Donkey, Akhilesh, Ramayana And Authoritarian Heritage



Woke up with Anxiety Dreams, ‘acute pain in my bones’ transformed into Chilling     Mirror Images, of Frightening Triple Headed Monstrous Donkey,

‘Sickening cry with ears like errant wings’.

Shoulders fused in to single stomach, Posterior legs kicking in Hatred and loyalty display.

I cried out at my painful Metamorphosis

Into strange animal, Spewing Saffron Poison.

But my broken back carrying Monstrous loads, inspires me to ‘wait for my Hour’ of Revolt

When Honkey Honkey cry will reverberate itself as cry for freedom from Donkeyfication.

     (G.K. Chesterton metamorphosed into Franz Kafka- Adaptation of ‘Donkey’ Poem)

A Raging Controversy and its Canvas- Father’s savagery against Son.

It is over more than one year down the memory lane since Akhilesh Yadav fired an inflammable and stinging Pun ‘Gujarat Ke Gadhe” (Donkeys of Gujarat). The pun was infused with intense displeasure against Demonetization, though it was wrapped into anger against  accusations leveled against him for exercising religious partiality and discrimination in Power Supply. The scathing Pun on 20/02/2017 was a forceful advice to Superstar Amitabh Bacchan, to refrain from political glamorization of a ‘primal animal’, Donkey. The Pun was directed at Amitabh but Punch was delivered differently. The Pun had power to evoke Cinematic Images of roles played out by this ‘Primal Animal’ from Archaic, Prehistory to Cultural history of Modern Era!

Donkey Symbol has inspired critical imaginations of writers, caricaturists, animal lovers and human activists as they have experienced and perceived its roles. We can classify Donkey’s cultural and historic roles into synthesis of at least three perspectives, Moments and Symbolic Representations!

First, LONDON SANCTUTARY’s choice of “The two donkeys within the image formed a heart’. “We initially resisted using the heart to represent selfless devotion due to the number of heart-based logos in the market. But as the project developed, the heart became more and more relevant; no other icon or identity could instantly capture the spirit of the charity”, to draw Empathy and Sympathy. This Symbols stands for Love, against violence and sectarianism. Symbol also invokes memories of Jesus descending towards Jerusalem for salvation of lowly, downtrodden, animal which stands for peace as against Horse which is an animal of war.

Second, Rolf A.F. Witzsche. Canadian Author, Researcher and Producer. In Advance Sciences in (Roses of Dawn in an ice age world), says, “The guide suggested that the Colossus (Fictional Superhero or Demigod) and Donkey are timeless for as long as ‘small mind’ thinking exists. In Hitler’s Germany the colossus was Nazism and the donkey was the entire Nation that stood tranquil as if the changing world was not of concern”. Donkey here represents tranquility and Inertia of mass of people.

Third, SIMPLICISSMUS, historically the oldest critical humorist caricaturing magazine (founded in 1668), as well as, RATEDEMOKRATIE and other famous, popular Magazines published and displayed in 1924, 1932 (German Elections) & 1940-War Years) caricatures drawn by great caricaturists portraying Adolf Hitler riding Donkey as vehicle, hallucinating and as vehicle of War, now displayed in “Deutsches Historisches Museum”. It portrayed him as Chief of NS-SPD, Nazi force and Party which spread poison and led world to destruction.

While flinging the Pun AKHILESH may not be aware that he has hit upon Million Dollar Truth. ‘Donkey Controversy flared up on the background of Uttar Pradesh State Assembly Election and triggered blistering verbal duels on ‘Demonetization’ which had inflicted pain, ruins, stress and deadly casualties for various sections of society and ruinous and prolonged destructive impact on life of millions of agrarian and industrial working population, and middle classes. For Akhilesh Yadav, Demonetization signaled a rapid process of emergence and installation of Authoritarian State headed by Fictional Supermen- Colossus’ (Ancient Greek kολοσσός meaning a giant statue). Post- Demonetization Indian socio-political narrative was so far being steered by ‘Cow’ Symbol whose sole ownership rested with “Cow vigilantes” engaged in spewing poisonous hatred against ‘Non-patriots’ and ‘Non saffron’ religions. This poor animal is no longer ‘lonely’. Its ranks are joined by another Archaic animal, ‘Donkey’ whose usage is not for spoiling the socio-political surface but to drive deep into ‘nucleus’, kernel’ and ‘core’ of the social order. The ‘Donkey Vigilantes’, the fanatic defenders of ‘Donkeyfication’ through ‘Demonetization’ whose piercing aim is to extract ‘Loyalty’, through intensified repressive exploitation identical to portrayed by SIMPLICISMUSS’ proponent of ‘Authoritarian work culture’ for the masses of working men and women. Here is a satirical attempt to interpret the ‘Million Dollar Truth’ discovered by Akhilesh and interpret multiplicity of meanings hidden in controversy named, ‘Donkeyfication”.

