Disabled Women In Male Dominated Society



The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude

Scott Hamilton

In a country where most assaults, attempts of rape and humiliation of women are under – reported, the condition of disabled women is even worse. They are easily vulnerable to manipulations of men who, on the pretext of assisting them, try to achieve sadistic satisfaction by their devious and promiscuous attitudes.

Recognising intent

Disabled women, particularly visually disabled women, often fail to judge the intentions of male who volunteer to assist them in mobility. For instance, when a girl or woman tries to cross the road, men who come forward helping them try to touch at uncomfortable places causing embarrassment. This makes disabled woman not only feel shameful but also reminds her of the handicap due to which she had to opt for assistance. The evil intention of men is recognised only after the completion of the task. By the time she becomes aware of the evil design, she would have already fallen into the trap. Thus, disabled women find more difficult in tackling male hegemony than ordinary women.

Even married women with disability face both domestic male violence as well as uncomfortable situations in their workplace. Most of these problems go unaddressed.

Some measures

Hence, there is a need to discuss these problems which make disabled women more vulnerable than their ordinary counterparts. Workshops on how to distinguish evil intention of male who try to exploit under the garb of helping should be taught. Even disabled male are not alien to licentious behaviour as the whole society is male oriented. There may be instances of one disabled male molesting or assaulting a disabled woman which do not come to light due to shyness and sensitivity. Blind and visually impaired women find it very difficult in tackling such issues. Hence, they need training the most.

A study on the depiction of disability, gender bias and projection of performance shows how hegemony of male relegates the performance of women even in world sports like Paralympics . ( Performance or participation … Pluralism or hegemony? Images of Disability and Gender in sports ‘n spokes magazine , Marie Hardin, Disabilities studies quarterly. Fall 2005, vol 25, No.4) . Hence, the alienation and exploitation in ordinary life can be easily imagined.

Therefore, men should realise that they should not exploit women by taking advantage of disability. Women should be courageous and should not hide the incidents of maltreatment by men. As Helen Keller said ” never bend your head , hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye ” . She also said ” Keep your face in sunshine and you cannot see a shadow ” ( Helen Keller forgotten radicalism .. Time.com)

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere


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