Holy Development Shit


A couple of days back, the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan who is the leader of CPI(M) went to Sabarimala temple and received prasadam’ from the high priest of the temple. Perhaps, he needed to save his communist ministry with the growing invasion of the Sanghis in the landscape of Kerala. That is understandable. But our super star Suresh Gopi may be a bit upset. This BJP MP’s dream has been to become a high priest of Sabarimala Temple in his next life. It is certainly an expensive business and I am sure that Suresh Gopi can afford it in this present life, but I can not be sure how he will be born in his next life. In case he is born as a Muslim in his next life, it may upset all his plans. However, he wants such a post only on his next life. Hence, BJP Suresh Gopi lost his chance to supplyprasadam’ to the communist chief minister, comrade Pinarayi Vijayan.

The Finance Minister of Kerala, comrade Thomas Isaac on the other hand, is interested in building an airport next to Sabarimala temple. Already, the forests around Sabarimala are destroyed due to the influx of thousands of spiritual tourists. The Pampa river which flows from the forests is already filled with the shit of the spiritual tourists. The Keralites have often noted the superstar Suresh Gopi with his famous dialogues in Malayalam commercial films starting with the Malayalee phonetic pronunciation of the English word `Shit’. No wonder, why he wants to be the high priest of Sabarmala temple. But comrade Thomas Isaac is not satisfied. He also needs a piece of the cake. There are enough air ports in this small God’s Own Country. But he needs one more next to Sabarimala temple. The economics that he learnt at the Centre for Development Studies in Thiruvananthapuram tells him that more airports mean more development and perhaps more shit.

The economic calculations of comrade Thomas Isaac has made him to say that the taxes on petrol can not be reduced since the Kerala Government is struggling to pay salaries of the state government employees. But depositing two third of the cost of Rs. 7,500 crores on Adani’s bank account for the Vizhinjam Transit Harbour disaster is no problem. Kerala Government will receive no money from Adani for that. In future, if any chief minister asks him to return the money, Adani can show his contract with the state government and raise his voice in Suresh Gopi’s language.

Comrade Thomas Isaac had also defended GST by saying that it is good for Kerala. He did not think about the federally guaranteed rights of Kerala as a responsible minister. And now when the Keralites have started questioning GST, he has also started shifting from his original economic analysis. That is certainly a good sign from a democratic politician. But one thing is for sure. GST can not be charged on the deposit of shit  as per the existing laws in India. There can only be only surplus value.

Interestingly, Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala temple is an indigenous God. Originally, this God had nothing to do with Brahminical Hinduism. As per historical records, Brahminical Hinduism has only appropriated this God. So now, if Suresh Gopi becomes a Brahmin in his next life, he would be eligible to become the high priest of this temple. But nobody can ensure that. What if he is born as a mosquito in his next life? O.V. Vijayan had written in his beautiful small book called `Ende Charithranweshana Pareekshnangal’ that the emperor Alexander on his return from the Indies, died of a mosquito bite. The brave grave great macho warrior invaded vast regions of this sub-continent, but while returning he died of a simple mosquito bite which infected him with malaria. Antibiotics could not have saved him.

The strength of Brahminism in India was not exactly on theoretical grounds. The main strength was on building stories as well as their capacities to convince people with their stories. So the indigenous God Ayyappa received a tiger vehicle through these stories. There is nothing wrong if a God uses a tiger as an Ola cab. But the problem is that tigers are already wiped out from the south Indian forests. What is remaining is only the foot prints artificially created by some conservative pure environmentalists and the forest department for generating huge funds from the World Bank, in the name of tiger conservation. For the indigenous people in south India, the tiger has been a God. But the conservative conservationists have accused that adivasis are destroying their own Gods. I do not see any logic in this accusation. Everybody knows who destroyed tigers in India and who has conserved tigers in India. The Forest Rights Act in recent times had provided certain degree of powers to the Adivasis to express their community rights. If this act had benn implemented, then the Adivasis who have been conserving forests with spiritual, cultural and livelihood reasons, could have easily continued to conserve the forests and tigers. But the central government is introducing something called CAMPA. When I heard about this new law, I was thinking of Campa Cola during my childhood days. But CAMPA today is different. Thousands of crores are being divided to many states to finish off our forests and recreate commercial forests. The Norwegian funding and other funds have already attracted our politicians as well as our forest departments. Poor Ayyappa. He has lost his Ola cab. No tiger will come in future, even if he uses a smart phone call.

