Global Peace, Security And Conflict Resolution: Approaches to Understand the Current Issues and Future-Making


Global Peace, Security And Conflict Resolution: Approaches to Understand the Current Issues and Future-Making by Mahboob A. Khawaja. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, October 2017. Softcover with 433 pages.

ISBN 978-3-659-58644-6

In a global worldfraught with individualistic politics and massive propaganda, increased violence is used as means to enforce change and militarism leading to global disorder.The author initiates a courageous reasoned analysis of the current global affairs to unfold how few strategic and imaginative minds are enforcing new devices, weaponry and technological sophistication focusing on dehumanized fantasies of peace and human security to control the interests and priorities of One Humanity and endangering the futuristic stability.

The Universe is engulfed with wrong human thinking, dysfunctional organizations, secret weapons and nuclear disasters and global warming of course is a time bomb in waiting. At a time of hegemonic global politics, hegemonial puzzles are not the workable rational solutions. Leaders like actors pretend to be intelligent mock and reject the voices of reason for peace, global unity and security. The global humanity looks to scholars of new ideas and visions to safeguard the future, logically spells out Dr. Mahboob Khawaja – “Approaches to Understand the Current Issues and Future-Making” – Global Citizenry as the nucleus body of peace and conflict resolution to articulate  a new future.

Mahboob A. Khawaja,a distinguished scholar in global affairs shares a deep sense of commitment to foster reality over rhetoric as most often academic model’s theories unfold in classroom discussions. Some may call him a dissident intellectual but he offers a rational framework of wide range of pertinent contemporary issues from the failure of the working of the international institutions and leadership, strategies for conflict assessment and conflict resolution, the East-West clash of civilizations, impacts of the climate change and our future; the war on terrorism, imperatives of human security, violations of international law and justice in conflicts, humanitarian issues in displacement of the refugees and hopes for change and adaptability to the future-making.

We the People, We the Men of Humanity are governed by passion and natural instinct.Multifaceted global security, peace and conflicts unravel interconnected and indivisible problems facing Man, Humanity and the Universe in quest of reasoned solutions. The author re-examines the conflicting time zones involved between the warlords and people emanating exponential growth of human insecurity, sectarian wars and refugees, violence, global warming and established generic concepts of conflict resolution by using contemplative approach rather than manipulative approach to focus on the pertinent issues of the 21st century global affairs. Dr. Khawaja analyzes the perpetuated wars and failure of the global leadership and institutions to safeguard the humanity from the scourge of wars and argues the vitality of informed global community to be an enlightenment force for future-making. To connect with One Global Humanity, the author ponders beyond the obvious horizons on major humanitarian and political frontiers and contributes new strategies and clarity of purpose to manage the changing and challenging realities of the 21st century global affairs. Comprehending the universal ideals, the book could constructively aid to articulate a sustainable future and avoid similar fate as it happened during the previous 2WW. We live in a world that was imagined and articulated in history, not the outcome of futuristic intellectuals and their visionary ideals, rational assumptions, mode of thinking, individual and collective perceptions and aspirations of the masses defining the global community inherently as One Mankind.

Our inner spirit and belief in One Humanity demand an urgent self-reflection, change and rethinking in our behaviors within a system of global governance.  The book unfolds the importance of this message and it is urgent that we all assume the role of an active participant in crafting a peaceful and sustainable future out of our own intellect, unity of minds and collaborative endeavors for the good of global community. The objective-oriented analytic perspectives contained in many chapters will encourage and inspire you for knowledge-based rational and positive thinking. Across the globe and in all societies, once people start thinking positively beyond the obvious horizons of violence, manipulation and foreign interventions, they do rescue themselves and move forward positively toward making a promising future. Will you help to make this challenge come into reality of the contemporary world? This book could be instrumental to protect the besieged humanity from the scourge of a Third World War articulating a movement for rational thinking, human unity, peace and universality.

The book contains some of the following chapters representing the minds, souls and aspirations of the global mankind:

  • How to Cope with the Emerging Global Crises?

A Test of Human Ingenuity or a Challenge to Our Intellectual Strength

  • Man, Humanity and the Universe in Search of Knowledge, Unity and Peaceful Co-existence
  • Challenging the Paradox of Terrorism and Wars against Humanity
  • The Arab Refugees – Victims of the Western-Led Militarization and Wars Deserve Humanitarian Compassion – are Not a Challenge To European Cultures and the EU Security
  • Climate Change and the Global Humanity: Are We at the Risk of Self-Engineered Extinction Because of Our Ignorance and Arrogance?
  • How to Stop the Unwarranted Wars and Articulate Global Peace and Security?
  • One Humanity at Crossroads: Post WW2 Global Politics Failed to Produce Transformational Leaders to Lead for a Sustainable Future
  • Approaches to Understand the Pertinent Issues in Global Peace and Conflict Management and Concerns of the Global Humanity
  • Global Paradox of Peace and Conflict Management: The International Community, the UNO and Global Leadership Need Critical Think

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