Anti-Indian Subversion Of Fiji By Apartheid Israel, Pro-Apartheid Australia & Pro-Apartheid America  



The Australian ABC (Australia’s equivalent of the UK BBC) has launched 2 attacks on the democratically-elected, multiracial, Indian-Fijian   Bainimarama  Government of Fiji  over (1) the China-facilitated  deportation from Fiji to China of 77 young, female,  Chinese, alleged sex workers, and (2) the Fiji Government’s use of the US PR firm Qorvis to manage its message intra-nationally (with asserted threats to press  freedom) and internationally (pro-Palestine Fiji recently chaired the UN General Assembly and climate change-impacted Fiji will chair the crucial COP23 climate change conference in Bonn).

The author of these hostile Australian ABC reports on Australia’s neighbour Fiji is an award-winning,  pro-Zionist, pro-Israel, Jewish Israeli Australian journalist.  This has prompted the following examination of hostile interventions in relation to peaceful, friendly,  multiracial and internationally responsible Fiji by genocidal, serial war criminal, US-backed Apartheid Israel, by pro-Zionist, pro-Apartheid, US lackey,  pro-war and climate criminal Australia, and by the endlessly pro-war, serial war criminal and climate criminal United States.

While Fiji has invaded no other countries and has a major role in UN peacekeeping, as a UK or US lackey Australia has invaded 85 countries, the US 72 and Apartheid Israel 12. Fiji has a substantial Indian population (50% before  the 1987 Coup and now 38%) and racial tensions have led to 4 “bloodless” coups (2 in 1987, and thence coups in 2000 and 2006), the last by the Indigenous Fijian-dominated Fiji military under Commodore Frank Bainimarama in response to economically damaging corruption, anti-Indian racism and threatened  release from prison of criminals involved in the anti-Indian 2000 Coup.  As documented below, there is evidence that the US, US lackey Australia and US-backed Apartheid Israel were variously involved in the 1987 and 2000 Coups. Fortunately, democracy was happily restored in Fiji in 2014, and a democratically-elected, multiracial, Indian-Fijian Government under PM Frank Bainimarama is forging  a unitary state ( “We are all Fijians”) that is a world-leading example in peacekeeping, inter-ethnic accommodation, non-alignment, and action on the man-made climate change that acutely threatens Island Nations and indeed threatens the whole world.

Now I am an anti-racist Jewish Australian humanitarian who is utterly opposed to the appalling crimes of nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally  racist, grossly human rights-violating, neo-Nazi, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel. I am utterly appalled that my country, Australia, is second only to Trump America as a supporter of Apartheid Israel and hence of Apartheid and the ongoing Palestinian Genocide. Further, through marriage I also acquired 71 Indo- Fijian (Fiji Indian) cousins-in-law. I was accordingly very interested in the  recent Australian ABC Radio National “Background Briefing” programs by a pro-Zionist, Jewish Israeli Australian journalist, Hagar Cohen, entitled “Fiji silenced part 1: China’s secret mission exposed” and “Fiji silenced part 2: controlling the message”  alleging that the multi-racial Bainimarama Government was (1) secretly allowing the Chinese police to operate in Fiji through their being directly involved  in the deportation to China of  77 young, female, Chinese, alleged  sex workers [1] (the official line is that they were involved in illegal on-line gambling) and (2) engaging the Washington-based US PR firm Qorvis with alleged impacts on government transparency and press freedom (the government and its PR firm are alleged to be heavy handed in getting out their “message”) [2].

In assessing these revelations by an award-winning  investigative journalist it is important to consider what has not been said as well as what has been said. Thus the anti-racist  Jewish Australian writer Mark Aarons and his co-author J. Loftus made the following cogent observation about non-reportage (lying by omission) (1997): “The hidden parts of history, the covert sides, are far more orderly and rational, but can be seen and understood only if you are told where to look. The holes in history are what makes sense of the thing” [3-6]. My Jewish background gives me an advantage over most of my fellow Australians in that I can readily detect Jewish names and pro-Zionist bias in the media whether through commission or omission.  The journalist involved, Hagar Cohen, has a Jewish first name and a Jewish second name, and is a pro-Zionist Israeli Australian working for the pro-Zionist Australian ABC. However this Jewish Israeli connection was not indicated in  the ABC Background Briefing programs, which is unfortunate because, as detailed below, both Apartheid Israel and its enthusiastic supporter, Australia, have an ongoing dirty and racist history in relation to Fiji. Amusingly, “Fiji silenced part 2” recounts the following exchange: “Hagar Cohen: A few minutes later, I meet the Attorney General. Hagar, from Radio National… Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum [Fiji’s powerful Attorney General]: Like ‘Hagar’ as in Hagar the Horrible…[a violent US comic book character]? Hagar Cohen: No, ‘Hagar’ as in the Old Testament Hagar” [2].