Donkey fication, Burden of Loyalty and Resistance- German Experience.

Uttar Pradesh Elections were conducted on the dark cloudy background of the Demonetization. First salvo was fired by ‘now’, ‘Ex-Chief Minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav. The frightening site of Donkeys running amok, as Vehicle of ‘colossus’ in act of terrorizing, might have been phantasm Image for Akhilesh.”I request the century’s biggest superstar, please don’t do any ‘AD campaigns’ for Gujarat’s  gadhas  (donkeys),”. This pun stung where it was intended. However for us this controversy appears to be a, deduction, corollary or rather Externalization’ of father- Son conflict and rebellion against ‘Loyalty’ and inherited Legacy of Father.

Akhilesh’s  jibe or derogative remark with such astonishing anger and rigor was returned from the ‘Ruling Saffron Right’ with apologetic remarks in defense. “I take inspiration from the donkey”, “Donkeys are loyal to their owners. Akhilesh should learn from donkeys to stay loyal to his father”, Party Spokesperson preached, ‘Donkey’ as Symbol which inspirers of “Hard work’ and “Loyalty to Master”. All Such defensive barbs stressing, ‘Loyalty’ and ‘hard work’, hinting that ‘Donkey work’ with Loyalty and call from ‘ruling stalwarts to rally behind God riding the Donkey. Enforcing such Model Identity structure in social, economic and political life of the Indian nation has been the core intention of Demonetization! For us Akhilesh’s Pun has potential to strike hard at this Ruling discourse which sounds like a stern warning for all working masses to follow dictates of the Authority and bow before the dictates of ‘Capital’. It is fully in conflict with London Sanctuary appeals for Empathy for ‘downtrodden’ Donkey which stands for Love and against discrimination and not for ‘loyalty’.

It is well known that across the world including Ancient Greece and Egypt and theologies have depicted Donkey (Equus asinus asinus) as animal which take the unbearable burden and loads till it wears down to death. The intransigent defense of Donkeys, to claim that “Donkey also gives us an inspiration” and is prototype of ‘loyalty to his master hints at the fearful agenda of the times to come with rapid economic downturn round the corner.

If we recall History of advance of NAZIs in Germany, we will understand that when every section of society succumbed to donkey fication, working class, alone resisted their advance till 1933, until the Trade Unions were expropriated and labor movement destroyed. It was the Network of working Class youth groups in cities used to hold ‘Un- Authorized meetings’, were engaged in street fights with Hitler’s youth. In 1960, 70”s and 1980 several German Historians were pre-occupied’ with rediscovery of the German resistance to Hitler, set up Projects, which  conclude that Hitler could ride on Donkey only after working class resistance died down!

If Indian journalist like Ravish Kumar are alarmed by ‘national project of instilling fear’ amongst Muslims, Journalists, Opponents of SAFFRON Regime or common people, in the name of cow and never ending Patriotic Debates on Television Media, under banner, ‘NATION FIRST’ he should also be alarmed to find  one fearful underground process. The project of total subjugation of laboring population, Donkeyfication to ‘Big Businesses! This is since unlike ‘cow protection’, Donkeyisation or donkeyfication is a veiled double process. It inculcates ‘castration complex’ in metaphorical sense, of making working population, make feel insignificant, helpless, disposable, valueless  or irrelevant and simultaneously subjecting the ‘resistance less’ working masses to Capitalist dominance, exploitation and degradation.

Demonetization-A Major step towards Donkey Fication of Working Masses

When Mulayam- Akhilesh conflict took sharp turn, Indian socio-political fabric was being teared byDemonetization. The Unique Rebellion of a Political Son against a ‘Savage Father’ and social media’s jumping into the fray, to couch and dress up this conflict into Indian Epics and Mythology of Ramayana it became true enlightenment. Linguistics were not left far behind to discover ‘Donkeyfication’ Metaphor to explore deeper dimensions of the Savagery of Father against Son on the Canvas of the discourse driven by Saffron Demonetization. It takes us downward into the battle ground of the conflicts in current Indian socio economic political structural narrative, in to deeper folds of Capital Labor Relationships.

