Humane And Ethical? … Oh, Definitely Not!

Around ten years ago, I saw photos and read commentary about a factory chicken farm. Here is the description and images reiterated since I couldn’t find the old link.

Chickens are afraid of not having ground under them. Yet chickens are left in small cramped wire cages with not enough room to move in any direction except to lie down or stand up. In other words, they are encased in entirety around their bodies, but with enough space between the crisscrossed under-wires for eggs to drop through the bottom onto a conveyor belt. They struggle to hold onto the thin wires with their feet and are, apparently, terrified of falling through the gaps via their legs or heads. (They act afraid in a chicken kind of ways and, so, this is NOT anthropomorphism to deduce!)

As their muscles get cramped from not being able to move except in two directions — up and down — they feel much pain, it would seem, much of the time. Obviously this lack of movement is not a consideration by the farm owners and workers.

Meanwhile the overhead lights are kept on 24/7 to encourage around the clock laying instead of sleep and rest periods while a small container of mushy food is periodically filled in a running trough located outside of each cramped cage.

Looking at this next photo, I wonder about the way that the birds in the back can reach the food. Maybe they just starve to death and are removed to become chicken meat.
Image result for awful chicken factory farm

When incubated babies are born from the chickens that were fertilized, they are manually picked up one by one to check for a coxcomb. If they are males, they are shoved on top of each other in dresser drawers and left to suffocate and crush each others.

Do the females fare any better? Their beaks are either clipped or seared with a hot iron — something comparable to tearing off much of human mouth. This is so that in terror and anger they don’t in the future pluck out their own or each others’ feathers.

No anesthesia is administered in the process. It’s just that one is grabbed after another and then shoved into another overly crowded factory farm area for the birds that have already been processed with this gruesome procedure.

Then they are pretty much left to exist in the ways shown by this following excellent short film. I recommend that it be viewed because it is time that we stop being bamboozled by big-industry lies.

Besides, this farmer in the film-clip has the tremendous bravery to speak out and show the truth despite that he will get tremendous backlash from big-industry. So if he has the courage of conviction to stand, then we should have the same courage to see the truth as it truly is!

Chicken factory farmer speaks out – YouTube

Dec 3, 2014 – Uploaded by CompassionUSA

After 22 years of raising chickens for Perdue, one brave factory farmer Craig Watts was at his breaking point …

(In 1974 a friend of mine told me that we do not have enough farm inspectors in the USA, nor meat inspectors. So since the ones that exist have such a big workload, they can’t possibly do adequate inspections for any of their assigned locations. He added that if a chicken has cancerous tumors, these blighted  sections are cut out and the rest of the unhealthy chicken is sold for meat despite that in terms of health it is a very sick chicken with cancer related chemicals running through her body. Can anyone for a moment think that eating the flesh of a cancerous chicken is healthy for oneself or one’s child?)
If anyone thinks that animal cruelty is confined to chickens, they should see the treatment of geese, cows, goats, pigs, factory farm fish and other animals. Why, there is no point in my covering the topic here, but suffice it to say that it is comparable to the above described chicken conditions in many instances.

If anyone doesn’t think that for some people there isn’t a sport in abusing animals, they only need to see this following article that a friend sent to me. It surely makes one wonder about ever so many people being so crazy for maximum profits for themselves or simple fun times at the expense of other species such that they are unwilling to speak out as the brave farmer in the video above did.

Turkey drop at Arkansas festival prompts FAA investigation | The …

Oct 17, 2017 – {Live, almost flightless – S. D.] Turkeys thrown from plane during Arkansas festival prompt FAA probe. The annual turkey drop in which a turkey is flung from a low-flying plane at an Arkansas festival has prompted a federal investigation. … In the past, the FAA has said it has not intervened because the turkeys were not considered projectiles [except if they can barely fly, how else can they be classified? – S. D.].

Obviously more people need to become like the caring farmer in the short chicken video. In actuality, we ALL do in my opinion!

Sally Dugman is a writer in MA, USA.

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