Towards An Alternative Politics



Gujarat assembly fiasco in electing members to Rajya Sabha is an addition to the political muddle facing India. The comment of Jairam Ramesh that Congress is in existential crisis and similar views expressed by Mani Shankar Aiyer can be broadly applied to the political system as a whole.

Decay over the decades

This ‘ crisis ‘ is not a sudden development but has started long before when Ambedkar felt indication of the failure of the system in his later years of life. He even expressed his dissatisfaction in his speeches.

While Nehru’ and Indira Gandhi era had stable politics, the late eighties saw weakning of Congress . Splits within Congress and outside which were few in the seventies became open wrecking Congress from within. Though Congress ruled even after Rajiv Gandhi, it was not as strong as that in fifties till mid- seventies. Janata government first showed Congress that it is not invincible and later, NF-LF govt by VP Singh proved that non- Congress rule is possible. Towards the end of the century, the right wing came to power with the help of some centrist parties. In the next two terms, Congress ruled though it was not strong .

Necessity of alternative politics

For more than three years, BJP with it’s alliance has been ruling with it’s main agenda of Hindu
isation of the country. With virtually no opposition,it is getting ready for another term and implement it’s fascist goals.

Since the mainstream parties have not evolved a strong leadership or shown any will for united opposition there is a dearth for counter-narrative to the ruling party.( When the paradigm shift, the Hindu Aug 10) . There is little resistance to the ruling party and it’s policies which mostly violate basic constitutional rights to citizens.

The communist parties have also performed disappointingly except in few states. They did not use the opportunity when non- Congress government had a chance with communist parties getting reasonable seats in parliament.

In the present situation, when mainstream parties are unable to forge ahead with strong contest, forces outside these parties must come together .

The dalit movement, Muslim secular forces and other backward classes should take up the challenge and unite forces to form a new political force to counter bjp and it’s allies which are mostly likely to come to power.

With less than two years, young leaders like Mevani must initiate action in uniting forces to get ready for next elections. Though parliamentary system is being weakened, democratic forces must first stop communal hindutva forces from ruling another term because that may prove disastrous.

Even Russia formed alliance with the west to counter Nazi Germany. Similarly, democratic forces must unite ( even with Congress, SP or BSP or communists) to defeat the right wing onslaught in the country.

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere and who wants to foster the whole world.


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