Sudden announcement on 8th November 2016, of headline-stealing, planned move against ‘Black Money’ was clearly intended to demonstrate the strength of Colossal and Rising Powers of Superman named “Demonetization”. It resulted in to freezing of 86 % of the monitory Circulation. The announcement was jeered by Saffron ‘BLIMPS’ (to paraphrase Sir David Low) as gigantic step to destroy ‘National Enemies’, Black Money, terrorism etc. However, the surface impact on life of working masses was evident. More than hundred deaths and pains caused by the psychical stress. The visible statistics- More than 75% of the deaths caused by severe psychologicalstress, Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrests, and Depressions. Ruling classes drew solace from the fact that, Oh! 70% of victims belong to Old- Age group of 50 and above and perceptually resting on the periphery or fringe of socio economic life and did not hit the core section of working population! The spiraling impact from periphery downward to core segment of working population is multi-faceted. The long lasting and severest impact came from sudden ‘shrinking of spheres of ‘Monetary Circulation’ and which Karl Marx refers to as ‘C-M-C’ crisis, where in C stands for Labor as Commodity and M stands for Money.

This separation of Money and labor was widespread and cutting across Industry and geographical counters.Indian capitalism, has grown through ‘Outsourcing’ and has deployed massive number of Contract,Casual and Manual labor throughout all industries irrespective of size and scale. This is the result of evolving strategy to split the organizing and collective strength of Working Class. Industrial Work Force numbered 57 Crores in 2016. Forty Six (46) percent of this work force is made up by ‘Contract Labor’ & casual Labor. It is awesome since internationally the same ratio stands at 4 to 10%. Demonetization has severely and deeply impacted, affected not only these 46% Contract labor & but also has exerted unimaginable pressure on ‘organized – unionized’ labor and pushed them towards super-exploitation by capital. Giving layoffs to Contract Labor, without any notice and any compensation by Employers has become easiest ‘Lawful’ path, and ‘Right’ of Employer as per 2014 ‘Reforms’. Demonetization has ‘Authorized’ Capital to take unilateral decisions. This has resulted into abyssal –atomization of labor. Demonetization has exerted insurmountable pressure and stresses and have ripened Potential widespread and multilayered intensified Conflict between Labor and Capital.

Demonetization of course has given thunderous regressive push to revamping of Capital- Labor relationship and production processes in order to establish sterner Authority to ‘strike’ at ‘will and whims’ of Capital. Demonetization has intoxicated the big business, Adanis, Ambanis and others and establish firm and ruthless control over the ‘Capital Labor’ relationship! The pains and stresses experienced by Hero Motor Corporation and cycle Units (Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh) workers illustrates the dangerous and fearful fall outs of demonetization! It forms a step further to facilitate inculcation of deep fear and inertia, which could be identified as Donkey-fication through indiscriminate use of the New ‘Contract labor’ Laws. Illustration of Plight and sufferings of ‘Hero’ brings out the intensity of threats of lay-offs which are likely to become regular and legal all around! Hero began undeclared Layoffs. Hero Management did not call it lay-off. Workers after toiling for up to 9 years, hundreds of them have been left Jobless and without work overnight! These contract workers are from all over the country, from, Odisha, Bihar, UP, Andhra Pradesh etc. Many of them have joined Hero factory straight after completing ITI and diplomas and are in their early or mid-twenties.

No surprise that UP Election results coincided with Announcement of Life Imprisonment for 13 workers and stringent punishments for several others Maruti, Manesar and other Plants workers. This will be known as the severest punishment in the history of Working Class in India. Under capitalist forms of Democratic rules, mobility of labor, trade Unions and other forms of Organizations have come under destructive threat to natural ways of collective expressions, means to resist the repression and ruthless exhibition of power to rule as Authority. Saffronised Demonetizationimpact will soon make EVEN ‘disapproval’ at industrial relations level equivalent to ‘Anti National and Non Patriotic”. Savage attack to inflict deep wounds to organized Powers of working people to inculcate Inertia and transform practically every form of ‘Human Labor’ to ‘Primal mode’ to be exploited from ‘Loyal and Inert Donkeys’! It is precondition for Supreme rise of Colossus that mass of Working Population is driven and pushed to what Rolf A.F. Witzsche calls as state of ‘Tranquility’ immersed in total inertia. Second condition is that sections of ‘Hallucinating ‘Donkeyfied’ population take hold of streets in the name of ‘Patriotic War’ against peace loving population and swell the ranks of ‘donkeyfied’.

Mythology and Metamorphosis of Devotees into Donkefied Vehicles of Fearful Deities!

War like Euphoria generated by Demonetization within SAFFRON Ranks, definitely elevated it to Super Humanly Godly act, leaving the entire working population ‘spell bound’ under the looming Thunderbolt. Rabid and blind devotees exhibited political Magnum Hallucination and the ferocity and arrogance and insolence spilled over the streets and TV Media Channels. Resulting Deaths of over Hundreds, pains and sufferings for Lacks, and psychical stresses for crores was of no concern to them. In fact it invoked sadistic joy expressed as schizophrenic men and women wearing saffron headgears, jackets. The Hysterical, Collective Hallucination imagery is displayed, as if the ranks experiences awakening from ‘within’, deadly mysterious monolithic ‘political combative power’ and a force (which Psychoanalysis identifies as INSTINCT’) and weapon directed outwards to destroy ‘Anti nationals’ and opponents.

