Gambling With The Lives Of US Citizens



In November 2016, a casino owner and reality show host was somehow elected President with 63 million votes. The USA is now a casino. You get what you vote for (or at least what you allowed the deep state to vote for).

A war of words accompanied by hostile fly bys and war “games” seems to be escalating toward a Korean War. Again. One’s just not enough for some people. This time around, North Korea has nuclear bombs, long range ICBM missiles, EMP weapons on a couple satellites circling the USA (like hungry eagles ready to feast). And more.

The EMP weapons would wipe out machines in much of the USA. No more cars. No more phones. No more internet. No more water. No more power. Just hundreds of millions of Americans foraging for food. In the dark nuclear winter. Without cell phones.

What would be targeted in the USA in the event of nuclear strikes?

It’s estimated that North Korea has 60 nuclear bombs (as of the summer of ’17). The USA’s THAAD defenses are about 75% effective, which means if North Korea shoots 4 missiles at each target, then one nuke will get through to each target.

(Just one slingshot from David brought down Goliath. For good.)

Anchorage is the main city in Alaska and the closest city in the 50 states to Korea. About half of the oil and gas in the USA originates in Alaska. Nuking Anchorage would lead to oil, gasoline and heating oil shortages worse than those experienced in the 1973 oil embargo and 1979 oil embargo combined. $25 for a gallon of gas anyone? How about odd even rationing, again?

Seattle is home to Amazon, Boeing and Microsoft – 3 large corporations critical to the US economy. And 2 of the 3 richest billionaires in the world. (Vancouver would no doubt be effected. Perhaps China can insist on Trudeau talking to Trump about this.)

The San Francisco – San Jose corridor is Silicon Valley, the technology heart of the US. Even if the precision of North Korean nukes is a little off, a hit anywhere in Silicon Valley would wipe out America’s tech mecca.

Los Angeles is the media mecca of the USA (and propaganda capital for much of the world). It also hosts a metro area of 23,000,000 Americans. Being so sprawling, a land strike anywhere within 100 km (60 miles) of downtown LA. would devastate the LA Metro Area. And the “entertainment” groin of America (vulgar, lewd and violent hollywood movies, TV, music, etc.).

Chicago, 4th largest American city, has a mercantile exchange which makes the Windy City the de facto food distribution center for much of the USA and a likely target. Without Chicago, tens of millions of Americans in the USA will starve to death.

Houston, America’s third largest city, is the hub for energy distribution in the USA. A strike against Houston would all but guarantee that oil, gas, heating oil, energy would no longer get distributed to much of the USA. Lights out and all tanks on M-T in the USA. Would make for fascinating nighttime satellite imagery.

Honolulu has been described as being like Chicago with palm trees. This island paradise for rich Americans can be converted into an American island hell within the next 20 minutes. Don’t look at the flash or the fireball.

New York City is the financial bulls-eye of the capitalist empire and epicenter of a Metro Area of 25,000,000 Americans. The Almighty Dollar would become worthless – utterly worthless – upon impact (within 60 minutes of launch).

The Washington DC metro area is the den of both politics and the deep state in America. Some say the beating heart of NoAm (North America) and all of its districts and colonies.

And then there’s Guam. Poor tiny little Guam, as bankrupt as the Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Detroit, Hartford, Chicago, the State of Illinois, etc. etc. And as bankrupt as the entire USA will become within an hour with even just a couple mushroom clouds arising over a couple cities in the Continental 48.

Some days it feels like we are just a tweet away from Armageddon. Kingdom come. Samson’s weakness – as we discovered just before the golden bowl shattered and Samson brought the entire temple down from above him, Masada style – was his hair. In the end, will it turn out Trump’s weakness was his temper or his twitter account. Or none of the above.

And the leaders of the earth who committed bad things with the United States government and lived with her in shameless luxury will weep and beat themselves in grief over her when they see the smoke of her burning. They will stand at a distance because of their fear of her torment and say too bad too bad you great nation, USA, you strong nation because in an hour your judgment (doom) has arrived.

