Saving The Country From Fake Marketers And Hatred Mongers


Where the role of the Prime Minister (PM)
Has become that of a Principal Marketer (PM)
When the speeches have been reduced to chest thumping
And used as Propaganda machine

When talks like Mann ki baat has become one sided monologues
Completely disengaging from interactive dialogues
A talk show which hardly aims at assessing people’s Mann
And has been reduced into a fun

Where the people are dumped the word Development
Just as a strategy for increasing the voter supplement
A word which has become just a hollow
With lives of people becoming shallow

A word which has no space for Roti, Kapda aur Makaan
Employment, Education and Healthcare
But has space for Statues, Roads, Bullet Trains and Digital Technologies
Where unnatural deaths of people hardly matter

Where the yardsticks of Nationalism gets defined
By the level of hatred one carries
The higher the measurement in hatradometer
The higher one becomes a Nationalist

Where Nationalism is completely devoid of humanism
Where farmers, workers, adivasis, dalits, minorities have no place
But Gau Rakshaks, Sangh Parivar, Hindus, Adanis and Ambanis have a place
And reduced to geographies like mythical Akhand Bharat

A country which is being forced to live in fear
And made to be obedient to those in power
A country being force fed to receive all junk with unquestioned obedience
Just to satisfy the ego and ideological dump of those in power

From the clutches of these hatred mongers
And fake marketers
Into that world of freedom, let the country awake

T H Sreerama retired from Central Warehousing Corporation


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