We hope many of you have watched this remarkable documentary “Four Horsemen”. Although the film vouches for capitalism, it calls for bloodless revolution. Moreover, it calls for the cooperation of humanity to over ride the coming crises. It’s a remarkable film that connects all the dots of all the crises humanity faces collectively, a task that Countercurrents.org has been doing for one and half decades. This film is worth watching, since in 138 minutes you get a clear idea of what’s happening to our politics, economic system, our dwindling resources, our environment and how we can make a turn around. The solution part may not be spot on. That’s why we should watch this film and put our heads together for a way forward. Featuring in this film are Prof. Noam Chomsky, Prof. Herman Daly, Nobel Laureate for Economy, Joseph Stiglitz, Economic hitman John Perkins and many others.

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  1. r k mandal says:

    the documentary is just wonderful in its entirety.

  2. Good primer, but rather slow in presentation – more of a lecture than a documentary, and in my mind not really radical enough to be rid of the global imperialists wanting global hegemony. The system, I think, will eventually have to collapse from its own fault lines, with perhaps the original four horsemen then riding rampant.

  3. K SHESHU BABU says:

    As Marx said, the content of any work should be given importance. This film has valuable documentation of ideas