Welcome To ‘New India’


Wish you a very happy independence day!
On a new journey…towards a ‘New India’, we are being ably led, being guided all the way
This ‘New India’ will be something like we have never seen before
Or is it that we have been seeing it so often that our eyes have now dulled and turned sour?

They say that truth emerges out of deep and constant churning of a lie
And that pain needs to be inflicted to a point of numbness….only then does it succeed in suppressing and stifling a cry
In the ‘New India’ that we are being led into on this day
All confusion shall be cleared, we shall be cured of all the silly thoughts that play havoc with our minds and make us lose our way

We keeping on harping upon our freedom of thought speech and expression
Without ever understanding its real import, instead interpreting it in any random fashion
On entering the ‘New India’, for the first time we shall understand
The real meaning of freedom, the actual interpretation that would now be the law of the land

Freedom of thought was never meant to mean that we shall be entitled to our thoughts
That we could not be incarcerated to hold on to our views, no matter what;
It very clearly meant the freedom from the very process of having to think
We were free from the huge burden that ‘thinking’ was forcing us to shoulder, we were free birds now; free to rejoice in our new found freedom, everything had changed in a blink

We had all along actually been misinterpreting the freedom
The real meaning had only now been revealed, all along, some insidious forces had succeeded in keeping it hidden
Now that it was clear that what we enjoyed was the ‘freedom from thinking’
Anyone who dared to hold any independent thought would be automatically doomed from the very beginning

Now that the rules of the ‘New India’ are suitably clear to you
Don’t cry foul tomorrow when your thoughts are policed and held up against you
For you were the ones who had wanted this freedom all along
This ‘New India’ is the culmination of all your dreams and struggles of the innumerable years all gone

Nivedita Dwivedi has done MA in Elementary Education from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Blog at http://fromwordstovoid.blogspot.in/


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