To understand what a population can do to a forest and a river, Sabari Mala is classic study. What is great about Pampa river is that this river is filled with only male shit during the season. Because women are not allowed to enter into the temple. Once a woman reaches her age of menstruation, she can not enter the temple, since menstruation is `impure’ as per Brahminical findings. Feminists have raised their voices against this injustice in Kerala. I totally agree with the feminists. The pampa river should be filled with both male and female shit. Why should Pampa river be discriminated

And there is also another forgotten group. In front of most of the temples in Kerala, it is written that non-Hindus are not allowed’ to enter the temple. I have not seen such boards in front of many temples in north India. But the progressive Kerala has specialised in restricting people from other faiths to enter their temples. Because as per Brahminical Hinduism, both Muslims and Christians are impure. Therefore if they enter the Guruvayoor temple, they will have to perform something calledPuniyaha’. This name may sound similar to the name of Ram Puniyani. But the content is different. `Puniyaha’ is an expensive business. Therefore Muslims and Christians, please keep away from the temples in Kerala. The communist movement could not do anything about it in changing these traditional norms, though many songs were written saying tradition is the enemy, as against modernity.

The popular singer KJ Yesudas is a fan of Guruvayurappa. The Devaswam Board of Guruvayoor temple had invited him for performances in front of the temple on many occasions. But they did not allow him to enter the temple since he has been a Christian. So, the Christians and Muslims are not allowed to enter Hindu temples in Kerala, while there is no problem of a Hindu entering a Muslim mosque or a Christian church in Kerala. At the same time, Hinduism is said to be a religion of tolerance. Isn’t this a tolerance of restriction? During the British days, they used to place boards in front of big hotels and elite parties that Dogs and Indians are Not Allowed’. As per that logic, today, the minorities in this country will have to prove their citizenship as well as their purity to enter the temples. This is absolutely unfair. Why should Pampa river be spared from Muslim shit and Christian shit? How can RSS implement Ghar Wapasi if you do not allow Muslims and Christians to enter Hindu temples? And now, you can understand why Ghar Wapasi did not succeed in Kerala. It was not because of theprogressive’ tradition of Kerala. But it was because of the simple limitations of the Brahminical Hinduism itself.

More shit means more development on economic terms. As per the present plans initially promoted by the Oomman Chandy Government of the UDF, Kerala should be getting altogether 10 airports including the present ones. It means that the Keralites will have one airport per 59 kilometres at an average, since the entire length of Kerala is only 590 kilometres. It is another matter that the adivasis in Waynad who have been struggling for land for generations are forced to bury their dead bodies in the kitchens of their huts, since they have neither forests nor land. That was not the concern of either UDF or LDF. What they want is an airport in Waynad and there is no dearth of land for that purpose. The distance between Calicut to Waynad is only two hours. Therefore tomorrow, adivasis who can not bury their dead can travel from Waynad to Calicut by flight and throw their dead bodies in Kozhikode beach at least. I do not blame comrade Thomas Isaac or comrade Pinarayi Vijayan or the Congress leader Oommen Chandi. After all, they have to compete with Narendra Modi’s model of development in Gujarat, a state which is already filled with the shit from development as per various economic and political studies. And the burning issue now, is that the dead adivasi bodies that could be brought by the adivasis from Waynad to Kozhikkode by flight, may not have Aadhaar Card. And this is the most important issue that the city corporation management of Kozhikkode will have to worry about in future.

K.P Sasi is a film maker, writer, activist and cartoonist. He can be reached at [email protected]


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K P Sasi

K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist, writer and an activist

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