Amazon Abominations Judged Amiss



“The big kahunas of business are to be blamed, but the finger-pointers have to be held accountable too.”  — Rachel Oxman

A recent Gizmodo article focuses mainly on worker horror related to the business practices of Amazon and shocking revelations respecting lack of legislation, but there’s lots more to focus on in reviewing the Amazon phenomenon, which accounts for a third of all online sales at present, and threatening to become even more dominant. Destroying our environment in the process… while denying they are doing so.

There are several different kinds of Climate Deniers, however. There’s the Poster Child type, typified by the arrogant and ignorant in-your-face declaimers like Trump who stupefy one and all — scientists and simple folks alike — striking out at anyone who suggests that business should be controlled in the name of Mother Nature’s decline. “Get aligned with American Crimes Against Nature, or tell us how we’re to provide jobs for the common citizen…” is how their mantra runs.

But that through-the-roof statistic of 33% interaction cited above begs to be discussed… as we look at the other — less spotlighted — Climate Deniers.

Who is ordering all that crap online? It’s not all folks who voted Republicans in. In fact, the vast majority of consumers of online products are quite clear about what’s happening below the stratosphere; they’re not at all out in space, not out to lunch when it come to our extinction of species, destruction of the oceans, etc. At least not on the cerebral level. On the plane of, say, having their goods delivered by airplane, however, it’s a different story. With that dynamic you’ve got Climate Deniers of a different sort, don’t you? Yes is the answer. They, clearly, fit into another category. And some are Democrats, and many Independents all along the demographic spectrum.

Then there are the people who aren’t ordering many things, but are winging it constantly… like all those folks who fly like there’s no tomorrow. Sorrow for Mother Nature and the future of our youth doesn’t enter their heads one whit. It’s all like a bit out of Monty Python, if you ask me. Absolute insanity, as we watch all the finger pointing at the easy target of Republican Climate Deniers while witnessing the denial of one’s own complicity in the Big Picture.

And what about those simple movie watchers, customers of Netflix (who just want to kick back)? Do they play any role in Climate Change? Once again, the answer is Yes. I won’t insult your intelligence by walking you through how cinematic enjoyment these days is tied to environmental desecration. If you want elaboration, though, don’t hesitate to write to me for it. For I can lay out all the devilish details about the film industry’s role while — as a bonus — throw in a delineation of how those in the recording industry are equally complicit.

And what about those constantly engaged in the world of sports without batting an eyelash? And those involved in incessantly setting up summits and conferences. Are they Climate Deniers? Yes.

Publishers? Writers? Clear-cutters?

Are there others?

Yes. [Pause.] You?

Annapurna Tosca Sriramarcel is a member of the Oxman Collective. She can be reached at [email protected].


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