Such phenomena of Hallucinations are not new in Indian History. Hard core rightwing groups formed over last thirty three years since 1984 Anti- Sikh riots, sustained and proliferated have resorted to frequent Hysteric outburst of Curses, Naked Abuses,  rioting, attacks. They go amok like wild ‘Donkeys’ in the name of Beef and Cow slaughters, and violence in the name of ‘mother land’. Series of Saffron instigated ugly events on Student University campuses, only manifest deep rooted and strong ‘Oedipal Imagery”. Series of controversies created in the name of ‘Tejo’Mahal and issues psychologically entrenched into medieval history are nothing but ‘visual and auditory’ hallucinations’ spilling over in political debates.

Donkey’s Loyalty Stupidity, its inertia has support of colloquial Languages and complementary  to its role as carriers of Aggressors in Mythology. The figures of speech in colloquial languages numerous proverbs profusely articulate and identify Donkey as idiot and have become part of Human ‘Unconscious’. Proverbs like, “A donkey cannot appreciate the taste of jiggery” or “Even if one reads GEETA- yesterday’s disarray remains better than it’ or Tamil proverb- Kazhudaikku theriyuma karpoora vaasanai?, In Folklore like Hitopadesha and Panchatantra both these qualities of Donkey have been widely popularized.  There are countless stories from old cultural traditions, colloquial languages across national cultures and from prehistory to modern Era. In Western literature also Donkey is Popular Symbol. Shakespeare popularized use of “ass” as insult meaning stupid and clown resembling in number of his plays, including ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream. Contrary to this Cervantes’ Don Quixote’s Donkey has been portrayed as ‘Loyal carrier’ companion. Both these conflicting aspects are complimentary and not conflicting!

Vedic Myths introduce us to another Form & Appearance of Donkey with traditional Deities riding on. This version is well entrenched into Indian Culture and psyche and reified as anti-secular‘IDENTITY’. They play the role of inducing fears in the mind of mass of people and to ‘enroll’ them as their own devotees, worshipers (Named ‘SADHAKAs) and followers. The identification is with CARRIERS of deities and demy gods as fanatic ‘Bhaktas’, Sadhakas and form base stations of Fanatic Groups. The Festivals, Processions, day today worships, these deities become the binding force and bring about and exhibit collective hysterical identification. ‘Bhaktas’ surrender to offer themselves to get ‘Donkey fied’, and to become their Vehicles.

Navaratri Day Seven, Goddess Kalaratri’s superstition, is gripping. It is one of the Nine Goddesses (Death at Night), with dark black complexion in appearance, believed to be riding on a donkey, strikes at night in Dreams and phantasies of and transform the men and women into Devotees and terrorizes the sinners! Goddess –Deity-Shitala Mata (Wearing Red saree and garland of Neem Leaves, also riding the Donkey,  rises up from (Collective unconscious) into day dreams and spreads fear, fever and number of ‘diseases’. In nutshell Superstitions and blind faith spreading at grass root levels of mass of people under religious umbrella. Riding on a Hallucinating donkey, the Deity carries various grams in a basket to scatter them creating various skin diseases with great vengeance and furious anger! The Fanatic groups wearing Saffron costumes become the vehicle to scatter violence against helpless, against ‘other’ religious groups and rationalists, ‘to protect religion’ and ‘Nation’. Such inherited superstition which ‘Donkeyfies’ men and women and make them hallucinate passes on to next generations, over centuries regressively through Authoritarian family systems.

Synthesis of Donkey as ‘inertia’ and Donkey as animal running wild and amok forms a compound Image and is founded in Mythology of Deities and Epics like ‘Ramayana’. Indian Patriotic –Authoritarian Family system has fortified and anchored these Fearful Deities riding the Donkeys in the ‘Unconscious’. Donkey becomes the sexual instinct, both, castrated and wild amok, always on alert striving for satisfaction by creating fantasies. They make their appearances in Nightmares, Day dreams, collective mass hysteria and hallucinations. Indian Epics and Mythology are rich depositories of such stories.

The images expressed in mass hysteria and violence on Indian streets have close resemblances to the caricature drawn by Dutch caricaturist who portrayed Adolf Hitler and Goering riding the Donkey or Simplicissmus Hitler’s cartoons by Thomas Theodor Heine.

