Panama Papers, Nawaz Sharif And Beyond

              Nawaz Sharif

PM of Iceland David Gunlaughsson became the first political prey of the sprouting Panama papers tax scandal after the disclosures drew demonstrations against him. The panama papers are an unprecedented leak of 11.5 files from the data base of the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm. Mossacle Fonseca. The records were obtained from an anonymous source by the German newspaper Suddeutsche zeituna. The documents show the myriad ways in which the rich can exploit secretive offshore tax regimes.

Though it a crime in the eyes of Panamanian law to share any information of persons having bank accounts or companies working in their land, which probably is best among the tax haven countries globally. But to my understanding it was a deliberate attempt to expose the Stalwart Nawaz who had grabbed the nose of military hood to keep them barefooted with his stick command. Without exaggeration this person has toppled the terrorist activities in a peace starved country magnificently. He revived the economic prosperity of the country which otherwise was witnessing deplorable and dilapidatedness. Pakistan saw the growth rate of 5.2% recently which is considered to secure accelerated prosperity and development instantly. Today, the panama has more than 350,000 international business companies registered, the third largest number in the world after Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands; supporting such issues is an idol way to secure the transparency and accountability. Now the questions are arising how and when the other democratic countries of the world will uphold the equality of Justices for all. The trust deficit which has been created by the persons involving in money laundering and other malpractices need to be treated in similar fashion as the culprits are being treated elsewhere despite their backgrounds. Only a particular person should not be targeted but everyone who is involved need to be brought under the whirl of strict action. The law firm Massack’s revealing terabytes worth of information about thousands of companies to evade tax and launder money is enough to put dozens of Indian actors , actresses, businessmen and politicians into the long term jail, but who can take an initiative.

Pakistan Sc’s verdict could serve stimulation for much needed response to such latent cases. I question where media hype is and why the corner buzzing from different Indian news channels is missing this time? Why don’t they gear up and start media trial against the faces revealed in Panama documents so that the democratic accountability would surface finely in India too. That surely will lead an unbounded faith towards democracy which otherwise here is not less than a pseudo and banana in nature. Constitution makers dreamt of a judicial system that would provide speedy and fail justice to all, without any discrimination. 65 years have passed and the dream continues to remain just a dream. Though the Indian law is said to be unbiased to any section of society, but the recent findings have shown that the lesser privileged tend to suffer more from alleged accusations, as compared to the rest of the people.

It is seen that a large number of undertrials, who have been lodged in jails since years, waiting for a final verdict on their case, are mostly illiterates or belonging to the lower economic class of the society. The main reason for this is that our courts cannot afford a take step against bigwigs. Prevailing prejudices in law enforcement agencies helped in institutionalizing discrimination.

Depoliticize and revitalize state polices’ anti-corruption and vigilance departments.
Reinvent CBI, free from government control, audit government’s funding and social funding in a very see-through manner. So, to triumph over this situation of visible inefficiency, we should try to assess the problem from all possible scenarios, both judicial and civil involvement, so as to speed up the system of justice delivery.


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