Getting Rid of Massive Worldwide Trash — A Beneficial Plan For It To Happen!


This past summer – on the 54th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech – Dr. Bernice King and the King Center invited me to Atlanta to speak at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Dr. King asked me: “How do we do good to those who hate us? Because that’s where we are today. There’s a lot of hate in this society right now.” She went on to say: “It’s very difficult to protest hate. The only thing that conquers hate is love.” – From MA Senator Eliazbeth Warren

I agree, but one part is not mentioned here and it is service to society and to the natural world. Both need proactive support and protection. This direction also helps.


I know lots of ways to serve and anyone who reads my writings knows this, but right now I am fixated on something very special. It involves our massive global trash problem.

Senator Warren also writes: So what do we do now? How do we keep living up to the ideals of Dr. King – and how do we keep bending the arc of the moral universe toward justice?


Well, I can tell her and anyone else one way and it is to support Wheelabrator plants. It’s because our ever growing trash problems will not disappear without companies like Wheelabrator.

Don’t take my word for it.

bird plastic

Now here’s the way that it works for my Millbury, MA plant. We separate our trash into two categories — the recyclables and the non-recyclables. The recycled materials go into making something else. (I heard that plastic goes into making roadways and other items, for example.)

The rest gets flashed while providing energy for many homes, businesses and the plant, itself. Then the towers get cooled with water and the only byproduct of the operation is steam and ash — no toxins.

In turn the ash is used to build bricks and concrete blocks that can be used in building levies, dams, homes, roads or whatever else is desired. It is totally cleaned of poisons.

Wheelabrator Millbury | Wheelabrator Massachusetts

The Wheelabrator Millbury energy-from-waste facility is capable of producing 45 MW of electricity — enough clean, renewable energy to power 47,000 homes in the Town of Millbury and surrounding Central Massachusetts communities as well as its own operations. The facility uses up to 1,500 tons of everyday waste from …

Municipal Waste Combustors: Wheelabrator Millbury –…/solid/municipal-waste-combustors-wheelabrator-millbury.html

Wheelabrator Millbury Facility Overview. Location: 331 Southwest Cutoff Road, Millbury, MA 01527; Number of Units: 2; Total Capacity Per Day: 1,500 tons (750 tons per unit average); Combustion Process: Mass Burn; Pollution Controls: Units 1 and 2-Dry scrubber, fabric filters, selective non-catalytic reduction, carbon …

Watch the two little movies here:

Wheelabrator | Energy from Waste Technology

Wheelabrator is an industry leader in the safe and eco-friendly conversion of municipal solid waste and other renewable waste fuels into clean energy.

Now we don’t even need a recycling part in place since it can all be flashed to make energy and ash. We need an outsourced company to do trash pick-up, a plan for Wheelabrator to receive payment for received trash, a company that makes plastic bags for trash pick-up, a schedule for trash pick-up and education of the populous about where to buy bags, and the trash pick-up schedule for users.

Of course, the plant has to be built first and it can be half-scale or big like mine. It needs to be on a property that has a water supply available since the heating towers need cooling after each burn cycle.

Of course, the moisture in the air that results is not dangerous. It is simply steam and air.

I have a company a few miles from me that can and does build Wheelabrator parts, and that ships all across the world. However, it would be expensive. So we need to find local foundries capable of making the parts, the work crews to put them together and staff to run the plants.

Are you on board? if so, send money to:

Corporate Headquarters
100 Arboretum Drive, Suite 310
Portsmouth, NH 03801
+1 603.929.3000

Money digital banking transfers should be made out to: Wheelabrator Technologies, wtienrgy. Write :”financial donation” on the check.

If you are interested in donating time to help get new plants in place for your region or country as a volunteer, contact Renee at [email protected].

You want Wheelabrators across the world — the kind that I have? Then, work for it. Every time that you do so, you make more of these plants possible.