The imagery showing aggressiveness associated with Donkeys goes back directly into the realms of Indian Myths BORN IN Medieval Ages and are strongly anchored in to the ‘Unconscious’ as ‘destructive Instincts’ when this lowly, downtrodden, and peace loving animal was ‘Donkey fied’, and accepted the role of carrier as assigned by the Demi -Gods and dreadful Warrior Deities. The phantasies and Nightmarish dreams of devotees and ‘Sadhakas, identified as ‘REVELATIONS’only confirms their METAMORPHOSIS in to ‘wild ‘Ass’ carrying these Deities isis complete! The Hallucinating Devotees possessed by ‘Donkey Riding Demi Gods’engaged in acts of ‘extermination’ of Anti patriotic enemies. The rituals are the driving force of fears anchored into psyche for several centuries and are the compelling forces which overshadow the creative energies of LUMPENIZED population and ‘will to struggle’ and express. The wild Donkey carrying Warrior Deities, represents destructive driving instinct engaged in spreading inauspicious messages, rumors preaching and inciting violence leading to calamities and disasters. Their targets are ‘Intellectuals, rationalists and ‘Non Patriots’, ‘Anti national’ are demons identical to DURGAMASUR. Violence becomes living replay of the Myths from epics.

Donkey and Father Son Oedipal Conflict in-Ramayana and Akhilesh Episode

Interpretation of the post Demonetization Politico- Social- Industrial conflict leads us in to source of violence, in to the straight jacket of Indian Patriarchal Authoritative Family System. It is aptly summarized in one quote by Sigmund Freud,” “The sovereign is called the father of his country (Landesvater), and the father is the first and oldest, and for the child the only authority, from whose absolutism the other social authorities have evolved in the course of the history of human civilization”. During UP Elections, Indian Television Media with daily highlights and updates, brought on to the Centre stage and played out on the ‘Patriarchic’ battle ground- Father- Mulayam and Son Akhilesh conflict. We are keen to interpret the replication of Mythological Plot -Legendry Ramayana, Dasharatha and Ram. Particularly, Dasharatha’s third wife Kaikai, pitching Dasharatha against Ram, fuelling the hatred against Ram intended to dethrone him and install Bharat. The plot thickened over a month and clash between Akhilesh (Ram) and Mulayam (Dasharatha), step Mother Sadhana and associates surfaced into open political conflict. Mulayam coming out heavily against his son Akhilesh, intending to dethrone Akhilesh.The ruthless drama continued for months together aimed at ending the political life of his son!

Akhilesh- Mulayam –Ramayana episode provides us insights into the deeper dimensions of Conflict inherent in the current historical and cultural Indian socio- Political Environment. Child in the Indian middle classes and traditional family system grows within the folds of thousands of years of age old, reified archaic cultural history of Family Fixations. Ideological moorings, religious upbringing, caste-community belongingness, values Tradition, customs dominance provide the histo- cultural fabric for of Cultural upbringing of child. Epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata and innumerable Myths of Deities, goddesses and Gods glorify the Patriarchal father and incarnates his ideal aggressive, authority over son’s upbringing till adulthood. Salvation of family, race, religion and nation (Not the working population) remains the sacred aim of Father. The rage and anger of father remains the repressive driving force resulting into reinforcing the ‘castration complex’ of the child, in metaphorical sense. In the course of development of Child to adulthood Religious, economic and other institutions and finally the Authoritarian state takes over the ‘father’ function, as ‘sum total’ of all these functions’ (Refer William Reich- Mass Psychology of Fascism). Mulayam- Akhilesh conflict is well rooted in this system and remains generalized or Universal expression of same dilemma faced in the life of every Son. Here the Mythical Plot awakens our curios enquiry. Media however had missed out completely that the whole drama in the Indian Epic pivots around Bharat- Kaikai’s son and Dasharatha, the Father. The crucial dimensions from epics however were – Father- Son conflict and Patriarchy. The conflict between Father and Son is heritage from Valmiki’s Ramayana. Here is an attempt to reveal it in and through Bharata’s Anxiety Dreams!

Rebellion against Father or father Son Conflict is Universal and forms the inherent fabric of Greek or Indian Epics. Oedipal Conflict has parallels in Indian Epics and historical archeology. Valmiki Ramayana narrates highly absorbing and provocative Anxiety Dreams, horrifying dreams of Bharata. The precipitating event which completely unsettled Bharata was Messenger’s message on his arrival from Ayodhya to immediately return to AYODHYA. In the night hours BHARATA dreams, a series of terrible anxiety dreams.  Bharata’s mind is in Turmoil in anticipation of something terrible happening. He gets series of Anxiety night-dreams, in the night before he undertakes journey. They are part of Valmiki’s poetic flights, in Sanskrit Verses- (1-69-8 to 10 &2-69-14 to 16). Poet refrains from directly expressing Ram’s responses to Dasharatha’s bowing before Kaikai’s desires. It is interesting to note that Valmiki, a poet takes recourse to Bharata’s Anxiety dreams! We are constrained to limit our interpretation to what Psychoanalysis calls, ‘Symbolic Interpretation’ of dreams only.


