Failure Of Governance In Haryana

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, a self-styled spiritual guru and head of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect has been found guilty in rape case by court. In a country where politicians are in hands and gloves with such false God men, the verdict proves that judiciary is still an institution which can be dependent upon for the security and protection of the common citizens of the country.
The administration and governance failed in Haryana after the court decision. The violence followed and several people died due to reckless behavior of the disciples of self styled Guru and administration was a meek spectator. The reason is not the violence but the circumstances leading to violence and weak management to contain the violence.
The political leadership of CM Khattar did not take appropriate steps and the Union Home Ministry also proved weak in the management of the situation due to no proactive action and right planning. Some pertinent questions may be asked:
Why army was not used to barricade the state boundary in order to stop the incoming movement of the people to state? When army is now entering inside the Dera, why such actions were not taken before the violent incident?
Why army was not used in advance to keep different places free from demonstrators? Why the gatherings were allowed?
The answer is simple- state government was not serious and was interested to take political benefits by aligning with the supporters.
These questions assume importance as state government had deliberately lost faith in its police to control the situation and had called for the help of paramilitary forces and the army but quite late.  This will be perhaps the first and only instance that army has been used to control the situation in the wake of arrest of any self styled Baba.
 State administration also failed to assess the extent of the violence because it never tried to assess. The assessment of threat to law and order is basic task of the police administration which transfers its inputs to the civil administration which finally apprises  the political leadership. The crux of the problem was that this channel of communication which flows from base to top was in all probability turned into directions from top to base. The political leadership instead of taking stock of the real threat to law and order situation started to assess the impact of the political consequences of the hard actions keeping in mind the political impact and vote bank. Thus governance failed due to its political considerations and several people died.
There is no secret that in Indian politics all political parties take support from self styled Babas and religious leaders. They have aim to win the election. The support of these  entities often cause serious adverse impact on the governance. Haryana is case in point where role of such entities can be explored easily.
The violence was so much mindless that media men and their properties were attacked. Public property and personal properties also saw the deep damage and this has become a norm in the country. During Jat agitation in the state similar situations had occurred. Now time has come to make a strong law about those who are involved in damages and killings. Law should include that those who are found involved in killings should be handed over the death penalty and those who destroy the properties be given life imprisonment and the recovery of damaged properties’ value should be taken from such rowdy elements.
There is also need to place penalty on the governments who overlook the strengthening of such extra state organisations as happened in Mathura UP during SP regime where self styled leader became so strong that administration bowed and when removal was made it led to violence. Same happened in Haryana. In both cases  the political contacts have allowed to strengthen these oragnisations. The need is to cut the blooming bud in order not to allow these organizations to become capable enough to challenge the state but it is a difficult task as all political parties have succeeded befooling the people  by their rhetoric as proclaiming the good governance their ideal but in reality live in close contacts with those who are main threat to such noble concept. Hence political parties should be disallowed to come closer to these entities. Election Commission can take note of this and amendment in the Peoples Representation Act must be made.
Finally there is need to establish the concept of the Human Rights of Deads. This concept bases on   realistic idea as what was my fault that I was killed? Government fails often and innocents die. Who is culprit? Why should I die? For the reason that governance failed. No it cannot be allowed. I am dead but still maintain my rights of being alive. So death does not scrap my right. I shall speak from the Grave.And at least in response to killing to me due to failure of the administration and political leadership I Shall not be silent; the culprits be brought to the courts and punished in the hardest manner.  Political leadership and administration cannot walk away saying that we did the best and we shall punish those who broke the order. In fact retrieval of human right of deads is possible when those who were responsible for the law and order are punished. This concept now is needed to be incorporated in the administrative systems of all countries and first in India.
India needs to look its way of working which is sliding into the abyss. The failure of the governance cannot be accepted by the civilized societies as the governments come to existence to save the lives and if one government fails then it needs to leave its position and other should take charge  but with the real thoughts of good governance and human rights of deads. The democracy rests on these principle not on rhetoric.
Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Vice Chairman, CSSP, Kanpur; e [email protected]

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