Hagar Cohen’s pro-Zionist position is comparable to that of the Australian ABC and the Australian Coalition Government as evidenced by the following comments and/or absences from her programs about Apartheid Israel  (with my comments in brackets):

(1) “Hagar Cohen: In the driving seat, Aharon Katsof, nicknamed AY, is in his 30s, and migrated to Israel from LA to return to his homeland. He is part of a small but growing movement of far right Jewish activists who are determined to settle the occupied territories”  [7] (comment: Palestine is the homeland of the Indigenous Palestinians; as Mahatma Gandhi stated in 1938: “Palestine belongs to the Arabs [Palestinians] in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home” [8, 9]; there is no non-Biblical evidence for the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt, an Empire of David and Solomon or mass Jewish Exile from Palestine, and almost no evidence for the very existence of King David (a sole piece of stone with this name written on it); the genetic and cultural descendants of Jewish Palestinians  of the time  of Christ are the Indigenous Palestinians (their forebears having mostly variously converted to Christianity or Islam)  whereas most Jewish Israelis descend from Yemeni, Berber and Khazar converts to Judaism in the first  millennium AD. Indeed recent genetic research has shown that Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish maternal lineages have substantial prehistoric European ancestry and nothing to do with Palestine) [10].

(2) Hagar Cohen re the 2014 Gaza Massacre: “The death and destruction on both sides has been astounding, and the images that emerged from the Gaza conflict were shocking. It’s widely accepted that the trigger for this war was the brutal kidnapping and murder of three Jewish hitchhikers in the West Bank” [7] (comment: not stated in the program is that according to the UN, Palestinians killed by the Israelis in the 2014 Gaza Massacre totalled 2,251 (65% civilians) as compared to 73 Israelis (8% civilians); rocket and mortar attacks from the Gaza Concentration Camp have killed 33 Israelis since 2004; Israeli/Zionist deaths at the hands of  Palestinians total 3,847 (1920 – February 2017) as compared to 2 million Palestinian deaths from violence (0.1 million ) or imposed deprivation (1.9 million) since WW1; each year Apartheid Israel kills about 5,000 Palestinians, 90% dying avoidably from imposed deprivation) [10-16].

(3) “Hagar Cohen: After 60 years, Israel can rightly claim to be a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, a nation state that takes pride in its accommodation of the secular values and religious traditions” [17]  ( comment: there are now 8 million Palestinian refugees, and  of 14 million Palestinians about 50% (7 million) are forbidden to even step foot in their own country on pain of death, 5.0 million Palestinians  have zero human rights as Occupied Palestinians in West Bank Bantustans (3.0 million) or in the Gaza Concentration Camp (2.0 million) and only 1.8 million  Palestinian Israelis  (13%) are permitted to vote for the government ruling all of the former  Mandated Palestine i.e. 74% of the now  Palestinian 50% of Israeli subjects cannot vote for the government ruling them; only religious marriages are permitted by Apartheid Israel and marriage between Israelis and Occupied Palestinians are effectively forbidden – they cannot live together in either Occupied Palestine or Israel [10]).