 “I saw in my Dream, father with his soiled body, looking dirty with disheveled, locks of hair loose, falling from a mountain peak in a pit full of cow dung. I saw him plunging in that cow dung & drinking oil through his hollowed palms and recurrently and uninterruptedly laughing. “Thereafter, having eaten cooked rice mixed with gingerly seeds repeatedly, with his head bent down and with his whole body smeared with oil, he plunged into the oil itself”. .

Dream Two-

“The virtuous great soul sitting in a chariot yoked to donkeys, with his body covered with red paste (Dream Symbol from Ancient Egypt the ‘red ass’ was one of the most dangerous beings which the soul encountered on its voyage to the Otherworld. Guenon suggests that the creature may be identical with the ‘scarlet Beast of the Apocalypse), hallucinating and proceeding speedily and rapidly towards the southern direction” and, “A ghastly demoness, with perverted or distorted face wearing red garments sprouts from nowhere, breaks into ghoulish laugh, snatches the king and drags and knocks him down against the earth”. The dream image of Donkey confirms the Origins of Hallucination summarized in earlier passages.

The dreams can be interpreted only symbolically. The ‘falling from mountain’ meaning ‘fall from grace, steep into decadence. It expresses overwhelming nausea and ridicules his Father’s deplorable behavior. The images in the proceeding part of dream which runs as follows strengthens our guess.” I saw him plunging in that cow dung pit drinking oil with hands (palms) slowly, as if laughing”. The Dream clearly expresses the disgust towards dirt and fasces, and ridicule towards father, Dasharatha who became Hysteric. Bharata mocks at Dasharatha and in his dream launches scathing criticism of his unwarranted behavior. We however can certainly say that it expresses ‘inversion’ of his relationship with father! In a sense it can be identified as ‘Oedipal Anxiety Dream’

Second dream from verses that follow, should be regarded as forming the preamble or Sub Plot of First Dream which takes the reader downwards into realms of conflict of Instincts and Desires.

This second dream of Bharata can be interpreted in variety of ways, one of which- symbol Red-donkey represents aggressive, destructive instinct or Carrier of aggressive instincts, submission, foolishness, and stubbornness. ‘Pulling him rapidly’ and knocking him down obviously at the behest of KAIKAI. It becomes manifestation of the destructive force knocking down the resistance!

This dream compounds various threads of thought by creating compound but distorted imagery. ‘Laughing’ on part of both Dasharatha & Demoness provides symbolic expression to Hysteria arising out of pleasure on part of kaikai. For Dasharatha it reflects the stress and animated emotions. The dream ends on the note of near Death of Dasharatha by plunging into oil.

“That great fear is not going away from my heart, having seen such a course of this bad dream in varied forms and which dream was not imagined by me earlier and also reflecting on that inconceivable sight of the king.”

Interpretation of two dreams enable us to get few insights into the deeper roots of making of the conflict between Mulayam and Akhilesh. Images haunting Akhilesh probably compelled him to confront ‘Oedipal situation’ identical to Bharata! The image and the sight of Donkey as destructive force, COVERED WITH Red Paste in the dream had been so powerful that it provoked him to slam ‘Gujarat’s Donkeys’, as camouflaged form or ‘externalization’ of his rebellion against father who may become the carrier of ‘Danger’, and co-sponsoring carrier of communal hatred, destruction, loyalist, obedient, imbecile, stupid animal responsible for knocking down Dasharatha, compelling him to go Hysteric! The conflict between carrier of Donkey and indomitable urge to rebel against Father are intertwined as the primal surge in Dialectical conflict from Epics. In search of defense of Modernism Akhilesh attempted to overcome oedipal tension. ‘The past as present’ in the temporal sequence. The zeal to defend Modernism Akhilesh definitely confronted with current variant of the Ramayana situation or rather the oedipal situation. Driven by the nasty forces Caught between the Modernist and the archaic forces which are at work, Akhilesh demonstrated patience.

Hindu Epics are marked by patriarchy deeply rooted in Vedas. Rebellion against father has been regarded as crime. India still remains deeply patriarchal society and illustrations from Ramayana and Mahabharata are quoted as ideal relationships in all walks of life. Craving for father’s Authority is common and Universal in all Patriarchal Societies and Family structures. It was Bharat and so also Akhilesh Yadav resisted this craving for submission to father’s authority and which enabled him to discover ‘Fanatic’ form and role of Donkey and confront Oedipal Situation and ‘Disowned the Authoritarian Legacy’.

