Daayan! Demonetisation!
Destroyer of lives both men and women!
Benefactor to corporates ‘ paytm’
And much publicised BHIM !

Daayan !
What did you achieve by note ban?
Except loss of lives
In endless queues in banks
And money starved hospitals!

Sudden decision
Shattered petty business
Lost employment and jobs
Hit economy hard
Made development retard

Touted as a ‘weapon’ to end corruption !
Did you fish out black money
From NPAs of Mallya, Adani or Ambani?
Or those hidden in Panama papers
And Paradise papers ?

While they celebrate ‘ anti- black money’day
We treat it as a ‘ black day’
Daayan! Demonetisation!
Stop growing again!
Do not disturb our lives again and again!!!

‘Daayan ‘ is a witch in Hindi colloquial dialects

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere


  1. Great poem! And Jaitley pats himself on the back in praise of this disaster, while the mainstream media refers to it as “demo”, to make the demonetisation a user-friendly, cuddly thing, like “nukes”. Orwellian.

  2. It’s amazing, Sheshu, that there are so many diverse ways that the people in power can harm or utterly destroy our lives. It happens all across the globe. … Thanks for writing another sterling poem about our situation even though some of the variables are different in my country, the USA, than they are in yours.