Big Promises, Big Claims
You have often made
But each of these
Have turned out to be fake

Corruption and Black Money
You have often spoken
But in reality
These promises are broken

Employment creation, Economic Growth
You have often spoken
But each of these
Have turned out to be token

You gave the slogan
This has turned out
Only to be a token

New slogans, New catch phrases
You often bring
They disappear somewhere
Like a magician with a wing

You create many Bharats
Swacch Bharat, Digital Bharat, Kaushal Bharat………………and many more
Despite the catchy phrases
Does not bring in Bharat – the life of rose

Big Dams, Big Statues, Bullet trains
This is what you scream
When the real Bharat
Needs a healing Dream

Violence, Violence
You have created everywhere
But seem to act
That it is nowhere

Polarizing people and communities
You have mastered
This is the nationalist legacy
You want to be transferred

 T H Sreerama is a retired employee from Central Warehousing Corporation

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One Comment

  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    This is sarkar of ‘ jumla’
    Even it’s one- time supporters are countering it with ‘ hamla ‘ !
    Rift is brewing
    In the party and future might be worth watching

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