Bloody Caste Violence In Meerut: A Balmiki Woman Beaten To Death, A Brahmin Priest Beaten Up

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Two incidents were reported from Meerut and nearby places yesterday shows the brutality of the social structure in India. One was that a woman from Balmiki community was mercilessly beaten and later she succumbed to the injuries at the hospital. That this woman Savitri Devi had gone for her regular safai work at the house of a family whose woman got touched ” inadvertently’ and hence the punishment meted out to Savitri was the brutal and outrageous assault on her. Is this not a bloody terrorism as our friend Ramesh Bhangi says. Yes, India’s nasty casteist order is living in its own bloody world, far away from the realities of 21st century where we feel that all people have equal rights and any form of untouchability is pure racism and violence against the Dalits.

We dont know whether the police has acted or trying to create another story but the facts are clear that India as a society lives in deep divisions and they are not merely divisions but caste based racial prejudices. One can not hide with the dirty reality that India is passing through after this government assumed power that the Hindus have become more arrogant and violence against Dalits have increased in all forms and almost every state. There is only a difference of degree but it exists. The state apparatus everywhere has converted into purely brahmanical with everyday narratives of their glories and greatness. The arrogance of those who believe in the varna system, is growing and they feel that the state is with them. Many are feeling that this is the first time we have a government which is unabashedly believe in the dominance of the self proclaimed upper castes. Everything which is happening in the name of Hindutva or Hinduism is nothing but supremacy of the brahmanical elite.

But how can we defeat such forces. While at one side we say that state must do its duties honestly and without any prejudices and human rights defenders, intellectuals must stand and speak up against such nasty crime inflicted on the community on the other side, it is also duty of the community leaders to prepare the community to stop thinking itself as slaves of the varna system. The only way for the community is to completely put a stoppage to all the garbage picking work and respond with your head high if attempts are made to insult them. Let there be a self respect campaign with in the community, a campaign to leave this work, to leave all the caste based work and stop seeking blessings of those who believe in the caste system. As long as the community is not mentally prepared and continue to be believing in brahmanical miracles and values, liberation is a far away dream.

Here I wish to share another story which Comrade Ashok Kumar Sharma has send me from Meerut. A priest was invited for puja ceremony at the Balmiki house which he refused. The community leaders united and caught hold of him, perhaps beat him up too to finally make him do the ‘rituals’ for them. While many may appreciate this that ultimately a brahmin was çompelled” to do the puja for them but we feel that the community must get out of these practices of ‘legitimacy’ from brahmanical rituals. You will gain nothing out of it. The liberation of all the people in India is to liberate them from false beliefs in the miracles by the priestly castes which is nothing but purely a brahmanical way to keep your mind under their control. It is time for people to understand that Gods can never help anyone as they dont exists. Even their own followers know that God is nothing but politics of mind control and ultimately in the war of subjugation and controlling religion is not merely superstition but politics of dominance. In India it is by the brahmanical castes while elsewhere it is by the priestly classes but in reality they all have one agenda to keep people subjugated and keep their dominance unchallenged.

Untouchability is the biggest crime against humanity and it flows from the manuwadi varnasystem. Those who believe in this system can never be the liberators of Dalits. Either the Hindus stop believe in caste system and untouchability or the Dalits leave this system. One has to leave it. We all know that those who enjoy power at the ignorance and mental slavery of others cant be expected to rectify that hence the onus now lies on those who are perpetual victim of the system to come out of it. Follow the path of resistance in the life and messages of Dr Ambedkar and I can firmly say that liberation will not be a far away dream, it is waiting provided you are ready for that.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]


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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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