Please Sign This Petition. I Desperately Need Help!


I need your help. It is as simple as that!

I have to impress my town that this potential development is a very bad idea. So please sign your name, town, state (province, district or whatever you name it) and country in the comment section.

Here’s the situation in a nutshell:

Apparently, a couple with a relatively small acreage was poor in their elder years and, so, they let the town have their property after their deaths (since they had no children) in exchange for paying no taxes on it — a money pay-out that they could not afford. … And now the town wants to sell it at a big profit to a developer! … beautiful land with  wetlands and lots of plant and animal wildlife.

I have fought my whole life for whatever is right and I’m not stopping now. When fear, anger, moral inclinations and love motivate me as a combined force, I am relentless, but I sometimes need a community of people — locally or globally — behind me  to make an impact.

Here is my letter to my town government. I am delivering it at a meeting on Thursday, September 21st. So I need any response from others before then.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my deep concerns about the 48 unit housing development complex proposed for 23 Prentice Road, North Grafton , MA, USA and more generally about the over-development occurring all over North Grafton.

For example, we, the people of North Grafton, have seen large housing developments, individual homes, and businesses come into existence on Creeper Hill Road.  We have also seen the huge propane tanks come onto the property of the Grafton and Upton Railroad Company in North Grafton.

Simultaneously we have watched more housing and other kinds of developments get built along Route 20 and Route 140. Our traffic along major thoroughfares and the air pollution related to this traffic have become horrendous, especially during rush hour.

When is this growth going to stop? As our town’s human population has steadily risen, our schools consequently need rebuilding or extensions to accommodate new children and this poses a substantial tax burden on all of our residents.

Another significant problem that all of this development poses is the loss of precious wetlands. We need our wetlands to provide water for many valuable species of plants and animals. We need our wetlands to help filter the water that we drink. Any plan to delimit the already shrinking wetlands to build even more housing units is highly undesirable from this and other standpoints.

Unless we can curtail our lust for more economic growth and development, we and future generations will have enormous environmental, social, and economic problems with which to contend. Somewhere we have to draw the line and state “no more” loudly and clearly!

In the least, let this developer build in a location in town where there would be a less critical impact on traffic and upon the stable populations already in neighborhoods. We can’t have population growth in certain areas of our town without potentially dire consequences for the people, animals, cultivated plants, and wild plants already in place there.

The character of our neighborhoods and sense of camaraderie will be destroyed in the process of this development. For all of these reasons I am deeply opposed to the project currently proposed and I hope the town will not move forward the approval process for this project!


A North Grafton Resident

Unbridled growth and development are driving the sixth great extinction, resource deficits for renewable and nonrenewable kinds, biodiversity loss, population and environmental overshoot and, eventually, collapse for many regions of the world. I will not have it in my region if I can do anything reasonable to stop it.

Thanks if you can help me by providing your name and location information! It is appreciated more than you could possibly know!

Sally Dugman is a writer from MA, USA.


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