(4) “Hagar Cohen: In Jerusalem, Background Briefing was introduced to a young man, Israel Hecht, who claimed to have been sexually molested by rabbis while at his Cheider, the ultra orthodox primary school. He didn’t report it at the time because he thought it was normal… They were concerned that information about the abuse and the violence would get out, and Israel was sent to a very radical Haredi school, in London… Israel Hecht: [Translated] This Yeshiva, my family didn’t ask too many questions about it. The main thing was that it’s Haredi [Orthodox Jewish]. It turned out to be even more radical than the Israeli ones, because it’s an anti-Zionist Yeshiva from the fundamentalist Neturei Karta group. Their most important ideology was to be against the existence of Israel. You can’t understand this. But one of the most senior rabbis there, his first speech every morning, before anything else, was that the State of Israel will collapse. And he said, ‘We pray for the death of the State of Israel’. And me, as an Israeli, I kept arguing with him, so they got really upset with me. They won’t even allow us to read the Ha’Modia newspaper which is a strictly Haredi publication. They’d burn it and say it’s a Zionist publication. Even when they hear me speaking Hebrew, they’d say, ‘Why Hebrew? Yiddish! A Jew should speak Yiddish’” [17] (comment: a recent survey has found that 50% of Israeli children are physically, psychologically or sexually (17%) abused each year) [18-20]; as exemplified by the Neturei Karta, true Orthodox Judaism is opposed to Zionism (a) because Zionism is genocidal racism , and (b) because the  traditional Orthodox Jewish position for 2,000 years was  that Jews can only return to Zion (Jerusalem) when the Messiah arrives to reveal the glory of the Lord to the whole world; Orthodox Judaism fostered the beautiful idea of a Kingdom of the Mind that has transmuted in the secular world into the wonderful international communities of scientists, scholars, musicians, artists and writers [10, 21, 22]; Apartheid Israel non-violently largely completed the destruction of mass Yiddish culture commenced substantially and violently by the Nazis).

One should not have to justify being an anti-racist humanitarian but the following disclaimer is probably necessary because of  Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist  (NAZI) subversion and perversion of Western Mainstream media. I have a Jewish Holocaust-impacted Hungarian Jewish origin and as an anti-racist Jewish Australian I am inescapably bound by the core moral injunctions arising from the WW2 Holocaust (100 million deaths from violence or deprivation) that notably included the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, 1 in 6 dying from imposed deprivation),  the more general but largely ignored  WW2 European Holocaust of which it was  part (30 million Slav, Jewish and Gypsy dead), the “forgotten “ WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35 million Chinese killed under Japanese occupation, 1937-1945) and the “forgotten” WW2 Indian Holocaust and Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million Indians deliberately  starved to death by the British under Indian-hating Zionist Churchill with Australian complicity) [16, 23-28].

For anti-racist Jews and indeed all anti-racist humanitarians the core moral messages from this global WW2 Holocaust are “zero tolerance for racism”, “bear witness”, “zero tolerance for lying” and “never again to anyone”, this including the sorely Zionist-oppressed Palestinians subject to gross human rights abuse and an ongoing Palestinian Genocide by Apartheid Israel as perceived  by numerous eminent, anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarians [9, 14, 21, 29-33].  Fiji has a decent record of supporting Palestinian human rights that have been so foully and evilly removed by nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, racist  Zionist-run, neo-Nazi, democracy-by-genocide  Apartheid Israel.

As outlined below, UK lackey and thence US lackey Australia has had long malignant history in Fiji but its hostility to Bainimarama Fiji in recent years has resulted in a loss of traditional Australian influence coinciding  with a big increase in Chinese investment and influence. Further, Apartheid Israel has a vile record as a dirty tricks surrogate for the US world-wide, including Fiji.

What the Australian ABC’s “Fiji silenced” didn’t say.

  1. Genocidal Australian maltreatment of Fiji from epidemics to climate genocide.

Criminal and violent Australian adventurers first interacted with Fiji in the early 19th century  but this expanded with the large-scale Australian slave trade in Melanesia and Polynesia (kidnapping or “blackbirding” of “kanakas” as slaves or indentured labourers for the sugar plantations in Queensland or elsewhere).  This criminal European commerce had the collateral disasters of genocidal epidemics  that devastated Melanesia and Polynesia. Thus in 1875 (1 year after cession of Fiji to Britain in the face of threatened American violence) the party of  paramount chief Ratu Cakobau returned to Fiji from Sydney bearing measles and in the subsequent epidemic 40,000 Fijians died out of a population of 150,000 (one notes in terms of “genocidal intent” that the Australians, British and French  were well aware of the catastrophic transmissibility of disease  to susceptible populations in Australasia, Melanesia and Polynesia in the 19th century and in the genocidal European colonization of the Americas from the 15th century onwards).  In 1879 the  first Indian indentured labour (“5 year slaves”) were brought to  Fiji on the ship “Leonidas” (the male to female ratio was about 3:1). Over 60,000 Indian slaves (“Girmityas”) were brought to Fiji under this so-called “Girmit” (“Agreement”) system. However   after strong criticism of the indentured labour system, recruitment from India ceased in 1916 and in 1920 the “Girmit” indentured labour system finally ceased with the release of the last “5 year slaves”. The post-WW1 flu epidemic killed about 5,000 Fijians [34-41]. An elderly Indian friend recalls whip-marks from Australian overseers on her mother’s back.

