Many Leaders Make Hate Acceptable

Hate is spreading like an oil stain over the Earth. Hate is even further encouraged by populists who purport to speak in the name of the people. Populist politicians try to obtain the support of the electorate by all means without worrying about the viability of their proposals. They invariably rage against the ‘elite’. Ever since Trump took office, the number of reports of racist violence, murder and death in the US has increased exponentially. There is a “rising tide of violent crime”, according to figures from the FBI, with Las Vegas and Charlottesville as recent examples. More and more people feel that their radical ideas are legitimized by Trump.
The number of hate crimes in England and Wales has increased by 29%, according to home office statistics. While racial hatred lies behind most of the crimes, there has been an increase in all forms of hate crime – abuse and attacks aimed at people with disabilities have increased by more than 50%.
In many European countries, a climate of intolerance prevails and continues to grow. This is partly due to the rise of Muslim fundamentalists and neo-Nazism in Europe, which has caused a significant increase in anti-Semitic violence, but also in general xenophobia and other forms of hatred, mostly aimed against minorities.
Democracy under pressure
In Turkey, democracy has now left the streets of Istanbul, leaving little more than a shadow of its former self. Human rights activists are being prosecuted. In an ongoing case against Amnesty International, the human rights organization was labeled a ‘terrorist organization’. Ridiculous, of course. Erdoğan used to do a lot of good things for Turkey, and he has certainly modernized his country and made it economically strong, but that time is long gone.
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Russia and China hardly know democracy, and are so inaccessible that it is difficult to get an objective picture of these countries. They are the largest countries in the world who want to continue to play a strong role in the world, but without conquering or dominating it. However, in the international political arena, they continuously strive for more geopolitical influence.
If someone in a powerful position acts in a certain way or has a certain vision, we implicitly assume that those actions and beliefs are linked to power and success and that they will benefit us. Influential people, governments and world leaders should be an example to us all, and when these people give the wrong example, their followers will do likewise and violence, hate, and fear become acceptable and normal. The voice of authority expresses displeasure, and suddenly people see violence as something that is not only possible, but acceptable.


We blame foreigners and minorities for the political and economic failures of our leaders and our leaders accuse the same groups to justify their political and economic failures. How ironic !!!!
Populism divides our fragile society. The pillars of freedom and democracy are crumbling. Populism needs enemies. Populism grows like a tumor and when it is not tackled quickly, it leads to death and destruction. Finally, democracy will turn into fascism and Nazism.

Populists reject the ‘elite’, but does ‘the elite’ consist of foreigners, minorities and dissidents?
The elite, the establishment, is nothing more than the cannibalistic capitalist system and the 1% richest of the Earth, which continue to flourish through chaos and divisions. More chaos, hate, fear and anger, because those are the foundations on which populists and the elite build their empire. Just like the old political parties before them, populists serve the establishment and the elite.
Obedience and compliance

As an individual, we are weak. We therefore engage in social behavior, for protection and greater survival opportunities. We automatically adjust to the social norm, listen to the higher powers and perform what the higher powers want us to do. Join in. When everybody starts running, something must have happened, so let’s blindly follow them. If you defy this sheepish behavior, you run the risk of being expelled from the group. People are obedient and compliant.
Obedience and Manageability, Defined by Experiments:

Rampant capitalism

Populism, nationalism, xenophobia, striving for independence (Catalonia) and “America First” are no longer in the spirit of this time, but unfortunately they are everywhere. We can no longer imagine a world without economy and globalization, one click and we are connected to the world around us 24 hours a day.

Economy has brought us a lot, such as prosperity and comfort, but the economy must serve society. Now the hard-working modern slaves serve only the economy, and the elite and capitalist system will be the only ones to profit. The rich grow richer and the poor are getting poorer at a rapid pace.
The greatest causes of this global misery and extreme poverty are turbo capitalism and casino capitalism, where greed and deregulation go hand in hand, where selfishness is presented as the highest virtue. This has changed the morality of business and has gotten out of hand.

The same goes for globalization. Nelson Mandela delivered a great quote about it; “Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom”.

The excessive globalization has especially benefited the top 20 percent, and not those with the lowest incomes. It explains the enormously increased wealth of those who were already rich and the widening gap between poor and rich, described by Thomas Piketty. (in: Capital in the 21 century) Videoclip Where is the love; Black Eyed Peas
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Inspirated by Maria Konnikova

Thanks: The New Yorker, The Guardian, BBC, Amnesty, CNN, NRC, Knack, De Volkskrant, Vrij Nederland, Google, Wikipedia.


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I’m Peter van Els, born in 1957, living in the Netherlands. Autodidact. Life is my greatest teacher and i started writing end 2015, to stand up against lawless and corrupt governments and the real power, the shadow government, the world elite. “Enough is enough”, and besides, I think it’s a moral obligation towards our earth and our posterity. I believe that all the good souls should be connect and unite in love, so we can change the system for the benefit of our planet and our posterity.For Worldpeace and Prosperity for all.
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