Between Sehwag’s Fascist Tweets And My Brothers Painful Ordeal


Dear Veeru (Virendra Sehwag); yesterday as I came back from my work and was checking pictures of my younger brother, a known cricketer of south Kashmir who is currently behind the bars, I came through a news from  different news portals  that “Sehwag Hails Security Forces for Eliminating over 200 Terrorists This Year, Congratulates Them On A ‘Double Century’.”

Let me tell you that, I am a Kashmiri and I am proud on my resistance I was not befuddled or puzzled on your tweet because people like you, who change their color like a chameleon are out of my mind to understand and are simply dehumanized to core and does in different lieu. Do you believe that killing of armed persons, unarmed protesters and making people dazzled every year will bring peace in the region? I and you are much aware about the situation in hapless valley, let me remind you not from the commencement of the Kashmir conflict but from the 2008 agitation, there are more than 300 our beloved got killed by your forces, more than 2000 people lost their vision and more than 100 families lost their breed earning hands, and you still praise your forces, how mean you are.

I hope you are well aware about the recent visit of M S Dhoni, I will suggest you to ask him and tell him what kind of welcome he got. Oh! Wait I will tell you, when he visited a part of Kashmir where he was a chief guest, he was welcomed with the slogans of Aazadi (freedom) and Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi and at the next day when he visited another part of Kashmir he again was welcomed with the slogans of resistance and Zakir Musa (one of the top rebel commander of Kashmir resistance). This is how your captain was welcomed in one of the places in the world that you believe is an “Integral part” of your country. The reason of getting such welcome has a lot of reason and one of them is your tweets.

Indo-Pak Cricket has always played an important role in the resistance of Kashmir, every time Pakistan wins a match over India we celebrate it like we won. Do you want to know, let me tell you it’s because of your tweets, or the atrocities made by your ‘brave forces’ who always chanted the slogans of world’s largest democracy. And if people like you are in the world’s largest democratic country, how can we bear this type of democracy and their people like you. I remember when HM commander Buhran wani got martyred in 2016, Kashmir situation taken a new way. There I found the difference between Shahid Khan Afrid and you (Sehwag). I am not a big fan of cricket neither I play nor I watch except when there is a match between India and Pakistan.

Coming back to 2016, where approximately 90 Kashmiris (including 12 years kids) were shot dead and thousands were dazzled. You (shewag) tweeted from your official Twitter account calling for a genocide on Kashmiris and praised the gross human rights abuses by Indian Armed Forces stationed in Kashmir. Whereas at the same time Afridi tweeted from his official account that he is in favor of peace and against war. I hope I cleared the first point why Dhoni was welcomed with the chants of Boom Boom Afridi.

I remember in 2016 a village kulgam located in south of Kashmir, was brutalized where shops, vehicles and houses were smashed and people were beaten up by your brave forces not for supporting any militancy or giving food or places to rebels but for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over Sri Lanka. And this is not new in Kashmir, we are used to it. You might be aware of an aspiring cricketer (Nayeem from Handwara) who was shot dead by Indian forces, in a civilian protest against the molesting of a Kashmiri girl by an armed forces’ personnel back in 2015, and unfortunately Kashmir is the only place where Young boys leave home for a game of cricket and never return home, many of them would be abducted from their homes and dragged to various Interrogation centers, the traumatized families would run from pillar to the post to know the way about of their loved ones.

Presently my parents too are running from pillar to the post in order to get my younger brother back, however every time they went to police station and after wait of 6 to 10 hours in a day they return empty hands every night and back to home, my sister makes different dishes as she believe that Ruban will come tonight and this is what she is repeating from last 5 days. But, I have conveyed her that this is Sehwag’s Hindustan anything can be done.

Coming back to first point, as I said, my brother ‘Ruban’; a big fan of cricket, a well-known all-rounder in south Kashmir district of Shopian, a new hotbed of Kashmiri militancy, who is in prison from last 5 days now without any charges, it is because of his batting skills his friends call him “Kohli”, and it is because of his bowling skills we love to call him “Akhtar” but believe me he gets more happy when someone calls him “Afridi”, I don’t know why I am worried about his future as at this younger age he has witnessed much state tyranny- may be the torture he has gone thought 3 times since 2010 that too without any FIR, or maybe he has seen your hated tweets. May be, may not be.

I will share an experience of my brother with Indian army, back in September 2016, after the uprising me and my brother “Ruban”, we were busy in picking apples in our apple orchard when he got a call from a local army camp. He was asked to present himself with an hour, as he dropped the call, I saw a fear in his eyes. So I took permission of my parents and decided to go with him.

After half an hour we reached and he presented himself, he was asked to play the cricket tournament sponsored by army in the army camp somewhere near my village, however neither he was interested nor did he wish to play with army so he denied, but then they asked him if he will not play he is responsible for his life. As I heard this I came in between and assured them that he will come to play, believe me I too was not willing to send him but brother I am, saving his life in the world’s most militarized zone was my first concern.

Back to my home, our parents waiting for our return called us a 100 times but we were not allowed to pick a call, so did we. However as we returned in the dark of night the whole village was waiting I asked the friends of my brother that army wants you all to play in there tournament and you don’t have any other choice, the elders of village discussed and asked my brother to take his team and play.

After playing for 12 days, 10 matches the team of my brother’s team won the tournament, as now after winning he was supposed to receive the trophy (Cup) the army persons came and asked my brother that they will just present the trophy to him and he can’t take it to home as they have to organize a new tournament and they don’t have enough funds to get a new trophy such is the behavior and discipline of Indian army in the world’s most militarized zone.

So please, next time, you tweet about my people make sure you have done a good research, Wish to meet you one day with my brother if he comes back alive in order to tell you what it take to be a Kashmiri, what the resistance is and what your forces, on whom you have proud have done. Rapes, Killings, Tortures, fake encounters, unknown graves are the things I wish to suggest you on which you should read. Looking forward to see a tweet with #FreeKashmir from you.

May the Kashmir win its Azadi. The way Pakistan won the champions trophy. May some sanity, logic and rationale prevail on those drunkard with addiction of power and might and my brother returns home back from prison alive?



A Proud Brother,


A Proud Kashmiri

Bio:- In the hope of a ‘RICH and Prosperous’ life, SYED TAJAMUL IMRAN is a story teller, blogger, an MBA, Student activist, Founder All J&K Students Union (AJKSU), living with the dream of breaking the status quo. He can be reached at [email protected]



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