Shaheed Burhan last year that there would be attack on Amarnath Yatris by Indian intelligence . Lashkar and hizb should come with a presser immediately.
Mirza Idreesul Haq Beigh (Engineer, Kashmiri Innovator)

Deeply saddened by this act on Amarnath Yatris. For god Sake they were guests of our state. Should not have happened. My deepest condolences with the families of the deceased ones & my prayers with all those who got injured.
Touseef Raina(Activist; Chairman Global Youth Foundation)

The killing of yatris is abominable. To kill any pilgrim of any faith is an fathomable horror. I condemn it. Kashmiris all around are shocked and deeply upset. This is an assault on our culture by cowards hellbent on tarnishing the image of Kashmir.

Nasir Khuhami is a Srinagar based Journalist , he can be reached at khuehamiayaan@gmail.com

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