Kashmir: Who’s Chopping Women’s Braids And Why?


Co-Written by Gowhar Naz and Neha Sharma
“Braid Chopping”, the name needs no identification; no introduction. The term has spread its terror across whole Jammu and Kashmir.The term more terrifying than any of the deadliest weapon and any other damn thing. But then the mind reverberates and stresses on the “hows” and the “whys” of the incidents.If you say that this situation is only a storm in a teacup, you mean people are very upset or annoyed about something that is not at all important and will soon be forgotten, or that it would pass quickly. There is something terribly wrong with you. “It is by far the attack on modesty of women.” And this is the brutal truth we cannot escape.

We pompously proclaim to be a state with a difference and the best police and civil administration, then, why the grace of the females is being chopped? Whenever we describe the perfect female we forget not to mention big round eyes, slender neck and yes the longsoft and silky hair. But this unnamed, unknown fear of getting the braid chopped has created an atmosphere, full of terror where the safety of females is at stake. Should it not be comparable to rape or molestation? This is a direct attack on a female depriving her from one of the most beautiful asset— her beautiful hair!It is not like the brokenthreadlike strands everywhere, no hair fall is damn so rare. It is in factthe braids cut everywhere, incidents growing and causing great fear! While the fear may be an effective way to alert us. But when it escalates and grows into a panic, it can have devastating consequences— Mass hysteria being the one

Police is clueless, or actually quiet. Why the government is in deep slumber? Are they waiting for getting the braids of their own family chopped as well? Or it is plotting in which everyone has their own share? That’s why, they don’t care! Well be it plotting or something that cannot be sorted but the eve folk is really in a state of panic, because their braidsarechopped night and day. It takes almost whole of her life to groom and take care of the tresses and in fact there is always a beautiful bond between her and the hair but this braid chopping mystery deepens. Is it a man? Black magic? A ghost? In this hide and seek of the braid chopper and the police, only the public is the sufferer.

This reminds us of the hollow tall claims of the government on women empowerment– working on uplifting their role in the society and making them self reliable and self sufficient. Awareness against the female foeticide and that very famous slogan, “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” But in present context it suits much as, “Bachao, Bachao, Choti Na Katwao”.

It is a matter of utter shame and sheer failure of government to find the actual culprit and punish them. I know firmly that they will never take the strong steps to get the matter sorted as in the cry of the public lies their solace. They are the rulers of the dead and thus working on beheading the voice. Literally they can not behead so they devised a way to hurt the sentiments of the public by directly attacking the morality of females and chopping off their braids. This is not only inhuman but also inappropriate, but the deaf need blasts to hear and they by such irresponsible attitude towards such a serious issue are providing the base for arch blasts.

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