In 1970 Fiji gained its  independence under the Indigenous Fijian-dominated Alliance Party led by the remarkable Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. However  in  1987 a multi-racial Fijian-Indian Fiji Labor Party government under Indigenous Fijian Dr Timoci Bavadra was elected, this  only to be followed within months by 2 military coups by Colonel  Sitiveni Rabuka and republic status. The  US opposed Dr Bavadra’s nuclear weapons-free Pacific policy and is expertly asserted to have been involved in the 1987 Coup with the likely complicity of US lackey and Deputy Sheriff Australia.  Thus anti-racist Jewish American writer William Blum (author of  the best-selling book “Rogue State”): “In 1987, Fiji Prime Minister Timoci Bavrada made Washington officials unhappy by identifying himself with the non-aligned movement (always a risk for a country during the Cold War), and even more so by taking office with a pledge to reinstate Fiji as a nuclear free zone, meaning that nuclear-powered or nuclear-weapons-carrying ships could not make port calls. When Bavadra’s predecessor, R.S.K. Mara, instituted the same policy in 1982, he was put under intense American pressure to drop it. Said the US ambassador to Fiji that year, William Bodde, Jr., “a nuclear free zone would be unacceptable to the US, given our strategic needs … the US must do everything possible to counter this movement.” The following year, Mara dropped the policy. Two weeks after Bavrada took office, American UN Ambassador Vernon Walters visited the island. The former Deputy Director of the CIA had a long and infamous history of showing up shortly before, during, or shortly after CIA destabilization operations. Walters met with Bavadra, ostensibly to discuss UN matters. He also met with Lt. Col. Sitiveni Rabuka, third-in-command of the Army. Two weeks later, Rabuka led a military coup which ousted Bavadra. The day after the coup, a Pentagon source, while denying US involvement, declared: “We’re kinda delighted … All of a sudden our ships couldn’t go to Fiji, and now all of a sudden they can.” These happenings, and others concerning the 1987 Fiji coup which I recount elsewhere , are of the type that the mainstream media typically ignore or, if obliged to deal with them, would have us believe are no more than coincidences” [39, 40].

The very impressive Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (later in the 21st century  the Speaker of the Fiji Parliament and thence President of Fiji) was the former Commander of the Royal Fiji Military Forces who opposed the Coup and was deposed from this position during the 1987 Coup while visiting Australia by  the third-ranked officer, Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka. Genocidally racist White Australia has been complicit in all post-1950 US Asian wars (40 million Asian deaths from violence or imposed deprivation) and as the America’s Deputy Sheriff  in the South Pacific had to be in the know. Did a US lackey, coup-complicit Australia deliberately invite Ratu Epeli to visit Australia? Anecdotal assertions are that some of  the masked gun-men who invaded the Fiji Parliament had foreign accents, and that Israeli weapons were smuggled into Fiji via Australia under guise of agricultural piping (as we will see, Israeli weapons were definitely smuggled into Fiji for the subsequent 2000 Coup) . Later in 1987 the US-linked Rabuka committed a second coup against a nascent return to civilian rule.  The 1987 Coups were assertedly “bloodless coups” but subsequent economic impacts  led to a subsequent increased excess mortality (avoidable mortality) in Fiji of about 4,500 [16]. About 100,000 Indian Fijians ( Indo-Fijians) migrated (mainly to North America, New Zealand and Australia), this making the 1987 Coup a “bloodless’ ethnic cleansing and a “bloodless” Indo-Fijian Genocide, FijiIndian Genocide and Fijian Indian Genocide (with genocide as defined by the UN Genocide Convention as “acts committed to destroy in whole or in part,  a national, ethnic, racial or religious group”)  – for personal accounts of Fiji Indian  feelings of utter betrayal see the book “Stolen Worlds. FijiIndian Fragments” [41].

