From its very beginning it defined the human civilizational understanding of our relationship to Planet Earth and the cosmos. And it all worked very well for over three thousand years. But now we have a problem. That belief system turned our attention away from planetary/cosmic reality. That reality can be defined as the sacredness of all life and nonlife on land and in the waters of this planet.

So the question now for human civilization is this: How can all of humanity recognize its misdirection and absorb into its consciousness this new sense of reality? How can it break out of the concave/convex mold in which it is now encased?

It categorically defined everything on above and below our planet – including ourselves. It also defined what is profane and what it is not. It then made the distinction between the “favored” and the “un-favored” by separating the “Hebrews” as those favored by God from the other tribes. Then later on by way of “substitutional atonement,” it separated the Christians and made those the favored. Then again six hundred years after that there was a further favoring with the introduction of Islam.

From its very beginning the legalistic declaration of what is “right” and what is “wrong” gave its followers tremendous power. It enabled them to set the political/legal/economic course direction for world civilization. Today that power is manifest to one degree or other in all world cultures and the institutions that support them. It defines the rightness or wrongness of individual social behavior and government action.

The minds of world leaders today are encased in this concave/convex mold. For that reason they are not asking themselves vitally important questions: These are “break out of the mold” questions. Here they are:

Am I capable of seeing through my thought process and breaking away from those ideas that do not respect the sacredness of all life and nonlife on land and in the waters of this planet? Can I cast aside my cultural/institutional mind-frame? Can I put in place new ideas that will bring about a reversal of the planetary damage already having been done? Can I assure no future damage? Can I be a part of moving humanity away from dissonance to a state of consonance with Planet Earth and the Cosmos?

There are some encouraging signs on the horizon. Human civilization is beginning to change. Greater numbers are becoming aware of the problem. But then; those numbers have limited control over the social, political, religious and economic institutions that are so firmly in place. Also, in opposition to change are some (The deniers) who even flatly refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem. Others are too narcissistic to care. The cold hard fact is that most of the world’s population – Abrahamic religionists included ‑ at this moment refuse to face planetary ecological reality.

A few closing words on that reality: Population numbers in many areas of the planet continue to grow far beyond planetary sustainability. The ppm CO2 level will soon exceed the COP21 target. This year there have been record breaking temperatures. Methane (More powerful than CO2) is being released in the arctic. Acidification in the oceans is attacking coral life. Life in reefs (bottom of the food chain) is dying. The top of the food chain is being exterminated by industrial fishing. Oceans are warming and rising. Agricultural dependent aquifers on land are being depleted.

And the list goes on. Time is closing in. Our species is under threat. We must act in unison ‑ and quickly.

We must change the way we think.

David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics. He has written three books. A fourth is near completion. It can be seen on

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Since it is clear that government’s might not take any initiative, people must come forward themselves in protecting environment an working for a policy on climate change. The non- governmental organisations should lead the way in chalking out time- bound programs

  2. Sally Dugman says:

    Unfortunately the scale required to turn humanity around into new directions seems impossible to me. … Then there is the dichotomy. Here’s a perfect example: I know of a woman who hand-wrings about climate change. Yet, she flew to Colorado for her son’s college graduation in June. She flew for a vacation in Iceland the same month as a birthday present from her husband. Then in August, she flew to Hawaii for her New York City dwelling daughter’s fancy wedding, as did others in attendance. … One of my relatives told me that before she dies,she wants to travel to see much of the world. She also worries about climate change, but where is there a scenario between the concern and connecting the dots in their own behaviors in that jet travel is a big offender for climate change? How about the lack of connecting dots for those with environmental concerns and their having five or more children? … In MA, USA, where I live, I see people being very interested about getting rid of fossil fuels, but they drive wildly here and there in their fossil fueled cars on a whim. As I implied, they’re just not making the connections between their own behaviors and the world around them. From a social/societal level — they just can’t seem to see or care enough about their own actions in relation to the future … sadly. …Some even buy new furniture since they like change and then worry about resource depletion. Huh, what’s up with that separation in viewpoints?