‘Fathers and Sons’ and their Political Heritage

Demonetization has proved to be double sword weapon. Its impact has been multifarious. It was man-made crisis at the behest of ‘Big Business’ and its leading lights. Along with Donkey fication it created its several political opponents and mass unrest. Two prominent political leaders, Akhilesh Yadav and Udhav Thackeray provided diametrically opposed responses to Demonetization, on one hand, one disowned the Father’s legacy and other by clung to Father’s legacy. Both confronted father’s legacies and had to confront and respond to the ‘Oedipal Tensions’ brought upward by the event like Demonetization. The confrontation and relationship between father and sons is eternal question which acquires temporal and historical significance in the event of this magnitude and significance.

Demonetization galvanized the courage of the two who professed themselves as forerunner opponents and challengers of ‘Demonetizer’. One Akhilesh Yadav (Ex CM) and Second, Uddhav Thackeray (SS Chief). It provided common plank of to these Political Opponents to lead the elections campaigns 2017 in their respective states of UP and Maharashtra.Uddhav Thackeray rattled by Demonetization apparently entered into confrontation with the ruling rightwing BJP. Shiv Sena retaliated against Demonetization and in the name of Marathi ‘Aspirations’ with stinging remarks comparing Saffron leadership and it’s Team with Army with ‘Bijapur Aggressor AFZAL KHAN’, and used violent language of cutting and slashing the trunks of this advancing elephants. Udhav was waiting for an opportunity and ambition to give back in the same coin. Waiting for the opportunity, Demonetization provided the awaited one. Mumbai Civic Body Poll elections event fell on the time line of Demonetization. It was not the Marathi Aspirations but the anger generated against the painful impact of demonetization came to its rescue. The pains, discomfort, tensions, deaths, unplanned- thoughtless decision, ‘betrayal of trust’, harassment and so on and so far are the phrases used by him to target demonetization. Hence his Mumbai Victory, though incomplete, was expression of resentment against Demonetization.

However the Cobweb of his inherited legacy from his Father restrained him from doing anything opposed to his father’s legacy and going beyond verbal duel. His father Bal Thackeraywho rose to prominence by ditching Sir David Low’s Anti-Naziheritageand surrenderedit to ‘Marathi Legacy’ first in Sixties and 1984 onwards to Hindutwa. Make or Break decision could have been costly and finally had no option other than capitulation. Udhav Thackeray accepted the inevitable. Thus he had to return to his parochial intellectual moorings, legacy of conformism. The surrender springs from inability to disown the burden of ‘Oedipus Complex”

Akhilesh on the other hand faced a grave situation. The Mulayam Akhilesh episode takes us into realms of ‘father-Son’ conflict. And takes us into realms of Ramayana Epics and primal Age to grasp and get insights into what was happening in Duos minds! Psychoanalysis enlightens and provides us the insights into what could be stirring up in the depths of Mulayam’s psyche and socio–political mass psychology. The pre-historic KRONOS Myth returns today as Neurosis. As a conjecture we can take recourse to Sigmund Freud’s references to the obscure Roman legend, Kronos, which illustrates the despotic power of father and the “ruthlessness’ with which it was executed. Kronos devours his children, as the wild boar devours the litter of the sow”. Or again in Phantasised Anthropological study on Religion in ‘Totem and Taboo’ in which violent and cruel father drove away his sons from the hoard so that he could keep all of the females for himself” Despite the historical and conjectural differences, here  we come across are not savages of Primal Times but its variant, inNeurotics. Ramayana’s Bharat’s Anxiety dreams illustrates dilemma in Son’s psyche. The savage attack on Akhilesh’s political life and is not repulsed by son Akhilesh, in the same coin. Instead he demonstrates his resolve to overcome ‘Oedipal Tension’ and ability to transgress it! Even at all costs he disowned the heritage of his Father,

Disowning Authoritarian Legacies &Awakening against Donkey Fication

Significance of Father’s Legacy is well summarized by William Reich in following quote. “The father’s authoritarian position reflects his political role and discloses the relationship of family and authoritarian state. The same position which the boss holds in the production process, the father maintains in the family. He in turn reproduces submissiveness to authority in his children, especially his sons. This is the basis of the passive, submissive attitude of middle class individuals toward Führer figures. Without really knowing it, Hitler built upon this attitude of the lower middle classes” (Page 34- Mass Psychology of Fascism). Reproduction of Foundations of Legacy cannot be better highlighted than above quote.

William Reich who had intimate experience of rise of NAZISM and fascism has aptly stated that “the family is the factory of its structure and ideology” which resembles ‘miniature state’ and which anchors sexual inhibition and sexual anxiety(Mass Psychology of Fascism- William Reich).  Akhilesh- Mulayam conflictillustratesnew beginning inchanging social familial relationships, their slow but definite disintegrationand rise of ‘MODERNISM’. Breaking closely knit Familial Chains involves conflicts similar to Oedipal Situations.

