When a child dies with that unlimited possibilities too die. Not only parents but all those who have emotions except politicians, school administration and their organizations also cry. The sad death of Pradhuman inside a toilet of Ryan International School by slitting his throat is horrible incident which has caused much trauma on all Indians. There are several dimensions of it and technical aspects are being taken as cover by the people in power whether political leadership or the school administration but the case is of gross negligence on the part of the school administration but so far except suspension nothing serious action has been taken against the school. The doubts emerge that people in power may have some interests; as the private schools in India have evolved as Human Factories of the capitalist class, politicians and bureaucrats who all have power and resources run such money minting Factories. So the laxity suggests that deep facts need to be unearthed but it is very difficult to happen.

The deaths of children in hospitals and deaths in schools and the actions thereafter sadly remind that rhetoric is played well by the politicians and in real way no serious and right actions are taken by people in power. As-why did not anyone get implement the preventive measures and Guidelines for security in schools? Why does it happen that Government starts proclaiming that tough actions will be taken but after the incident has occurred. Why not tough actions in advance are mooted and implemented? These things occur because the government takes everything for granted. The reality is that common man faces unlimited problems.

The case in point is of Arman of Ghaziabad as Indian Express reported on August 2, 2017 ‘the boy’s father said he dropped off his son, Arman Sehgal, to the school at 7.30 am, and received a call as soon as he reached home. Arman, who received head injuries, was declared dead at the hospital, police said.’ One month has passed but his father on a TV Channel said today that reality is that even his phone is not picked by the authorities.

The AAM Aadmi dies and his children die but in India the rich and powerful with deep support of political-bureaucratic system survive with faults; and people are forced to live low quality of life. All say action will be taken. Why are there no proactive actions? When media raises issues then only government awake as happened during Nirbhaya case. Government thereafter took some steps otherwise it was slept with contentment.

The death of Pradhuman needs to be seen as gross negligence and actions must be taken that such happenings never occur. But the boy is dead and who will take note of his human rights? His full blooming life like Arman and so many is cut short by the politicians and bureaucrats who are inefficient to run the administration. Democracy is based on rule of law but is also based on principle of efficiency. If a government cannot save the lives of the people then it needs to give way to other efficient one. If bureaucracy of government fails, it needs to be shunted out of the services. If school administration fails, then not only school administration but all its support system should be brought under the legal punishment system. But all these are feeble satisfaction as those who are dead, once blooming flower; who will bring them now? None.

But time has come to establish the pro activism in governance. Pro activism is one important component of Good Governance. Everyone needs to know it. Governance without proactive role is bad governance. In advance decisions need to be taken about the problems which are likely to emerge.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Vice Chairman CSSP, e mail-vpy1000@yahoo.co.in

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    As long as the present political system thrives with the total control of a few rich oligarchs and wealthy corporates, the poor and deprived section have to suffer in their every walk of life. Whether it is Pradhuman in Ryan school or those number of unnamed tiny tots in Gorakhpur hospital or the tribal children in chattisgarh – all have died due to gross government negligence and empty rhetoric promising beter facilities in future. The power of governance should be under the control of common man in order to affect a real change. For that, political system must change drastically from top to bottom