Big bang explosion
Nuclear reaction
Atomic collusion –
All different sounds of creation !

Chirping of birds in the nest
Roaring tigers in the forest
Ultrasounds of bats and dolphins
Infra- sounds of squid and octopus . .
Sounds everywhere!
Noise here and there!

Painful sounds of muscles
That humans cannot hear
Tortuous screams of suffering victims
Only very few can bear
And those of gunfire pellets and bullets
Piercing into blood – stained bodies –
All are different sounds!
Cacophony! Noises!

Sporadic coughs of women workers
Spanking crowbars of digging miners
Wails and distressed voices
Forced to work without choices !

Mud, rocks ruffling leaves
Furious sounds of cyclones and seas
Mix with gentle blowing winds
Creating hoary resounds

Life can be killed humans murdered
Flora and fauna completely destroyed
But sounds cannot be hanged
Maimed or mutilated
Sounds cannot be dead
Though ‘ voices’ silenced

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere and who wants to foster the whole world.


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