Modi’s India Is Sinking


PM Modi at Garvaghat Ashram in Varanasi

Modi’s policies and empty promises will lead India to utter ruin. So many lynchings, protests, murders and arrests have happened this week across in India, it is hard to keep up with. In 21st century, horrendous crimes are on the rise in India. Non issues are being projected to divert attention from the daily problems with the common men. Over 3 years and the abominable cow vigilante lynchings sends shiver down the spine. In as much as I am aghast and angry about the current spate of such shameful happenings.

Of course riots have happened previously in the decades gone by, but the brutality and inhumanity is on the rise. Sad to see what the youth are going through. This is how Yemen and Pakistan and Somalia became what they are today. Now the educated middle class is being hurt so pain is noticeably higher from Media to telecom to banking to IT to Govt jobs etc. ” Make in India” will not create enough jobs for Indian engineers, MNCs will set up hugely automated factories to make in India without much of design work in India. Modi supporter’s expectations are rocket high. They have an idea that 2019 will make their Messiah a permanent Prime Minister of India. And the entire cowbelt will convert the planet vegetarian. No one feels the pain of handloom workers or diamond workers or factory export workers or farmers who are committing crimes like rapes and robberies and suicides in hundreds of thousands per decade or 50k plus per year. It’s beyond repair now and ultra sad. RSS is nothing but Taliban, Al Qaeda, Ku Klux Klan. All religious fanatics are exactly the same. They have the same modus operandi, the same objectives. Taliban was welcomed with open arms by the people of Afghanistan. So were the ayatollahs in Iran. The color changes once they have power. Modi and his followers are following on wrong route.

GST-Midnight session of the parliament on 30th June for introducing GST is another gimmick at taxpayers money again. The “previous” government has been gone for 3 years. Are we still blaming them for the current mess? GST was conceived in the last months of NDA-1, then again by UPA-1 and UPA-2, but staunchly opposed by BJP. Modi had said he will let it pass over his dead body. I hope the huge mess that GST (as it stands now) is gets cleared up very very quickly. Otherwise the economy will grind to a halt in 3 months. Why do people call it the “greatest tax reform since independence”? The transformative ones were in 1991-92 by Finance Minister Manmohan Singh & Commerce Minister Chidambaram. There have been other earth-moving ones. Like introduction of ModVAT by Finance Minister V.P.Singh, the dream budget that simplified and slashed income tax by FM Chidambaram of Deve Gowda Govt, the huge simplification and streamlining of cenVAT by Finance Minister Jaswant Singh of NDA-1. Those guys worked with rolled up sleeves, did not beat drums. In the name of GST, effective tax rates have been increased. For instance, our products carry an excise of 6% and VAT of 5.25%. We have been told this adds up to 11.6%, and therefore we fall under 12% GST. Excise is on the ex-works price and is effectively 3.6%. The effective tax is 9% which is being raised to 12%. In the guise of reducing taxes, the govt has actually increased it. That everywhere they have added up the current rates of excise and VAT and shown it as the current rate of tax. Excise is never on MRP, it is, 95% of the time, on 60% of MRP (the balance is treated as post-manufacturing expenses including multiple stages of freight from factory to C&F warehouse to distributors’ warehouses to retail shops; distributors, C&FAs and retailers’ margins and so on). A sly way of increasing taxes, perhaps to make up for the loss in tax revenue due to slow down of growth from 7.6% to 6.1% due to mismanagement of the economy, including the terribly planned and executed demonetization.

Modi is becoming a Vasal of the western Dream, no wonder the MSM keeps him in high esteem in their news series. The US, according to a report, has nearly 5 billion trade deficit with India. The US will not pass on new tech to India-No serious and powerful country is interested in the F-16 anymore, the market for these Indian jets would probably be poorer countries who have very weak militaries. They’ll probably be cheaper if produced in India because no one would probably pay for these jets if they were expensive. However, F-16 a toy compared to F-15. The much larger plane can carry a much more powerful radar, faster and longer range.The F-15SA is a completely new plane except for the frame. Everything replaced with the newest and best, radar, computer systems, engines. Basically what should be done to the F-22. The F22 weapons and avionics systems are 90s technology. But it’s still currently the best, overall.

Migration is the last remaining barrier to free movement; goods, services, capital, knowledge, enterprise have been largely freed. If human being are allowed to move freely, it will end all cultural clashes and wars. Leaders divide the world into territories. and then ignite passions, build stories, so that they can rule. Under the skin, humankind is the same. We all have the same needs & desires. Nations are fluid, borders change. The India cobbled together by Brits never existed before they came, the nation they left behind did not include Travancore-Cochin and few others. Europe has been changing borders. The two tribal conflicts that they call “world wars”, the breaking to pieces of Yugoslavia, and continuing pressures to break in UK, Spain, Italy, and even tiny Belgium. We see this in Africa too. The Soviet Union is a prime example of a super power breaking up. Nations were created by rulers to define their authority. A Modi supporter was arguing on Twitter that H1B issue doesn’t rank enough to be talked at Heads-of-Government level. If Mexican President thinks it’s relevant to raise the issue of immigration with POTUS why shouldn’t Indian PM? Trump’s and Modi’s supporters traffic in alternate facts. Both Modi and Trump have unleashed demonizing minorities.

Modi is a shadow of Indira Gandhi, mostly her evil side. Her era was also devoid of opposition for a long time, and she acted like a dictator. This Modi is far more evil, he is destroying the pluralism and multi-cultural nature of our continent sized country. Perhaps we will end up like Europe which is made up of 40 countries. And larger states going the way of Yugoslavia, where what is left is made up of ethnically pure people, with the rest relegated to 2nd class citizens. Vajpayee chose to go nuclear with the intention of making Pakistan spend away to bankruptcy, but there came a black swan event. The war in Afghanistan brought in a lot of money to Pakistan and they survived, though they had to bend and borrow from IMF and Saudi to remain afloat.How do we make them pay for asymm warfare? No one has found an answer to that so far. US faced that with Vietcong, USSR with Mujahideen. We did break the Khalistan movement, but the majority of people in PB were supportive of the govt. When Modi got elected, I felt uneasy that a person who didn’t even apologise for loss of many lives under his watch (even assuming he didn’t have a role to play) was assuming the role of PM. I thought, if Muslims in Gujarat itself have moved on, and indeed voted him, perhaps it’s time to look forward to a new era and Congress being fresh from far too many scandals and dynasty rule made it look that we’ve a no nonsense man at helm, in Modi and that he will do in action (if not in words) that allays the anxieties of Muslims. My hopes lay in tatters now.

Mousumi Roy based in Muscat


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