“We need more time”
“We are going to boycott election”
“I’m waiting here since eight in the morning”
“I didn’t feed my kid, but standing in the queue”
“I lost today’s earning, will Modi pay me back?”
“See, I am eating pan masala, nothing else”
“We need water and food. We are tired waiting.”
” I wanted to vote for NOTA, but I fear that may go to BJP”
A woman waited to vote.
A village waited to vote.
Constituencies were marked ”to be hacked and tampered.”

When you climb up of a wall to click a better picture of ‘the waiting’ you see white caps.
These white caps always disturb them.
You click a picture and jump down, they will ask you, “chai peena hei? Hamare gaav mein aapko koyi taklif na padegi”.
a Muslim woman in her nineties and her grand daughter joins the queue.
The elder woman wore a white veil, face clearly visible.

A man takes a deep puff of his beedi,
And lifts his pointing finger,
Says “I voted. Waiting here to see what happens. This is so ridiculous.”

Baba Saheb Ambedkar was painted on the wall.
Bhagat Singh took the hanging rope in his hand, staring firmly to somewhere.
A large number of people was leaning on to them, in the verandah of the school wall.

The guard chases my camera away, shouting “done, you are done with your job.”
Replies with “you do your duty, I’m doing mine, Bhai!”.

“Where is the media? No one comes here”
“Where is tv9? Will you send this video to tv9?”
Voters waiting to vote shouted, “where is the press?”

Ansa Ben, an ASHA worker rings me at ten thirty, and says ” finally I voted. At 7.30.””

Mrudula Bhavani is a young journalist who covered the Gujarat Elections.

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