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The Editor in Chief
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Harish Khare


I, as a common, unemployed youth of this country like many others unemployed and distressed youths, who have been struggling to survive every day with the hope that “acchhe din” will arrive, would like to thank you for exposing the sham of this so called democracy who first give us an immediate identity even before we are born of caste, religion, ethnicity, gender and race. And then label our lives by Unique Identification Number. What are we trying to achieve by this number? Surveillance? Jio Sim card? A tab on our bank accounts? I want to remind all of us that our bank accounts if we have one are already empty. So, obviously we are not treated as human beings any more, but numbers that are uniquely linked to us like they do in criminal investigation by taking our finger prints and eye prints. Humiliating us not just by labelling us with socially, economically and culturally stratified identities, but even more my giving us a number. We pay tax on whatever we buy but to buy or consume we do not have money enough to buy a minimum day’s meal required by every human being. And even if we have a little bit of cash we cannot buy ration because we do not have Aadhaar Cards.

A human life has become so worthless that without Aadhaar you can die, but you cannot live. Like Rohith Vemula wrote in his suicide note “that we have been reduced to our immediate identities”, now Aadhaar card has reduced us to a number.

Sometimes, I wonder that before 2019 election a dictatorial fascist farmaan will come that without Aadhaar card you cannot vote. When majority of the oppressed masses are either inside the prison or trying to earn a meal per day to at least survive, who is left to vote? May be by stealing our identities you will get your Hindutva Fascist brigade to put multiple votes for you. May be!!!!!

Well, in the end I would only like to reassert the point that the biggest Imperialist nations of the world term Aadhaar card as Social Security Number and from their headquarters and through satellites tries to control every human life, but this is the 100th year of October Revolution, 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx, 50 years of Great Proletarian Cultural revolution and 50th year of Naxalbari. Remember the one who watches us from the Panopticon watch tower, humans are not robots, peoples struggle and resistance will emancipate the society for good, will strive to build a new-democratic society. Present structure will collapse no matter how much coercion you can use which is at your disposal.

Che Guevara once said: it is better to die standing than to live on your knees.

Red Panther is a social activist

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