Trump has stolen the headlines again with more saber rattling against North Korea. American have to worry about Kim Jong-un. Preparing for war leads to war. Preparing for peace might lead to peace. Humankind never prepares for peace. Two schoolyard bullies threatening each other. Both are crazy so who knows if one or both of them will start a war. The current liberal government, while supporting sanctions and related pressure on North Korea, is very much alarmed by Trump’s belligerent attitude.

North Korea, one of the most isolated nation in the world, initiated escalation process by long range rocket launch in December 2012 which they stated was peaceful satellite launch but the USA and allies termed this as ballistic missile test. This led to large scale condemnation by international community and the USA and its allies moved to the United Nations to tighten sanctions. North voiced anger and such condemnation prompted Pyongyang to conduct its third nuclear test. Tougher UN sanctions were imposed. The North Korean regime warned such UN move and warned of consequences. China, the sole major ally of North also negotiated the UN sanctions and said it wanted them to be implemented. North declared it would at war with US and its ally South Korea.

North Korea’s announcement to reopen Yongbyon reactor which was closed since 2007, indicates to acquire deterrent materials than uranium enrichment plan. Although it said, the purpose of restarting nuclear facilities is for both electricity and military uses, this move of Pyongyang provides big blow to Beijing’s claimed plan of de-nuclearisation talks on Korean peninsula. Many experts believe North is far from developing intercontinental ballistic missile that could strike mainland in United States, they may have capability of medium range missiles which can strike US bases in South Korea and Japan.

Despite Pyongyang’s growing threats to attack US military bases, dropping nuclear bombs, missile attack to mainland, there seems to be no clear strategy of the United States to counter this conflict. Over 60 years USA has pursued but could never found a resolution. Being super power the US might be considering North Korea’s threats just a mere barking. Daily provocation from North Korea though causing concerns, it remains to be unclear how dangerous the threat can be. It may be USA has no intention to press military advantage due to China fears or dependency on China’s cooperation is considered vital for achieving diplomatic solutions or it may be getting the solution through it’s ally South Korea. Whatever may be US has been once again caught off guard.

North Korea already has nuclear weapons and missiles that can carry nuclear warheads as far as Japan. There are good reasons to be concerned about a paranoid impulsive demagogue with nuclear weapons. Israel and North Korea are equivalent in their illegal nuclear capability. Israel already has Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) while North Korea is still working on to acquire that capability. Israel’s nuclear weapons should also be termed as illegal. It is illegal for the USA to give Israel foreign aid and military assistance. Iran has campaigned for twenty years against such favor to Israel. Now through its own nuclear program, Iran seems to draw the world’s attention to Israel’s illegal nuclear program. The US lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation for decades (cold war).

China on the other hand considered to be sole major ally of North Korea is in duel mind. North seems to have become liability for China. One side it does not want to see downfall off young leader Kim Jong-un and does not strict implementation of UN sanctions as result would be disastrous for Beijing. Thousands of North Koreans might flee neighboring border to enter China, North’s nuclear capabilities may remain un protected. Both countries do not depend on each other as much as it is seen. Koreans (both South and North) have penchant for demeaning Chinese. China refusing renewal of visa for North Korean workers in Chinese border city and even pressing North to revive economy. So it cannot allow other countries to make trouble, cause chaos making on its doorstep for their selfish gain.

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  1. rosemerry says:

    “There are good reasons to be concerned about a paranoid impulsive demagogue with nuclear weapons. ” Yes, and it is not DPRK which has already used nukes on people. The USA’s shameful refusal to give the North Koreans a definite agreement that the USA will NOT ATTACK North Korea is the reasonable demand of Kim Jong Un is the cause of the continued standoff. Unlike the USA, North Korea has no intention of a first strike. Agreement please-talks NOT war.

  2. K SHESHU tabu says:

    Though there are many indications that US may attack North Korea, the situation is not that simple. If US starts a war, other countries like China and Russia may come to the rescue of North Korea and most other nations may take either sides leading to a world war. Considering peoples rising consciousness, protests and denouncements, it is not easy for the US government to overlook world opinion and violate all norms. The maximum possiblity would be that we are always on the brink …!!!

  3. The US is at war with North Korea. It has been since 1950. Its refusal to enter into peace negotiations and its persistence in staging massive military manouevres (‘drills’) every year, practising new invasions of the North are the problems here.
    The ‘even handedness’ of commentary assigning the major blame to Korea is nothing more than a symptom of Empire worship. the US is in the wrong. Its crimes, dating back to the Korean War, need to be understood-in their light the actions of the Pyongyang government are understandable. This is a country which has survived an attempted genocide.

  4. This article is sheer rubbish. I’m surprised that your site would publish such nonsense. Just one question: do you accept the notion of eternal nuclear apartheid? Why should just a handful of nations be ‘allowed’ to have nuclear weapons? That the USA routinely mentions that “all options are on the table” does not constitute threats using nuclear firepower?