We are Heading Down a Dangerous Path


What Trump stands for is not “America First”, but unbridled capitalism, growing inequality, increasing racism, white supremacy, hatred of women, protectionism and constant provocation. He is purposely creating a crisis, as Trump’s administration thrives by chaos. One man’s loss is, after all, another man’s gain.

The Trump Family is characterized by lawlessness, megalomania, and a general sense of superiority over common rules and laws. Trump takes advantage of his presidency in all sorts of ways. Trump will use orchestrated chaos to push through even more radical items on his agenda, such as: dismantling the rule of law, the welfare state, social services and the free press.

People like Trump are convinced that money and power give you the right to impose your will on others. As Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand once said, “Power is right,” and “Egoïsm is a virtue.”

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Divide and conquer, use crises or cause crisis, to sideline democracy and greatly reduce people’s freedom. Under the guise of “crisis”, all sorts of “necessary measures” can be taken, such as the curtailment of freedom, even more deregulation, the complete breakdown of social government and worker’s conditions, with a huge increase in government control and private security companies patrolling the streets of our abandoned democracy.

The Final Days of Capitalism

We seem to have entered a phase of intensified, almost extreme capitalism. That is because the elite knows we’re in the final days of capitalism, in which the unabashed hoarding of capital is coming to an end. They know that the gross violations of human rights cannot go on forever, and that the people will eventually wake up from their induced slumber. There is a last, desperate dash to the finish line. The last sprint to the bottom of total exploitation.

This Road is a Dead end Road

We need to leave this path of death and destruction, and return to the way of love, light and growing awareness. It is time to let compassion, integrity and wisdom back in our hearts, so we can heal the planet and ourselves. When we were young, we all shine like stars. Now looking into your eyes it is empty and dark, like black holes in the sky. Let the light shine in your eyes again, be a star among stars. Shine on you crazy diamondPink Floyd

There is a growing sense of injustice to humanity and to our planet.

By ravishing the planet, we deprive ourselves, our children and grandchildren from this beautiful earth. Children who have nothing to do with our current problems, but who do inherit the consequences. In the near future, there may no longer be bees, coral reefs, leopards, elephants, rhinos, jaguars, lions and so on. Our children will face natural disasters, droughts, earthquakes, storms and rising sea levels, with all social and economic uncertainties.

Thanks to Trump, slaughtered elephants and other wildlife are allowed back into the country to decorate people’s walls as sinister trophies. How much have lobbyists paid for this privilege, and how much influence did the sons have in this?

Nothing and no one is holy and safe, in the cold hearts of megalomaniac psychopaths.

Promises are broken and words mean nothing, when words are full of lies.

Trump is not alone, but America is by far the most powerful country in the world and with that, unfortunately, the never-ending arms race.

Walk your own path and embrace common roads

Make your own path, and nothing is impossible if the heart and the mind strive for it. Stand up and unite. Join forces and let love, respect and common sense be our guides. Let no more innocent people die in the streets of our society and our children cry of poverty and hunger.

We should protest non-violently and globally and all organizations should work together against this monstrous capitalist system and against this global oppression of humanity and disrespect for our planet.

When people of all races, colors, religions, other beliefs put aside their mutual differences, for the common good and millions of people everywhere protest against this capitalist system. When in all world cities the colored looks of determination, ultimately the elite, the banks, multi nationals and governments most respond to this GREAT UNFAIRNESS, oppression and increase poverty of people. The general interest is our Planet Earth, our next generations, You and me.

This neolibealistic system is a symptom of a deep-rooted disease,  that we must heal from. (Naomi Klein)

Inspired by Naomi Klein, “No, is not enough”.


Blogpost: http://lanariaamberkira.blogspot.nl/

Video peace message:  https://youtu.be/jh142luEszg

I’m Peter van Els, born in 1957, living in the Netherlands. Autodidact. Life is my greatest teacher and i started writing end 2015, to stand up against lawless and corrupt governments and the real power, the shadow government, the world elite. “Enough is enough” . I said to myself, and besides, I think it’s a moral obligation towards our earth and our posterity. I believe that all the good souls should be connect and unite in love, so we can change the system for the benefit of our planet and our posterity.For Worldpeace and Prosperity for all.



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