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I have read lots lately on no-go zones across the world. Often Muslims are named and blamed for the contention in dangerous geographical locations and  the no-go conditions therein located:

Islam & London — Jihad Is Bred in No-Go Zones | National Review

Europe’s no-go zones: Inside the lawless ghettos that breed and harbour terrorists

So I want to dispel this erroneous notion that Muslims are responsible for this ugliness once and for all. Here is the situation in a nutshell:

No-go area – Wikipedia

Jump to Alleged contemporary nogo areasThe following are areas that have been described as nogo areas in recent years, though in some …

This hatred of the outsider — the other — is nothing new. It’s embedded in evolution wherein we support our own tribal (self-identified) group and not ones that seem different. Accordingly, it supports our own genetic group going forward in resource grabs as opposed to the competition decimating us to have the same gains. In other words, it has survival value. Duh!

Oct 14, 2011 – Woman is the other of man, animal is the other of human, stranger is the other of native, abnormality the other of norm, deviation the other of …

When I was eighteen, I went by train into NYC to visit with a friend at Columbia University on the upper west side. However, I took, after the train ride, the wrong subway by accident and ended up deep in Harlem wherein no or few whites existed. … Asking for help amongst various people there, I was finally led out of Harlem towards Columbia University by a man, who eventually tried to rape me.

It went like this: He, after we walked about a mile or more, pointed up to Columbia University on the other side of Morningside Park. I started walking there and he came up behind me and tackled me.

Then he, bigger and stronger than I was, threw me down to the ground, flipped me over and straddled my hips while sitting on top of me. So I calmly asked, “What religion are you?”

He replied that he was a Black Muslim. So I, then, started telling him about the Black Panthers, Malcolm X and his religion’s treatment of women according to his religion. … Oh, I just prattled onward and fascinated him with information unknown to him about his religion and kept him so intellectually occupied that he temporarily forgot about his original intention to rape me.

A few minutes later, a black and an Hispanic started walking toward us and he let me up not knowing whether they would support his intentions or mine. So stalling for time, he said, “Let me brush the leaves off of your back.”

No way. I ran away like the wind with so much adrenalin pumping through me from fear that nobody, and I mean nobody, could catch me. The degree of adrenalin coursing through me at the moment made me  not catchable or made me almost like the comic book character the Flash. Why, I could have made even an Olympic medal for a short stint since I was so scared and hyped up in the flight or fight syndrome that every cell of my body had coursed me temporarily almost  past my body’s endurance level to flee.

A few years later, a new Columbia University student from the Midwest of USA was missing the greenery and nature of her small rural town where she’d grown up and, so, she, a bit homesick, sat in Morningside Park to do her studies with a backpack of books and papers at her side to remind herself of her hometown by the surrounding scenery. She simply missed the grass and trees not amply found in NYC, a city mostly constructed from pavement and buildings.

Shortly after her arrival there in the park, she got raped by around twelve people. A roving a gang of twelve youths of whom the youngest of them was fourteen held her down and took turns. It was one after another and then a repeat action by some.

No one can tell me that no-go zones have anything exclusively to do with Muslims. That standpoint contradicts everything that I know, especially since none of the rapists going after the student in no-go zone Morningside Park was a Muslim.

… You want to try going to certain sections of Roxbury, MA or Chicago, IL these days if you are white skinned? You want to (shoe on the other foot) go into Beverly Hills, CA or Scarsdale, NY if you are black these days?

No-go zones always did and always will exist. Nothing new is here and I don’t care one bit about whether the outsider status is achieved by religious, ethnic, cultural or other sorts of perceived differences identified by groups like white supremacists or others with contrary views. …

Why do you think that Charlotteville, VA turned out differently than the 40,000 march in Boston for solidarity and unity? It was because someone has to fight the contention between different self-identified groups. Instead, we have to stand together.

I’d be a stupid person not to lock my house doors at night. I’d be equally dumb if I were to walk in Worcester (the nearest city to me) at night in certain neighborhoods. I’d be idiotic to not be glad that a goodly cop (not one of the racist and crazed ones) lives a few homes down from mine.

No go zones exist due to Islamic foment? What a joke this thought is in the sense that it is the same old foment between tribal groups with just a new (or old) group in the mix.

There are always the outer-fringe haters in every single group. This is true whether Hindus against Muslims in India, White Supremacists against Blacks in the USA, Japanese against Chinese (in WW II), USA government against American Japanese put in internment (concentration) camps in WWII and on and on since the tribal fighting began in early times of our species’s development. … It’s simply resource competition, supremacy for power and control, and a particular genetic group pushing forward … just in the same way that meercats do when they raid the den of another meercat group and bite or claw all of the babies to death when the adults except one guard are out feeding. … When one group is protecting its resource base for its own group, hey, it is the way that it works and … will work even harder as a pattern when our human number get way past our 7.5+ billion people currently on this planet while resources diminish.

So I don’t blame this Islamic religion anymore than I do Christian protestants vs. Irish, Chinese, or Japanese, etc.,  in an earlier time or any other group striving for a foothold and an enclave in a new country. After all, survival and furtherance of one’s own genetic group to grow in numbers seems the goal of mpst species. …

Anti-Irish sentiment – Wikipedia

Anti-Irish sentiment (or Hibernophobia) may refer to or include racism, oppression, bigotry, …. Some English illustrators depicted a prehistoric “ape-like image” of Irish faces … The 1862 song, “No Irish Need Apply”, was inspired by NINA signs in …

1854: No Irish Need Apply – The New York Times

Sep 8, 2015 – Photo. It was the first of many. “No Irish need apply” turned up at least 29 times in Times classifieds advertising … Welcome to the Newsroom.

Image result for irish need apply image

I’ll be quite frank. There are plenty of no-go zones everywhere across the world and they have always existed.

Sometimes, though, you take these no-go places on as my sister did when she went to a no-go area and confronted teens beating up a boy, strangers to her, by the side of a road. (She could have been killed as could have my brother-in-law, her husband, who confronted machine gun rifles casually pointed at him by laughing guards in Laotian refugee camps or when Scott, a Catholic Worker known to me, spread his body out as far as he could stretch to prevent Serbs from killing Bosnians standing behind him. Brave person — knowing that he could be killed as did my sister and her husband on numerous occasions in in various no-go zones.)

There are plenty more of mini-no-go zones across the world as they confronted, too. One was the train that this Muslim boy rode. His mini-no-go zone was to be on a train where he was murdered for being a Muslim on a train carrying a lot of Hindu men, who knifed and pummeled him to death in India. it breaks my heart. but in the end, makes me only fight harder against no-go locations existing.

I’m meeting with my sister and her husband in three days and wait until you see about what we can concoct together for further action to confront no-go zones. You ought to see the force that we can pull together in unison. Formidable.

Will you join us? I hope so because if not, the no-go zones will grow. … as will the victims in battles for supremacy over resources as our human numbers grow and our resources shrink in amount.

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.


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