In 1998, a  new constitution was generated and in 1999 Fiji elected an Indian Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry heading a  multiracial Fiji Labor Party Government. However in 2000 there was a  Fijian anti-Indian coup led by Anglo-Fijian Australian resident George Speight with major Fijian political complicity (and as noted below with Apartheid Israeli complicity). The 2000 Coup was eventually suppressed by the Fiji Army. This was followed by military rule and thence a military-installed,  ethnically indigenous Fijian interim government under PM Laisenia Qarase that discriminated against Indians and advanced the interests of the I’Taukei (indigenous) political elite as well as I’Taukei Chiefs (Ratus). In 2001 new elections were won by the Fijian United Party (SDL, ethnically indigenous Fijian) that excluded Indians from the government. In 2003 the  Fiji Supreme Court ruled that exclusion of Indians from government was illegal. By 2005, major tourist resort expansions were  on track, and there was major income from soldiers serving overseas as peace-keepers in the Middle East , but there was also a devastating EU sugar price decrease and the Fiji military threatened  a military coup if the anti-Indian, Fijian nationalist Qarase Government released criminal participants in the 2000 Coup from prison. In 2006 there was a  military coup by the Indigenous Fijian-dominated army under Commodore Josaia Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama to protect Indians (vital for the mainly sugar- , tourism-, sweatshop textile industry-, and repatriated money-based economy) and to stop corruption.  Hostility from Australia and New Zealand was countered by increasing Chinese investment in Fiji and by 2014 there was  restoration of democracy under a new constitution with Frank Bainimarama as elected PM [16, 25, 34-38].

Let’s be frank  (pun intended),  human rights  abuses and constraints on press reportage occurred under military rule by Frank Bainimarama. Of course the most fundamental human rights  abuse was the abrogation of democracy. Notwithstanding the failings of democratically-elected governments,  what is  inescapable is that democracies  cannot have coups, and  that we must have the rule of law, or else we have the law of the jungle (the essence of a sensible position that was put to me in conversation by a Fiji judge). However there has been ambivalence in Fiji over the Bainimarama Coup. Thus Professor Wadan Narsey commenting in 2014 just prior to the Fiji elections: “Since 2006, Indo-Fijian leaders have also betrayed their history of political integrity, by supporting Bainimarama’s illegal coups and government, many for totally selfish reasons… In sum, large numbers of ordinary Indo-Fijians appear willing to support an illegal government and illegal Prime Minister, as long as they themselves receive benefits, whether in education or jobs for a few boys at the top, business contracts, or enhanced emotional security as an “equal citizen”” [42]. In contrast, Rajendra Prasad (author of the book “Tears in Paradise”),  writing from New Zealand about the 2013 Fiji Constitution,  adopted a pragmatic approach in praising Frank Bainimarama: “For thirty-six years since independence (1970-2006), Fiji had the misfortune of being governed by narrow, insensitive and corrupt Governments. Their policies and practices impinge on the freedom, rights, equality and dignity of its citizens. Today, a nation that was savaged by its democratically elected leaders is being rescued by the Bainimarama Government” [43].

Fiji-born Australian journalist  Graham Davis, who has been much criticized by ABC journalist Hagar Cohen for his role in Qorvis in Fiji [2], has been enthusiastic about Bainimarama both as an anti-racism and anti-corruption  dictator and a subsequent democratically-elected PM: “Bainimarama not only upended the status quo in Fiji when he seized power eight years ago. He took a sledgehammer to the entire political edifice, smashed it to smithereens and then set about rebuilding Fiji into a modern nation-state that has been transformed at almost every level. And transformed it for the better in the eyes of most Fijian voters, who’ve given the PM an overwhelming mandate to continue his reform program” [44].  However a merit of Hagar Cohen’s reportage was the exposure of concerns  from highly respected Fijian figures such as Professor Biman Prasad (leader of the opposition National Federation Party and critical of  the employment of Qorvis), Richard Naidu (leading Fiji human rights lawyer and critical of  government pressure on media), and Robin Nair (recently resigned from his position  as permanent secretary of Fiji’s department of foreign affairs and critical of negative  Qorvis influence in Fiji-Australia and Fiji-New Zealand relations and of Qorvis representing  Fiji at the COP23 climate change conference ) [2].

