The DNA of New India is being redesigned. Genetic Engineering for a new India is being undertaken. This new India legitimises the usage of mob violence by Lynchers. The new India creates an environment where lynchers are assured that they have unprecedented freedom to undertake their actions. They will never be punished for their actions, even if they are criticised for public posturing purposes.

Fake public posturing criticising Lynchers through usage of the name of Gandhi to criticise the Lynchers makes little sense. The people making fake public posturing represent only those who were the trend setters in letting loose mass lynching and elimination of thousands of minorities in their state. Hatred towards minorities and dalits and unprecedented belief that Lynchers have every right to undertake the same is the cultural belief of this new disease Lynchomania.

The lynchers loose complete sense of reason, rationality, logic, humane thinking when they commit this act. Wounds inflicted and taking away lives never trouble them. There is only belief which pushes them to such acts. It is the pure sense of hatred and their belief that they are doing a sacred duty to fulfil their mission – either to carry out cow protection or imposing outdated and non-progressive cultural traditions in the name of Hindutva.

This new disease is never considered madness but that one of representing a patriotic act. If this is a patriotic act, the best way to become a patriot under the current regime is to hold a sword, a thrishul, tie a saffron turban on the head and display aggressiveness and to use physical violence against minorities and dalits. In this newly let aggressiveness lynchers loose all sense of reasonable and rationale thinking and cognitive abilities and carry out the violence.

It is true that the ‘Make in India’ in the ‘New India’ has created Robots. These human Robots just do carry out instructions based on the kind of programming they have received. The Saffron Software Programmers in Nagpur along with their comraderie in arms such as Hindu Senas, Ram Senas and Gau Rakshak Dals have manufactured this new breed of Robots and programmed them. Three words cow, minority or dalits, beef is sufficient for these human robots to get into their act and undertake lynching.

Lynchers are only the grassroot functionaries of the current regime. They either have formal or informal support of the regime. While they are criticised, they are never punished. While inflictors of violence are treated as heroes by internet trollers and bhakts, the recipients of violence are condemned and fake reports generated against them by the administration.

Lynchers are only an outcome of the ‘New India’ and a cultural product of ‘Make in India’. Citizen’s protest similar to ‘Not in my name’ perhaps is required to express dissent and reverse this trend.

Navin works with an NGO as a Researcher. He did his M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University.




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  1. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    Senseless and illogical tenets of hindutva are spreading like danger of pestilence deep into society. Even common people, who have no relation with rss/ vhp are beginning to hate Muslims. The lynching of Junaid , a student, is indicative of consistent Goebels propaganda inserting opium in people’s minds