Cartoon by  Pradeep Cartoons Facebook@artistpradeep
Cartoon by Pradeep Cartoons /Facebook@artistpradeep

This Day,
72 infants sounded the bugles.
72 infants hoisted the flag.
72 infants saluted the flag.
72 infants formed the infantry.
72 infants marched along the road.
72 infants crossed the Rapti.
72 infants ascended the Himalayas.
72 infants ascended Mount Kailas.
72 infants ascended the clouds.
72 infants entered the Milky Way.
Below, there was jubilation
On the birth of the blue God.
And the birth of a new nation.

Ra Sh is a poet from Kerala

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Thought provoking poem

  2. Suvasish De says:

    I salute NOT the nation, I salute NOT the flag, I salute NOT the anthem
    I salute YOU the 72, the 72 Infants, YOU reached the summit up there..
    In the clouds leaving us all behind, in anguish, anger and frustration I cry
    But, no tears roll down my cheeks, nothing left, they all have gone dry!!
    ~ Your poem Sir, is a perfect tribute to the 72 infants, who could not salute the flag since the ungreatful nation did not let them….

  3. This is the fate this nation holds for its real Gods!
    And this isn’t the start
    Nor is it the end, though we wish otherwise.
    Farewell our children, Go ye all where oxygen is aplenty and free