Australia and New Zealand were correct in joining the British Commonwealth in criticizing the 2006 Coup but Australia under both the Labor Party (presently in Opposition) and the Liberal Party-National Party Coalition (presently barely in Government) were unduly,  unhelpfully and insultingly  nasty about Fiji.  At one point both the Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners were expelled [45]. When restoration of democracy in Fiji  was about to happen, in addition to continuing imposition of sanctions,   rich Australia and  rich New Zealand prevented  the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank lending to poor Fiji [46]. A telling story of Australian disregard for Fijians at a more personal level –  an Indian Fijian friend  was upset over the  big crowd of Fijians routinely waiting for visa appointments outside the Australian Embassy gates in Tamavua, Suva, without any protection from the sun and rain.

However the greatest crime of greedy, racist, neoliberal, contemporary  Australia against Fiji is its disproportionate contribution as a world leader in annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution to a worsening climate genocide that already disproportionately  impacts Island Nations such as Fiji. DARA estimates that 0.4 million people die annually from climate change [47] but this may well be a considerable  underestimate because  17 million people already die avoidably from deprivation each year in the Developing World (minus China) that is already disproportionately  impacted by global warming [16]. It has been estimated by several top climate scientists that only about 0.5 billion people will survive this century if requisite climate change action is not taken, this corresponding to 10 billion climate change deaths this century or an average of 100 million climate change deaths per year this century [48].  Taking land use into account, the revised annual per capita GHG pollution in tonnes CO2-equivalent per person per year is 52.9 for Australia (116 if including its huge GHG-generating mining exports) as compared to 2.7 for Bangladesh [49]. Annual per capita greenhouse gas pollution per se is a flawed measure of national culpability for this because it ignores rich countries outsourcing  industrial pollution to China, and impoverished countries compelled to pollute to barely survive.  A better measure of culpability is weighted annual per capita greenhouse gas pollution taking relative per capita income into account, this revealing that Australia is the world’s third worst GHG polluter with a score of 307 (673 if including its exported GHG pollution) as compared to 0.3 for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh [50]. Already 7 million people die worldwide from air pollution from carbon fuel burning, and in Australia there is a bipartisan Labor Opposition and Coalition Government consensus on unlimited and hence terracidal coal and gas exports for which climate criminal Australia is a world leader [51]. Global warming is already disastrously impacting Fiji and other Island Nations, and a greedy, rich and racist Australia is disproportionately  contributing to this worsening disaster.

  1. Apartheid Israeli hostility, racism and subversion of Fiji.

The founder of Zionism and hence “Father of Apartheid Israel” was the genocidally racist psychopath Theodor  Herzl who regarded those east of Istanbul as “barbarians”: “If His Majesty the Sultan were to give us Palestine, we could in return undertake to regulate the whole finances of Turkey. We should there form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism… This guard of honour would be the great symbol of the solution of the Jewish question after eighteen centuries of Jewish suffering. For Europe we shall constitute there [in Palestine] a sector of the wall against Asia, we shall serve as the vanguard of culture against barbarism” [52]. This racist Zionist  attitude was reiterated by a recent Apartheid Israeli ambassador to Australia who, as reported by the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz,  opined in 2006: “Israel and Australia are like sisters in Asia. We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don’t have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not – we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side. Israel has not fully acknowledged the value of working together with Australia in Asia. It’s a way for us to cooperate with and enhance our position in the countries neighboring Australia” [53]. Apartheid Israel has translated this racism into the ongoing Palestinian Genocide and also intervention in Sri Lanka’s Tamil Genocide,  the Guatemalan Maya Indian Genocide and, as outlined below, in at least one race-based, anti-Indian and anti-democracy  coup in Fiji [10].

Since Apartheid Israel gained nuclear weapons in 1967 with US and French assistance, it has been a dirty tricks surrogate for the US and has exerted disproportionate influence over US policy. Indeed in a 2001  Israeli cabinet meeting Shimon Peres had been pressuring Ariel Sharon to respect American calls for peace lest the Americans turn against Israel. According to the BBC, a furious Sharon turned toward Peres, saying: “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it” [54]. There is only anecdotal evidence of Israeli involvement in the 1987 Fiji Coup through smuggling Israeli weapons into Fiji via Australia. However Apartheid Israel was definitely  involved in the 2000  Fiji Coup as revealed in courtroom testimony.  Thus, as reported by Radio New Zealand: “In the treason trial in Fiji, an army captain told the high court that rebel elite soldiers carried out the 2000 coup with weapons supplied by the Israeli ambassador. Politician Timoci Silatolu and journalist Josefa Nata are both on trial over the ousting and hostage-taking of the government headed by Mahendra Chaudhry. Captain Jotame Misivono said Israeli-made weapons were brought into the country and given to the army unit by an Israeli ambassador while he was still in Fiji. He said the weapons, which included Uzi sub-machine guns, gave the plotters an edge over the regular army and police” [55, 56]. Anti-Indian, Fiji nationalist  PM Laisenia Qarase (whose government was removed by the Fiji Army in the 2006 Coup because of Qarase Government corruption, racist anti-Indian policies and threats to release the 2000 Coup plotters) was  extremely  pro-Israel and was jailed in 2012 for corruption [57].

