One Reason They’re Moved To Kill Muslims


“Nowhere is a place in its own right: everywhere is a resource waiting to be exploited. No one is a person in their own right; everyone is a worker, consumer or debtor whose potential for profit generation has yet to be realised. Satiety, well-being, peace: these are antithetical to globalised growth, which demands constant erasure and replacement. If you are happy, you are an impediment to trade. Your self-possession must be extinguished.”George Monbiot

Reading Monbiot’s Game of Chicken, I came across the words above. I immediately thought of how Western capitalist interests cannot abide the lives of the Prophet’s peaceful followers. Their morality, the moderation and the respectful mindset are all at odds with the development which Monbiot spotlights.

Negative images of Muslims have to be perpetuated if the West is going to continue to get away with their bombing of innocent Muslim citizens and other abominations carried out on Islamic sovereign lands. In order to do that mainstream media outlets have to keep compounding ignorance with ignorance about Muslims, inflaming passions in a totally unconscionable direction, encouraging hatred.

Nat Krieger begins his Paris’ Forgotten Massacre of October 1961 with

“To call the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris the worst mass killing in the City of Lights since World War II is evidence of the mainstream media’s collective and selective amnesia.”

It’s worth reading his December 3, 2015 article, especially if the OAS is not part of your historical vocabulary; I don’t care for the thrust of the final quote, but overall the article should be instructive for most.

One reason Western powers can commit the atrocities they are now responsible for routinely is because ordinary citizens do not confront the mainstream news people. Do not challenge them in any meaningful way. Oh, someone might write an article here and there, and take part in a debate, where the arguments come and go very quickly. But all of that takes place on the periphery, and does not lay the groundwork for preventing the propagandists’ agenda.

On this score, educators can make a significant difference. In classrooms all across the U.S. teachers can call a spade a spade. And make certain that youngsters not only get the correct information on a given event, but that they are taught about how rotten to the core mainstream media outlets are these days.

That’s a tall order with administrators looking over one’s shoulders, and jobs hard to come by in the educational marketplace. It’s risky if one considers how easy it would be to offend a parent who’s addicted to either the New York Times or Fox News. Or any of the major sources which are considered prestigious in most academic circles. That parent could get a teacher fired. Easily, if they’re lodging their complaint to an academic who shares (with the irate parent) a love of the same criticized source.

I trust that an intrepid Muslim teacher would not be deterred by such a challenge, though. And so I look to the Islamic schools in our midst to do the right thing in this regard. Even with the constant threat of being labeled unpatriotic looming in the wings.

The title of this piece suggested that I would write about one reason the unnecessary, unconscionable killing goes on in the Mideast and elsewhere. I’ve given two reasons, however.

One you can — very definitely — do something about.

Even if you’re not a teacher. [Pause.] Actually, we’re all teachers, aren’t we?

Rachel Olivia O’Connor is a freelance journalist. She can be reached at [email protected].


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