The current dangerous political discourse is pervaded and occupied by ransacking dance of                                           organizations named after Gods and Godesses riding on safronized Donkeyfied groups. This iswhat William Reich names as ‘Führer’ ideology and Identity with likes of Kalaratri & Shitala Devi and spreading viral diseases like small pox .The Chain of Students protests, at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Andhra University in defense of Vemula,  the students protesting in Delhi University FTTI students protests, the brave BSF Jawans who protested against the ill treatment and food discriminations by the repressive Authorities andsuch innumerable chain of events demonstrating resistance to intolerance and in defense of Freedom and in conflict with Safronized patriotism. It’s an expression of current times of post demonetization. The Brave Student Girl, Gurmehar Kaur of Ramjas College daughter of late Capt Mandeep Singh, who died as Martya defending ‘Nation’ during Kargil war took on SAFFRON and defended ‘ Cause of Peace’, and ‘Anti War’ (22nd February 2017). Someone who understood and experienced ‘Pains of War’ and cost of ‘warmongering’, who showed insurmountable bravery and refused to get donkey fied,  and had courage to say ‘No’ to War and stand ‘IN DEFENCE OF PEACE”. It was heartening to see that large groups disowned inherited archaic legacies and stood up bravely, in her support. .

It is not a surprise that in last three years student Universities suddenly have become the battle ground and base stations for confrontation between pseudo Patriotism and Freedom, between Donkeyfication and gathering storm of awakening. In the footsteps of JNU and RAMJAS Delhi University, Dalit Groups and Youth across all Cities, District and Taluka places of India, from Bihar to Maharashtra and from Bengal to Punjab are experiencing all-round silent beginning of awakening against Donkey fication. Banaras Hindu University spontaneous, unionized revolt of the Female- Girl Students against molestations and refusal to bow before ‘NAGPUR SPONSORED SAFFRON’ installed Vice Chancellor to totter and shake. The overwhelming Nationwide response to Iconic youth leaders, likes of Kanhaiya Kumar, several Dalit Activists  and others demonstrates that awakening of masses against Donkeyfication is on the top of social economic agenda of awakening masses. All protests, resistance marches and rebellions against crude and unmindful ‘Contractors of Indian Culture’, the SAFFRON dignitaries, occupying the helms of Universities and Institutions are marked by unusual spontaneity and taking shape outside the folds of existing Political parties.

Road to Freedom from ‘Donkeyfication’. 

Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘Donkey pun’ opened up the ‘GATES’ to view the impact and role of Demonetization on working masses in clasping the Authoritarian structures and clamping the freedom to breathe, in the core productive sectors of social and industrial organizations. It also opened up vistas to see the emerging Father Son conflict, conflict between donkeyfication and yearnings for freedom and to touch upon the lengthening shadows of hallucinations of donkeyfied groups. Our objective has been to reach into the depths of current narrative identified by us as Donkeyfication of working masses.

We summarized the multiplicity of meanings of Donkey as symbol and as Metaphor from linguistics, from Myths originated in prehistory and Epics like Ramayana and modern German History. Bharata’s Anxiety dreams from Ramayana, anchored in Oedipus Situation and Mulayam-Akhilesh- conflict provides us the much needed insights into the emerging counter narrative, disowning of ‘Authoritarian Legacies’

Demonetization was intended to provide an implicit and inherent thrust to empower Capital and manufacturing Monopoly Giants to establish ruthless collective Authoritarian Power over life of working population and to boost the efforts of ‘National- Patriotic Fatherto Donkyfy the working population. The intoxicated capitalists are in the state of delusion of being most powerful force on earth to come down heavily and indiscriminately on Elementary Rights of working classes, invoke crude Primal modes of disciplinary actions against violation of Industrial Discipline.

However, contrary to these  intentions , the retrenchments born ‘reverse migration’ of huge sections of contract labor has resulted into, TECHTRONIC or Seismic mass unrest by facilitating ripening and ‘sharing of experiences’ across the working population in shortest time span and  partially exposing the Fetishism of money and capital! The awakening of Intellectuals, students and Chants of AZADI will inevitably percolate, reverberate, resonate and exert its influence downward to assist the ranks of working classes who were and are the real victim of Demonetization. There cannot be any doubt that working class will awaken to the historical call since it is the only class which possesses the power to repeal Cynicism. THE AGE OF REASON IS NOT FAR OFF- IT IS BOUND TO PAVE WAY TO FREEDOM- AZADI FROM DONKEY FICATION!

Anil Pundlik Gokhale is an Engineer by profession and have been a reader and student of Marxist and Freudian literature for last four decades.He has been a professional translator of medical and other literature from English to Marathi. As a non regular writer on political literature he has always been attempting to intigrate Psychology and Marxism.He has   recently published books ‘Condensation And Condescension In Dreams And History: Essay – From Sigmund Freud To E P Thompson’ by Author House London. Psychoanalysis & A- Historical Story of GENGHIS KHAN,  Author House- London



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