Since the 2006 Fiji Coup, Fiji has raised the ire of genocidally racist Apartheid Israel in various ways : (1)  pro-Israel Fijian  PM Laisenia Qarase was removed from power in the 2006 Coup, the Apartheid Israel-armed Coup plotters remained imprisoned and Laisenia Qarase was subsequently jailed for corruption in 2012;  (2) Fiji’s permanent representative at the UN,  Peter Thomson,  was critical of Australia’s opposition to Fijian peacekeepers in the Middle East, widened Fiji’s connection with Non-Aligned nations (notably China, India and the Arab world) and was President of the United Nations General Assembly, the first from the Pacific Islands region,  from September 2016 to September 2017, raising Israeli ire by wearing the Palestinian flag when addressing a meeting on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian  as  President of the 71st session of the General Assembly [58, 59] (war criminal Israeli PM Netanyahu cancelled a planned visit to Fiji in 2017); (3) getting out of the traditional orbit of fervently pro-Zionist Australia that is second only to the Trump America as a supporter of Apartheid Israel [59]; and (4) employment of Washington PR company Qorvis to manage Fiji Government  PR (“messaging”), noting that Qorvis notably  represents various Arab Governments.

Israeli Australian ABC journalist  Hagar Cohen was highly critical of the Qorvis appointment by Fiji [2] although use of PR companies and lobbyists is de rigeur for governments, including the Australian Government. Thus, for example,  dirty industry lobbyists notoriously worked on  ministerial briefs, helped draft Cabinet documents, and had access to the Cabinet papers of the pro-coal, pro-gas, pro-fossil fuels, climate criminal Australian Howard Coalition Government [60]. Re Qorvis, Dania Khatib writes: “There  are other entities  involved in [pro-Arab nation] lobbying and PR efforts such as Qorvis, an off-shoot of [major] lobbying firm Patton Boggs. One of the respondents said: “Saudi Arabia made Qorvis a [fully-fledged] company by investing so much money in it .” In a nutshell, even though the Arab Gulf states do not have the PR and lobbying machinery that the pro-Israel lobby has, and that comprises a host of non-profit organizations under 501C(3) and 501C(4) status to promote Israeli-US relations on various levels, there has been some investment in commercial outfits to promote Arab Gulf business interests.” [61]. Qorvis was employed by Al Jazeera to handle PR over a lawsuit by a former employee alleging “anti-semitic” managerial comments [62].

Finally, one notes that 45 Fijian peace-keeping troops  were  taken prisoner by al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front on the Syrian-ruled side of the Golan Heights but were eventually released [63]. The US-backed Apartheid Israel, the US Alliance and  the US have a dirty record of support for opponents of the Syrian Government, including jihadi groups such as al Qaeda and the  al-Nusra Front. Indeed state terrorist Apartheid Israel has been a major purchaser of oil smuggled from ISIS territory  [63-65].

Concluding comments.

As outlined above, US-backed Apartheid Israel, pro-Apartheid and US lackey Australia, and the pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-Apartheid US have a history of dirty involvements in Fiji.  However these important matters are not  revealed in “Fiji silenced”, nor by Australia’s ABC, and nor by Australian Mainstream media.  Australia silenced?  That said, Hagar Cohen’s excellent investigative journalism must be complimented for (1) drawing Australian attention to a  hidden, illicit  Chinese economy that has long been  evident to observant urban Fijian residents, and (2)  the legitimate concerns of some highly-respected  Fijians about press freedom and effective free speech in Fiji [1, 2]. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Rational risk management that is crucial for science-based risk management successively involves (a) accurate information, (b) science-based analysis involving the critical testing of potentially falsifiable hypotheses , and (c) informed systemic change to minimize risk.  Yet notwithstanding the daily-cited “terrorism threat” that is used to justify draconian constraints on civil liberties, Western media and politicians typically adopt a dangerous, spin-based protocol that successively involves (a) falsehood, slies (spin-based untruths), censorship and intimidation , (b) spin-based analysis involving the selective use of asserted facts to support a partisan position, and (c)  and “blame and shame” that inhibits vital reportage and in the worst cases leads to war [66].