Then, keep in mind about what I wrote below about Stan Milgram’s model (located in the text below). If you send this essay forward while asking others to do the same action (to donate money and/or serve), we CAN build a powerful movement to get rid of massive amounts of worldwide trash and bring assorted kinds of betterment in the process.

We need to do this project together. Only as we combine on the scale needed can we get this project done on the scale needed. I don’t care about what your skills are. If you can simply hit nails with a hammer, it is good enough. If you are an energy expert that can help hook up a grid, good enough.

Either volunteer or ask for a reasonable salary. We must get this project done as quickly as possible. Our world — both the people and the environment — desperately need us to do so.

Besides, these plants provide jobs for the garbage collectors and the plant staff. They provide electrical energy and concrete. Who could ask for more except that people like me are proud to support them and feel good about the ways that their trash is disposed. So think of the happiness factor for Wheelabrator.

If I can’t get enough people on board, then we can scotch the plan. What a shame that would be for very obvious reasons!

I wrote a text similar to this one to Wheelabrator management with whom I’ve been communicating back and forth:

I would like you to set up an account for people to make financial donations to your company. It has to be easy to access — something like PayPal or Go-Fund since I know people who want to give money to help Wheelabrator forward in building more plants as fast as possible in more places. Many of these people are outside of the USA.

The reason that they care is that they know that we have a huge global trash problem. One of them, a successful owner and director of a nanotech company, actually tried to set up a banking account called Wheel.a.brator fund, but the bank manager told him that it would be too hard since you are not a nonprofit organization.


I could get much money from capital investment through several friends of mine, but that is no good in my view since it would mean paying them back rather than using profits from plants toward building new plants. Anyway, it is available.

Another person, CEO of a successful company about whom I shared about your company, dreamed of barges and rafts going down a river to a Wheelabrator plant while collecting trash along the way.

I would like you to understand about propinquity. In fact, we only need to go through six people or less to be connected to anyone on Earth:

Small-world experiment – Wikipedia

The small-world experiment comprised several experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram and other researchers examining the average path length for social networks of people in the United States. The research was groundbreaking in that it suggested that human society is a small-world-type network characterized by …

Here’s an example. Let’s say that I want to personally get in touch with Donald Trump (which I don’t). I go to my brother-in-law who knows Bill Clinton. Bill arranges the contact. That is only three orders of closeness: I to my brother-in-law, he to Bill and Bill to Donald.

Now aside from getting you donations, I want to get you volunteers across the world to help in whatever ways that their skills and understandings, including knowledge bases in science, can serve. I mean people who are directors of nanotech companies, major universities, government research foundations and other sorts of institutions.

So I will need a contact email to use so that these people can step up to give their background expertise information and ask about what they can do to help. For now I will have anything from them sent to Renee and she can store the information until you all figure out the best ways to use it.

I will have people for now write out checks and transfer money to Wheelabrator Technologies, wtienrgy at your address in NH. You figure out the ways to accept it.

I will write you an advertisement. It will take a week or two since it has to be very polished. I suggest that you have a youtube reading of it and a a digital paper form of it. It certainly can be used to generate further interest in your company.

Kind regards,

P.S., On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 3:21 PM, Bert Wander – Avaaz <[email protected]> wrote:

Send plastics experts to cities along the rivers
to devise clean-up plans;Dear Avaazers,

We’ve all seen the horrifying images — whale bellies filled with bottles and bags. Islands of trash stretching for miles. Turtles tangled and drowned.

It’s a planetary crisis and, unless we act now, there’ll be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050!

But an amazing new study just found 90% of plastic streaming into our oceans comes from just 10 rivers in Africa and Asia. If we clean up these rivers, we could literally save our oceans!

So instead of waiting for someone else, experts and Avaazers have come up with a plan to kick-start action. If just 50,000 of us donate a small amount today, we’ll:

  • Launch massive public campaigns along the polluting rivers;

And lobby donor countries to fund the 10 rivers plan.

Sally Dugman is a writer based in MA, USA


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