Stopping Hate Crimes!


 There are two states that I think are best in my country, USA. That’s here in MA where I live and VT.

My state is called the pinko (meaning communist) state by many people. I don’t think that the moniker fits, but who cares about the way that we are named?

I have not met a single commie in my state – not once – so supposedly denigrate us all that anyone elsewhere located wants. It’s a toothless revilement against us.

Right now on Aug. 19th, 20,000 to 30,000 marchers are swarming against hate crimes on the Boston Commons. They are fed up with hate crimes across the world and especially the events that took place in Charlottesville, VA, and they stand in unison against the 40-50 free-speech people, who are holding a rally on the Boston Commons, a group that, given a permit for their cause, went ahead with plans since it is a legal right to hold such a right-wing rally.

These are my people, the thousands of marchers, and we won’t be stopped. I don’t care about what our government on the federal level does or doesn’t do to support our outlooks because I can’t control it. However, I can be part of a huge social group that sways society from the bottom up rather than the top down since the latter direction is NOT happening to improve life.

The MA governor and the Boston mayor told the hate-mongers that they were not welcome here for their little rally, but that it was their judicial right to be here. Then they warned that they had better be civil in their public meeting. How clear is that message?

Our police, primed and ready unlike Charlottesville police, know exactly about what to do if the situation gets ugly. They had their test-run with the Boston Marathon bombing.

Yet, they aren’t needed since every time that there was an altercation between the free-speech people and the huge crowd of others, it was broken up by the crowd during a few incidents.

Meanwhile, we’re going ahead with this action: A huge park for children is being built for this Boston Marathon murdered boy.


His little sister, who entirely lost one of her legs in the Marathon bombing, is helping to put the park together. (How self-empowering this action is for a child, who suffered so much!)

So it is the only way that we can go forward … by building ourselves and each other against the wrongs.

Yet, you know what else? If I were alone, I’d still go where I’m going despite that I am deeply heartened at the moment that I have so many standing up for the same values that I personally have. … Sometimes I know, though, the lonely place very well. …

The following verse by R. Tagore:

 If they answer not your call, walk alone;
If they are afraid and cower mutely facing
the wall, O thou of evil luck,
Open the mind and speak out alone.

 If they turn away and desert you when
crossing the wilderness,
O thou of evil luck,
Trample the thorns under the tread,
And along the blood-lined track
travel alone.

If they do not hold up the light when the
night is troubled with storm,
O thou of evil luck,
With the thunder-flame of pain ignite

 thine own heart
And let it burn alone.

If I have to go it alone, so be it. Yet it is so wonderful to know that I have many thousands of others surrounding me in my community backing up my stance. So today — in Boston, MA, USA — was phenomenal and no police interventions were needed since, apparently, nonviolent resistance was well understood by the thousands of attendees…. We fighters against the status quo have already learned well our meddle.

Now I’m hearing that some of the rally protestors are fighting with police. How sad!

Yet I can understand the stance. After all, some police in some areas of the USA are responsible for much wrong. Witness: Forcefully Pushing Forward!

Yet, this sort of direction against life doesn’t much happen in Boston and some of us will not be pushed in wrongful directions against police or others if it does somewhere else located. … My sister and her husband, as well as others who I know, have laid their lives on the line to protect others. So if I have to go into Boston, thirty miles away, to protect our police, I’ll do it because like my kinfolk and others, I will not let violence against others stand.

I’m absolutely firm on this point regardless of whatever it means for my own welfare in the same way that it means the same for some friends and some family members of mine. We do not succumb regardless of the stakes involved for our own lives.

We stand regardless! We have no choice since our values define us right down to the bottom-line of our beings. We will not be stopped until we die.

Yes, some of us will not be quelled or crushed unless through death. Then others, younger ones, must take our places.

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.

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