Kashmir: Who Is A Terrorist?


Kashmir continues to withstand turmoil & turbulence and rein of terror from it’s counter establishment. Enough blood had been spilled in the name of freeing Kashmir from contractors of bloodshed from India, but nothing substantial has happened so far in releasing this state from the scotches of galloping ghost. The bloodshed in Kashmir continues unabated without any regional or international intervention to dispel the non-existent authoritarian approach of India. Sounds pitch from everywhere but no one comes to rescue  Kashmiri’s when it needs to act practically. It is only blood that spills and no one is of the mind to differentiate whose blood is this, whether it be of a rebel who fights for a legal cause or of a guardian who serves to guard the public and protect them from the wrath of any untoward happening. For them, we are the terrorists and for we, they are the terrorists, but no one is firm to the fact who is a real terrorist. We see people butchered from both sides whether it be mujahideen rebel from Kashmir who fights against Indian atrocities or police men who are also the sons of same soil working to guard the communal interest of people living here. What is it that leads to these intra communal disturbances that lead one to kill another and vice versa, nothing is privy to the fact. At the end it is only the blood that is spilled inexpensively and inexhaustively.

No party has been liberal enough to safeguard the interests of state subjects. They have always sidelined the common communal ethos of people whom they represent for their vested interests, rather used kashmiriyat in general to blend their own tools, so to extend their monopolistic approach over kashmiri’s. Whether it be separatist patriarch rivals or mainstream politicians, they all have used Kashmiri as a scapegoat to get their both ends meet and later watch as a mute spectator when the state subjects are denied their birth right of freedom time & time over everything. The stands are clear now for all of us to get united and blend as a single unit irrespective of our communal, social, religious and political affiliations and voice as one to get our concerns heard at international forums. We have to put efforts to make international organizations hear our screamings and step forward for a lasting solution. Gun as a divisive and decisive force will not work out the strategy, because it has created internal rifts within our ambit based on affiliations and associations.

Weak force in unity is strength but a mighty but divisive stringent force never qualifies as a qualification to change the situation topsy turvy. Gone are the days when Kashmiri’s unarmed were enough as a social unit to fight for their immediate concerns. But today when we are sophisticated with resources of technology and tech savy persons in place of execution but seperably working out in their own ways, we are defeated at the short run based on our executionable shortcomings. We stand as rebels and we also stand as informers at the same time to cut the throat of our brethren. The recent trend of killing policemen working in state department by unknown yet doubtfully by rebel insurgents speak volumes about our underground works and affiliations. We belong to know one and no one belongs to us. We sell our conscience to any agency for monetary gains. We can never be assigned any authoritarian responsibility as we turn around anytime, at anywhere and at any cost for little personal gains. It remains unresolved here that who works for whom. Everyone is busy in filling his empty bins of greed out of state interests politically or apolitically. Our sisters are widowed, our brothers are orphaned, no matter their associates are mujahideen working as rebel insurgent against Indian imperialistic dominion or as policeman in state home department. The point is that it happens with us and we are always at the receiving end. No force or agency can chalk out strategic strategy for us, it is we and always our true efforts inseperably united that can make change at the grassroot level for better and fruitfull results. Time is it, that we surrender our animosity, greed, and hatred and stand firm to our cause and fight for the ultimate solution of self  determination. Efforts are to be put in place for a change that will unravel & uncover the happiness that is caged way back from 1931. Time has been very hard to us, our co integrity, our national ethos, our cultural superiority, all in all our future has been sacrificed for this cause. We have sustained gross upheavels out of our communal and religious strengths. The same needs to be revised for to take our struggle to a logical conclusion.

General public, separatist factions in unison, students, writers, intellectuals of class and repute can summationate their literary and intellectual strengths to highlight the issue in true prism of it’s existence, so that the international community will put forth steps asap to resolve this issue unilaterally.

So, all are kindly requested to be the change and set the chain in motion, to see the change in place for our particular concern and interests.

Author  is PG in Biotechnology with Gold Medal of  Excellence, currently Working at CSIR IIIM Jammu as DST INSPIRE Fellow (Doctoral Research Scholar) .

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Sheikh Umar Ahmad

Sheikh Umar Ahmad is freelancer and currently working as DST INSPIRE at Regional Research Laboratory Jammu.

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