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A foreign country, Japan, is helping India’s HAVES by providing loans worth almost ONE LAKH CRORE OF RUPEES to build and run BULLET TRAIN by charging interest rate of 0.1 annually and that too be paid in next FIFTY YEARS. Would RSS/BJP government of PM Modi help the distressed farmers of this very country, vast majority of them being Hindus, THE REAL HAVENOTS, who are committing suicides every 45 minutes by advancing loans with the same rate of interest and for the same duration?

Sadanand Patwardhan, a renowned political commentator while clearing haze on this BULLET TRAIN hype wrote:

“Some MISCONCEPTIONS need to be cleared. Japan is helpingits own DOMESTIC INDUSTRY & BANKING INSTITUTIONS through Modi’s BULLET TRAIN program. 0.1% interest rate looks like free lunch that it is not. JAPAN is having NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES regime in force for long. Therefore by lending to this project it is making far better use of funds than the alternative. For the project, there are no competitors, no competitive bidding. MARGINS to be made can be FAT. By taxing the profits that Japanese companies make that Government will collect more taxes. We also do not know if interest rate is floating or not. YEN INR Exchange Rate risk can skew call financials. If India gets really lucky and Japan becomes insolvent or a failed state, one never can tell these things, and India doesn’t; then Indians will escape the bankruptcy guillotine like they did with ENRON despite Congress, Shiv Sena+BJP’s best efforts to the contrary.”

Professor Badri Raina,has penned the following poem on how RSS/BJP rulers of India are bent upon presenting BULLET TRAIN as final moksha for the people of India.

I Give You the Bullet Train

Are you hungry, are you in pain?

Come, I’ll feed you the bullet train. 

Have you no roof ov’r your head?

Are you directly under the rain?

Come, jump into the bullet train. 

Are you on foot, pursued apace

By rapist, moralist, policeman’s cane?

Just one way to cheat them all—

Ride away in the bullet train. 

The bullet train is quick and fast,

It leaves behind the ugly things

In such rapid tryst with development,

You’d think they never did exist. 

Are you a farmer with noose in hand,

About to end your endless pain,

  Consider a patriotic   move—

Go under the bullet train

[Poem by Professor Badri Raina]

BULLET TRAIN, in fact, is another nail in the coffin of MAKE IN INDIA. Earlier a Chinese company was awarded execution of the complete project of casting and installing Sardar Patel’s statue in Gujarat, another pet-project of PM Modi. Incidentally, same Sardar ordered banning of RSS in 1948 for its role in the murder of MK Gandhi. It is believed to be worth three thousand crores of Indian rupees. PM Modi’s another pet project YOGA required thousands of Yoga mats for holding Yoga programmes. The Modi government did not buy these from Indian manufacturers but imported around one lakh mats from China.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    This is a way of helping Japan invest its idle money and earn profits. The Indian rulers and Japan capitalists will enjoy the success of BULLET TRAIN while those who need food, shelter, decent living will receive BULLETS .!.