We all condemned Mani Shankar Iyer for his ‘neech’ remark which the partners in media jumped and began spreading like the rumour spreading mills but now Prime Minister continue to dig and speak like a helpless leader have made things worst to say the least. Have we ever seen a prime minister virtually crying in his attempt to polarise the voters ? Where has your Gujarat model gone ? What is this model which the prime minister is unable to speak now and resorting to calumny and false tirade.

During the general elections Modi promised achche din for us when he said that Rs 15 lakh could come to our bank account once the so called ‘kaladhan’ is returned to India. We dont know where is the money but we know that #notebandi did help those who stashed illegal money. With second kick on us through GST to completely smash our economy, the government is further complementing it by bringing the new Finance Bill 2017 which will empower the banks to confiscate the money of the depositors. Why should the depositors pay for the sins of the powerful corporate who become defaulters. Is this the war against çorruption’ ? In the last three years, not a single corporate defaulter has been acted on. In fact, new çorporate’ like Ramdev are in the making who use the tax payer money, get full Income Tax exemption and are on a land procuring spree all over the country. With Ram Dev and Adani-Ambani on both side, can a government really claim that it is honest and clean, working for the Aam Adami.

What is most disturbing in the ongoing campaign in Gujarat is the completely degraded campaign by the Hindutva party. The prime minister of the country is suppose to speak from the position of the government but he is more looking as if he was in the opposition for last 22 years in Gujarat. The whole campaign make BJP look pity unable to respond to growing questions of the people. Is it good for a prime minister to convert every issue in Hindu Muslim binary ? We know that BJP is determined to make a Ram Temple in Ayodhya but does Mr Modi think that it is the only issue in Gujarat and people would be ready to accept it ? While we condemn Mani Shankar Iyer’s ‘Neech’, I think the BJP including Narendra Modi himself has gone much below at the gutter level to denigrate the opponents. Politicians always speak without control at the political rallies particularly during the elections but the post of the Prime Minister has a dignity and whatever he speak will be a recorded statement.

So when prime minister speak on a particular subject that has international dimension then it has to be properly analysed. During his election rally yesterday Prime Minister Modi said that Mani Shankar Aiyar was conspiring with Pakistani establishment to make Ahmed Patel the chief minister of Gujarat. The first thing is that Ahmed Patel has been a Rajya Sabha Member of the Congress Party and has been advisor to Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi for about one and a half decade which means during the UPA years in Delhi, Patel was a very important figure. As an Indian citizen he has a right to become a chief minister or even a prime minister if his party win elections and elect him as its leader. But Modi does not stop with that. He bring Pakistan into picture. If Pakistan is making a conspiracy against India by pushing Ahmed Patel then Modi must be having proof from his íntellegence agencies’ about Congress Party’s involvement with Pakistan, the party which ruled India for over four decades.

Modi must know that just by launching such slanderous campaign and giving ammunition to the prime time lafangas, he may be able to vitiate and polarise the atmosphere but at the end it is India, which will be looked down upon, it is his office whose dignity is trashed by becoming non serious. Modi was referring to a meeting on December 6th, 2017 at Mani Shankar Aiyer’s house where Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, former foreign Minister of Pakistan, was one of the guests. The others from India were former Army Chief, General Deepak Kapoor, former Union Minister K Natwar Singh, former diplomats Salman Haider, TCA Raghawan, K Shankar Bajpai and Chinmay Gharekhan. Former Vice President Hamid Ansari and former Prime Minister, Dr Man Mohan Singh too were present just for dinner as reported in the media. We all know that these are track two diplomacy and many times the government authorise them. These are well known facts that Aiyer and Kasuri have been friends from student days and have been in touch. Almost all those who participated in the dinner, have been representative of India at various international and national forums and many of whom have negotiated with Pakistan on issue of terrorism and other related issues. Does Modi want to say that all those who speak to Pakistanis or meet them are anti national ? If that is true then he must bring a law and get it passed in Parliament. If the government is so hostile to speaking to Pakistan then why did it gave visa to Khurshid Mehmud Kasuri at the first place. It should have disallowed him suggesting that time is not suitable for it.

Government must not engage with Pakistan if they are convinced that it is interfering in our personal matter. Further, if the prime minister think that Khurshid Kasuri had attempted to make Ahmed Patel chief minister of Gujarat, this is a clear violation of diplomacy and India must lodge a protest to Pakistan High Commission. Will India do so ? How can and why should Pakistan interfere in our political matter. If it does then we must bluntly tell them that their diplomats or track two campaigners are not welcome in India and can not be allowed to do so. That is sad because we dont know whether MEA can do that which will clearly reflect poor of our polity. It will clearly mean that during these times of elections, for the sake of the party, we are ready to put the honor of India at stake. Nothing can be more disastrous and detrimental for our nation’s honor and dignity than these unsubstantiated allegations which will fall flat in any court of law because if they are true then nothing stop the government to take action against all those who participated. Let the government reveal what was the conspiracy and how it was being planned. If the government has proof of this particular meeting meddling in our internal affairs and in that case Khurshid Mehmud Kasuri must be asked to return to Pakistan.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email:

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Election time should be used to debate and discuss issues.. Gujarat elections are being used to spread falsehood, personal vendetta, fear among people , paranoia showing Pakistan and muslim bashing. Lack of issues and decline standard of living is oalpably visible