The UK BBC and the Australian ABC (Australia’s equivalent of the BBC) pride themselves on superiority over the Yellow Press as typified by the sex and scandal tabloids of the Murdoch media. However, the Australian ABC,  the UK BBC and the corporate Mainstream media in general betray their audiences with fake news through lying by omission over horrendous Australian, British and US Alliance war crimes and over the acute seriousness of the worsening climate emergency and  worsening climate genocide [3-6, 67, 68].

As that wonderful Palestinian humanitarian Jesus demanded: “Those who are without sin cast the first stone” and Australian criticism of press freedom in Fiji rings hollow when one considers that the US Murdoch media empire,  that has 70% of the city daily newspaper audience in Australia,  is notorious for its support for deadly US wars and potentially vastly  more  deadly climate change denialism [69].  To his credit, Frank Bainimarama insisted that Fiji media must be locally controlled and forced the sale of the US Murdoch Empire’s “Fiji Times” to local Fijian ownership  – would that this might happen in Australia!

Notwithstanding a brutal colonial slavery past, 4 Coups and malignant interventions by the US, US lackey Australia and US- and Australia-backed  Apartheid Israel, Fiji seems set on a good course under a democratically-elected, multiracial, Indian-Fijian  government that is evidently committed to genuine independence, non-alignment and urgent international action on climate change. While Fiji has invaded no other countries and has a major role in UN peacekeeping, as a UK or US lackey Australia has invaded 85 countries, the US 72 and Apartheid Israel 12 [32, 33]. War criminal and US lackey Australia has been involved in all post-1950 US Asian wars (40 million Asian deaths from violence or deprivation) [16] and in the post-9-11 US War on Muslims (32 million deaths from violence, 5 million, or from imposed deprivation, 27 million, in 20 countries invaded by the US Alliance since the US Government’s 9-11 false flag atrocity) [71, 72]. Apartheid Israel’s ongoing Palestinian Genocide has been associated with 2 million Palestinian deaths from violence, 0.1 million, or imposed deprivation, 1.9 million, since WW1 [14].

In 2016 Fiji was devastated by Tropical Cyclone Winston that was the most intense tropical cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere on record. The intensity of such cyclones is now  increased by man-made global warming.  Yet Trump America has determined to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and in  US lackey, climate criminal Australia there is bipartisan political agreement on a terracidal, unlimited expansion of coal and gas exports for which Australia is a world leader. In 2015 Fiji joined with other Island Nations in the Suva Declaration on Climate Change urging effective climate change action. Of critical importance for Fiji, Island Nations and the world will be the 2017 COP23 Climate Conference in Bonn under the chairmanship of Fiji.  Just as world Sanctions and Boycotts brought down Apartheid in South Africa, and Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel may restore long-suppressed Palestinian human rights, so Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), Green Tariffs, International Criminal Court prosecutions and International Court of Justice litigations are required to bring disproportionately climate criminal countries to heel in order to save the Planet.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at a major Australian university for 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds” (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London , 2003). He has published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007: ); see also his contributions “Australian complicity in Iraq mass mortality” in “Lies, Deep Fries & Statistics” (edited by Robyn Williams, ABC Books, Sydney, 2007:

) and “Ongoing Palestinian Genocide” in “The Plight of the Palestinians (edited by William Cook, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010: ). He has published a revised and updated 2008 version of his 1998 book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (see:  ) as biofuel-, globalization- and climate-driven global food price increases threaten a greater famine catastrophe than the man-made famine in British-ruled India that killed 6-7 million Indians in the “forgotten” World War 2 Bengal Famine (see recent BBC broadcast involving Dr Polya, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and others:  ;  Gideon Polya:  ; Gideon Polya Writing: ; Gideon Polya, Wikipedia: ) . When words fail one can say it in pictures – for images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: and .


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