And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over the US, because there is no one to buy their full cargo anymore. The merchants cried out, weeping and mourning, and said too bad too bad, the great USA, in which all who had ships at sea became rich from her wealth, because in one hour she has been ruined.

Uncle Sam aka the whore of babylon will vanish. In a poof.

Many (many) Americans actually don’t like Los Angeles, New York City or Washington DC. We don’t know yet if North Korea is strategizing to try to win such hearts and minds by limiting strikes to LA., NY and DC. Like reading tea leaves, maps with circles in the background in some news reports from Korea are seen in the news once in a blue moon.

Then, there’s Seoul and Tokyo. Blasts to both would kill millions and decimate the economies of both South Korea and Japan. How terribly sad it would be to see the rich Japanese and South Korean survivors foraging for food the day after.

An American strike or counterstrike on the Korean peninsula raises the question of which cities would be targeted. And which way would the wind be blowing that day. Japan no doubt doesn’t want radioactive clouds flitting over Japan. Again. And should said clouds flutter to China or Russia, what then. Would there be thousands of casualties or millions of casualties in neighboring countries.

Then too there have been US government assassination threats. In the 21st Century, that includes bird drones (drones that look like birds) dropping off fly drones (drones that look like flies or mosquitoes or …) filled with poison. Fly drones that can ‘sting’ poison or drugs into victims. Who would have thought protection for presidents would have to include screen doors and insect screens in windows, etc.

Then again, catch these little drones and billions of dollars in US government R & D can be reverse engineered for a fraction of Uncle Sam’s cost. And then the improved upon. Then, the tables turn.

Perhaps peace is a better path.

President Trump’s military attack threats (fire and fury, locked and loaded, etc.) against the DPRK appear to have been hasty and we all know what haste makes.

China’s declaration that if North Korea is attacked first, then China will help North Korea and if the USA is attacked first then China will remain neutral – seems to have helped both the DPRK and the USA to dial back the threats. For a little while at least

It is also possible that the Commander In Chief just can’t take the heat of the incessant seemingly endless media grilling (about Russiagate, etc.). Oh and that nagging and lingering FBI investigation (into Russiagate, etc.) and he simply wants to get those two pesky flying monkeys off his back. With a war. With Korea. Or Iran. Or Venezuela. Or fill-in-the-blank.

(Some candidates for US President actually don’t consider that they will become the most criticized person in the world if elected.)

Uncle Sam has over $50,000,000,000,000 in debts that it can’t pay (pensions, US Treasury bonds, etc.) Endless war (against Afghanistan (Graveyard of the Empires and heroin capital of our planet), Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Libya, Yemen, etc. etc.) and the seemingly ever expanding global surveillance state has been quite expensive. Too expensive.

In the meantime, before the USA’s next financial collapse, the more war, the more surveillance, the more money for the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex (MIC). And their bankers.

The day is soon coming when – one way or another – someone will have to announce that Uncle Sam is broke, dead broke and cannot pay its bills anymore and that lenders who lent money to the US treasury will not get paid back, no pensions for retirees in the US. No more money for endless war. No more money for the global surveillance state either.

And – what a coincidence – we now have a casino owner in the White House who has experience with not just one, but 4 (count ‘em 4) bankruptcies. Who better to say so sorry Charlie than … Trump is in the right place at the right time to use his extensive bankruptcy experience to declare bankruptcy for the government of the United States of America.

What better way to distract from major problems (like major financial problems or major news media problems or major FBI investigation problems) than wars. Big devastating wars. The bigger and the more devastating the war the more distracting it will be from other problems.

6 of the 7 largest Banks in the world are now forecasting that an imminent financial collapse in the USA will commence within the next 18 months (forecasts range from October 2017 to February 2019). Perhaps, the deep state wants us staring and squinting at North Korea while they are up to other things. Like getting ready for the final countdown to the final financial collapse of the American Empire. Coming soon.

Gene Watson is a Californian social studies teacher and an enthusiastic member of the CalExit movement. In addition to social studies, Gene also teaches literature and writing, is a single Dad and a member of the Educational Writers Association.  You can reach Mr. Watson at [email protected].

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